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Looking for a job in property?

Here at The Property Buying Company, we’re a pretty ambitious bunch. We want to be the number one quick house buying company and one of the first names that comes to mind when people consider selling their property.

We’re constantly growing and looking for new staff that match that ambition and can help drive the company forward.

Why work for us?

We’re more than just a house buyer. We offer an alternate solution to the stressful experience that is selling your home.

A crucial aspect of making the sale as smooth as possible is our experienced, reliable and friendly team.

Every single member of the company is crucial to ensuring our overall success, and we recognise that which is why we heavily invest in our staff.

All 6000sqft of its offices have been professionally designed and modelled to create a work environment that encourages productivity and inspires team members to perform at their potential.

Our service relies on taking the stress and hassle out of selling a property - when someone gets in touch with us.

All the staff we have are fantastic and extremely knowledgeable in their roles. We believe knowledge sharing is key, presenting an excellent opportunity for new team members to learn.

Our team in the last few years has doubled, and we plan on continuing our ambitious plans for growth, which offers great opportunities for progression.

We prioritise:

  • Honesty, compassion and transparency
  • Wellbeing & mental fitness
  • Professionality & reliability
  • Strong collaboration between teams
  • Creativity & innovation

Benefits: The Property Buying Company

Competitive salaries

At The Property Buying Company we take pride in demonstrating our organisation's values, be that to our employees and customers. 

We offer competitive salaries as we recognise the value of our team’s contributions and understand that staying ahead of the curve is one way to foster a positive work culture where everyone feels valued and motivated.

We also have 30 days annual leave including bank holidays.

Pension scheme

Our pension scheme has been created to provide long term planning and  financial security for our team. 

Our commitment to supporting our team beyond their working years, ensures they maintain their desired lifestyle way after their retirement.

Extending with long-term stability, we offer excellent career prospects and opportunities for progression.

Onsite gym & free parking

All members of our team have free access to use our onsite gym.

We recognise the importance of prioritising the mental well-being and fitness of our employees. We aim to create an environment that supports the holistic wellbeing of our employees.

We also have free parking onsite.

Team working

We firmly believe in the power of team working to enhance the performance of each individual, across departments. 

We encourage all individuals to share their unique perspectives, skills and expertise.

Team working allows individuals to leverage the collective intelligence of the community, speaking creativity, innovation and problem solving.

Our offices have been created with team work in mind, with collaborative eating areas and open plan office.

Work socials

We organise frequent work socials for all departments, allowing everyone to connect with others they wouldn’t usually on a day to day basis. 

The work socials could range from in-work team building activities like table tennis tournaments and BBQ’s in the summer, to out-of-work day trips like going to the York Races, shooting days and Christmas parties.

What we're hiring for

Want to apply for a job at The Property Buying Company? You can see a list of our currently vacant roles and find out more about them below:

  • Speculative applications

Our values

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By bringing our knowledge together we can empower each other to succeed, communicate effectively and celebrate each other's successes.

Transparent icon with white lines representing compassion

We take the complications away from our customers, acting with honest and integrity to deliver a quality and professional service.

icon creative

We find cutting-edge solutions for our customers, overcome challenges with innovation and think creatively about the future of business.

Career opportunities

The Property Buying Company stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the housing market, offering a unique array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of property buyers and sellers. 

As the demand for efficient and hassle-free property transactions grows, so does the requirement for skilled professionals who can navigate this dynamic industry. We are a well established property buying company, with plenty of career opportunities across all our departments. 

For those seeking a career that blends passion for property with a commitment to exceptional customer service, we present a realm of exciting and rewarding opportunities. 

Whether you are an aspiring property consultant, finance expert or a digital marketer with an eye for detail, we can cater for all.

Development schemes

We continuously offer training and development initiatives that align with our employees career goals, which can include workshops, seminars, conferences, online courses, mentorship programmes and access to educational resources. 

For example, in 2023 we are going to/completed:
  • Bridge][ability training within our property sales team. 

  • Company wide Equality & Diversity training by Thrive Law.

  • BrightonSEO conference for our digital marketing team.

We also offer performance management training so that employees and managers can get the most out of their appraisal meetings.


  • 3 years in

    many more to come

    "Opportunities & rewards are given based on performance"

    - Glassdoor, 27 Oct 2022
  • Probably the

    best company

    to work for!

    "First impressions don't disappoint"

    - Glassdoor, 28 Oct 2022
  • A unique &

    great company to work for

    "we have the autonomy to test and try a variety of different channels or projects"

    - Glassdoor, 3 Oct 2022

Careers: FAQs

What career opportunities are available at The Property Buying Company?

The career opportunities are endless, it really depends where you want to go. Because we have so many different arms to the business, there is plenty of room for members of staff to explore other departments and get involved with cross-department projects. 

We will support you no matter where you decide to go within the business, whether that be marketing, finance or sales, we will help you progress your career.

How about career progression?

If there’s a specific course that you want to do to help you achieve your career goals or help you upskill within your current role, then we will support you 100%.

What qualifications or skills are required for specific job roles?

For most roles, it will vary — we don’t have a blanket qualification level to submit for a job.

However if you are looking for an accountancy role, we will ask that you have an AAT or CIMA, for HR you have a level 3 and 5, and marketing also have their own qualifications depending on which discipline you wish to get into.

Do you need experience in property?

Absolutely not! Here at The Property Buying Company, we will support you – no matter what walk of life you come from. But, this being said, we would ask that you have a passion for the field you are applying for.

What is the company culture like, and what values do you prioritise in your employees?

We like to think we’re quite a fun company, who pride ourselves on creating an open, transparent atmosphere. At the moment we’re actively working to increase cross-department collaboration, compassionate service and creativity. 

We want the best for our customers and employees, encouraging a forward thinking culture that sets us apart from our competitors and new ideas will help us achieve that goal.

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