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About Bolton

Prices, rents, yields, growth & much more for the city of Bolton

Bolton is a large town in Greater Manchester, England's North West. Only 10 miles northwest of Manchester and lies between Darwen, Blackburn, Bury, Chorley and Salford.

The town has a population of over 200,000, whose median age is 38 — 2.3 years younger than the UK average.

Although Bolton has been around since the Bronze age, and there have been stone circles found in the area, the town became a force to be reckoned with during the industrial revolution.

It was a 19th-century boomtown, with 216 cotton mills and many bleach and buying works, making it one of the world's largest centres for cotton spinning.

Bolton's economy is fuelled by health, business, financial and professional services, cultural & creative industries, construction and retail.

In 2022, over 95% of Bolton's population will be employed, which is above the UK's average; of those used, 88.3% are employees, and 11.7% are self-employed.

Bolton has an average salary of £31,459 and is England's 18th highest-rated metropolitan district. Health is the largest industry in Bolton, employing over 18,000 people.

The Bolton property market

According to Rightmove, the average house price over the past year was £206,256, with most house sales being terraced properties selling on average for £147,251.

Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £204,403, and detached properties sold for £387,391. Overall, sold house prices in Bolton are up 21% from the peak of 2020.

Is now a good time to buy or sell in Bolton?

Bolton is a great place to invest in a home, be it a veteran house investor looking to raise a family or a first-time buyer.

Property prices in Bolton are 31.03% lower than the UK average, making it a good option for many first-time buyers.

Bolton was bombed heavily during World War Two, so many mid-century buildings were built during a post-war property boom from the 1950s to the 1970s.

However, there are also a lot of Victorian mill and terrace renovations. There continues to be a drive for more modern houses, with plenty of new developments planned in the area.

We will buy any UK property, from a detached family house on the outskirts of Bolton to a city centre apartment, from a property in pristine condition to one needing a complete refurbishment.

The location and shape of your property won't deter us from helping you sell your house fast — in as little as seven days.

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Selling a house in Bolton: Your selling options

Local Bolton estate agents

High-street estate agents in Bolton should provide you with a local service that covers the negotiations and marketing of the sale of your home.

They should use an online property portal like Zoopla or Rightmove for advertising your property and can help you arrange viewings and open days.

What fees do estate agents charge?

Local high-street estate agents in Bolton tend to cost, on average, 1.4%+VAT of your original asking price with the addition of having any hidden fees or packages that will go towards necessary house-selling services like marketing or negotiating.

Are estate agents' valuations accurate?

Some estate agents in Bolton will overvalue your property to win your business.

If you are selling your property via an estate agent in Bolton, you should ensure that they offer a 'no sale, no fee' service, as this will ensure that your property is not overvalued.

Alternatively, you could use our free, no-obligation ‘Get Offer’ service, and we will send you a cash offer valuation based on property market trends and information you provide one of our property experts.

How long do estate agents take to complete a house sale? says it will take you, on average, 77 days to sell a property in Bolton via an estate agent in 2023.

We will provide you with an accurate and honest Below-Market-Value valuation, as well as offer you the opportunity to sell your property in as little as seven days – almost 11 times the current wait time for estate agents.

Bolton property auctions

Property auctions in Bolton are helpful if you wish to sell unusual properties outside the open market.

You'll need to know the difference between a guide price and a reserve price, as these are set for each slot.

A guide price for a lot is like a valuation; it's the price that an auction house or the seller thinks the property is worth.

A reserve price is a minimum payment that the vendor will accept, but this is usually kept private.

How much do auctions charge to sell your house in Bolton?

If you decide to sell your property at auction in Bolton, with a seller's commission, you should expect to pay around £300 to put your home on the auction and then 15%+VAT of the selling price, with the addition of a further charge from any additional services like marketing and negotiations.

Can anyone sell a house at auction?

Yes, anyone can sell at auction in Bolton, most property types sell well on auction, but you run the risk of not selling at all.

Most bidders at an auction are developers or investors looking to buy a property that needs modernisation, so there may be better routes than selling your family home on auction.

Are houses sold at auction cheaper?

Usually, a house on auction in Bolton will sell for as little as 70% below the market value, but occasionally they can sell for 10% more. The average is about 85-90% below market value.

Bolton cash buyers

For people who need a quick sale, property cash buyers can offer a fast sell house process which includes a valuation, sale processing and payment. After accepting an offer, costs are typically processed within a few days.

How the buying process works if you're a cash buyer?

Being a cash buyer in Bolton means that the company or person can buy your property for cash without the need for a mortgage or loan to buy the property. You still need to hire a solicitor, which will be the longest part of the property-selling process.

How long does it take for a cash buyer to complete?

Usually, when you sell a property for cash, you can expect to complete it within two months of accepting the offer on your property. We can buy your property in as little as seven days, and then it's down to the solicitor to complete the process.

Do you need a solicitor if you are a cash buyer?

You will still need a solicitor in Bolton if you sell your property to a cash buyer or any house-buying service. They will carry out the conveyancing or legal side of the process and ensure that everything is permitted.

How long does conveyancing take with a cash buyer?

The average wait time for the conveyancing process is between six to eight weeks, depending on the relationship and quality of the conveyancer. We will cover all your solicitor costs.

Looking to sell your house quickly?

We can help!

Why choose us over Bolton estate agents?

Benefits of a cash buyer in Bolton

No estate agent fees

As a cash buyer in Bolton, we do not charge any estate agent fees; the entire process is cost-free.

When you accept the cash offer from us, that is the total amount that we will pay to your bank; if the house sale is over the agreed price, then this goes to us.

No hidden fees

You will never face any hidden charges, as our house-buying process is completely transparent, honest and cost-free.

No legal costs

You will not face any legal costs while using our cash-buying services in Bolton; as a little thank you for using our services, we will cover all your conveyancing costs.

Sell on your own timeline

As we buy your property in Bolton with our cash reserves, we can immediately start without relying on mortgages, loans or property chains.

This means we can sell your house in as little as seven days, but most people choose to take around three weeks. We will tailor the sale of your home to suit your needs and situation.

How we can help

  • Inheritance & probate
    • If you are dealing with an inherited or probate property in Bolton, we can help you release the cash from the property quickly and securely.

    • Ensuring the process is as hassle-free as possible and relieving you of any undue stress.

  • Repossession

    If you have entered a period of financial hardship and wish to release some equity of your Bolton property, we can buy your property before the bank repossesses it.

  • Tenanted property
    • If you are a landlord in Bolton, we can buy your tenanted property from you. We have years of experience dealing with tenants.

    • Once you have agreed to our cash offer, we will take over the tenancy and liaise with the tenants, ensuring the process is as hassle-free as possible for you.

  • Broken chain
    • If a buyer has pulled out of your property chain in Bolton and has caused it to break, we can act quickly and buy your property in as little as seven days.

    • We will also help negotiate onward purchases if you are in a tricky situation.

Tips To Sell Your House Fast In Bolton

Bolton is a town steeped in history, a cultural centre of the industrial revolution and British heritage.

The settlement is surrounded by breath-taking countryside and has many places for people to explore.

But, the city has an average time to sell of 77 days, so ensuring you can sell your house fast in Bolton is vital.

Below are some ways to generate more interest when selling your property in Bolton:

General maintenance:

By giving your property in Bolton a decluttering, deep clean, fresh coat of paint and ensuring that all obvious damages are repaired, you can significantly increase the desirability of your property and help potential buyers imagine themselves in your property.

General repairs:

It would be best if you carried out any repairs to your property to ensure that you sell your house fast in Bolton; this could include removing any mould, providing any light fixtures are working or replacing any old carpets.

Garden maintenance:

You should increase your kerb appeal if you have an unruly garden in Bolton. This could be through mowing tall grass, trimming hedges, planting some pretty flowers or killing weeds in your stonework.

Sell to us:

By selling your Bolton property to us, you are ensuring you can sell your house quickly in Bolton.

We will buy your property in as little as seven days, pay all the legal fees usually associated with selling your property and handle all marketing and negotiations, ensuring that the entire process is as hassle-free as possible.

We will buy any property in as little as seven days

Sell House Fast In Bolton: FAQs

If you are looking to sell your property quickly in Bolton, you have a few burning questions, so we've pulled together some of the ones we get asked most commonly and answered them below for you:

What are the benefits of using a quick sale company in Bolton?

It's easy and completely hassle-free; we can purchase your home in as little as seven days, which is much quicker than the traditional open market sale route, which means you will save on energy bills, council tax and mortgage payments.

We will also cover all the fees typically associated with selling your property, including any solicitor fees.

How can I trust you?

We have sold hundreds of properties in the Greater Manchester area over the years — look at our thousands of excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

The Property Buying Company has been in business since 2012; we wouldn't have survived if our customers couldn't trust us!

We are members of the National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman, which means we are trusted property buyers.

These membership bodies mean we follow a particular set of rules and regulations, ensuring that we treat you fairly at all times.

How quickly can you buy my home in Bolton?

It ultimately depends on your timescale. We can sell your property in Bolton in as little as seven days. However, people usually decide to take slightly longer at 2-3 weeks; the speed of your house sale is up to you.

Because of our streamlined service, we can tailor the service to suit your needs.

How do you value my property in Bolton?

We will provide you with an initial valuation over the phone using the details you provided with us after clicking "get an offer".

The information will then be transferred to our team of experienced underwriters, who will look at current market trends and confirm the value of your property.

If we are in the ballpark of what you are looking for, we'll send our Greater Manchester Regional Manager to visit your property and provide you with a final, concrete offer.

Help & Advice

If you're interested in finding out more about our service and how it works, then you can view some of these informative guides and service pages:

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