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We will buy any house in Leeds in as little as 7 days, without the fees and hassle of estate agents, auctioneers or private sales. No viewings, no chains, just a straightforward cash house sale.

Struggling to sell your house fast in Leeds?

We don’t blame you! The Leeds property market is currently being labelled as ‘red hot’, with booming prices but slowing sales. Prices have rocked over 10%, offering great long-term prospects for sellers. 

But while investors are revelling in a thriving rental market due to young buyers being priced out, the new reality is that many homeowners are struggling to sell their house on the open market.

Facing frustration?

  • Stuck in a chain break with no end in sight?

  • Trying to sell your back to back house in Bramley but a faster solution?

  • Ready to downsize after the kids left the nest, but worried about getting stuck on the market?

You’re not alone. With average selling times reaching 99 days (even longer for smaller properties), many sellers face delays and uncertainty.

But, there’s a better way!

The Property Buying Company offers a quick house sale Leeds solution: sell your Leeds house fast with our cash buyer service (more on that later).

We buy any house in Leeds in as little as 7 days

About Leeds

The Leeds property market in 2024 pulsates with opportunity, particularly for sellers. The city’s strong economic growth, coupled with ongoing development projects, has ignited a surge in property demand, creating a vibrant housing market.

Leeds’ flourishing job market, diverse cultural scene, and excellent transport links solidify its position as a highly desirable destination for homebuyers.

This confluence of factors has tipped the scales towards sellers, presenting an excellent chance to achieve successful sales at desired prices and help you sell house fast Leeds.

Sell your house quickly for cash in Leeds

Do you need to sell your Leeds house fast, and for cash? The Property Buying Company can help! Here are some common situations we assist with:

  • Leeds Inherited property: Just lost a loved one and need to sell their house in Rodley or elsewhere in Leeds fast, but distance or time constraints make it difficult? We understand and can help. Let us handle the quick house sale Leeds, streamlining the process and reducing stress.  

  • Relocation: Moving in a hurry for a new job opportunity? Skip the traditional market delays and get immediate cash.

  • Financial urgency: Facing repossession, divorce, or other pressing financial needs? Get a fast, guaranteed sale without the stress.

  • Tired of traditional selling: No more viewings, open houses or endless negotiations. Sell on your terms with a straightforward cash offer.

Whatever you reason, whatever your location, we can help.

Is it the right time to sell in Leeds?

Thinking of selling your Leeds property? There’s no time like the present. With the city continuing to thrive and attract investment, the Leeds housing market offers exciting opportunities.

While national market fluctuations may occur, the demand for diverse housing in Leeds remains strong.

Whether you have a charming Victoiran terrace in Headingley, a spacious detached house in Horsforth, or a modern city centre apartment, your property could be in high demand. We’re actively seeking homes like yours across Leeds, offering a smooth and efficient selling experience.

Sell your Leeds house, no matter the market

How to get a quick house sale Leeds

Need a quick, hassle-free sale for your Leeds home? Look no further! At The Property Buying Company, we specialise in buying houses for cash, getting you the funds you need fast and with minimal stress.

We pride ourselves on getting to know every customer we talk to. By understanding the customer and their circumstances whilst enabling them to get to know us too, we take the stress out of property sales as we are cash buyers the whole process is less complicated.

That’s why we’re one of the most trusted property buying companies in the UK.

  • 1. Fill in our form

    Simply pop your postcode in above and check to see if your property is eligible & you can find out how much your house is worth.

  • 2. We'll be in touch

    One of our call handlers will give you a ring to talk you through everything before you decide if you want to go ahead.

  • 3. No obligation

    There’s no obligation – just a simple, straightforward chat with one of our team who will support you and keep in touch at every step of the way.

Sell your house in 3 easy steps...

How long will it take to sell my house fast in Leeds?

The market’s changed: Selling your Leeds house might take longer than expected. As of November 2023, some Leeds homes sat on the market for an average of 99 days. This wait can feel like an eternity, especially with rising mortgage rates impacting buyers. 

But, there’s good news! Some properties move faster than others, like Flats, for example, tend to sell more quickly than houses. Moreover, the speed at which you can sell your property is greatly influenced by its location, type, and condition. 

Ensuring your property is well-presented and competitively priced can significantly enhance its appeal to potential buyers, potentially reducing the time it spends on the market. 

If you want to sell house fast Leeds, then you may want to consider using a cash house buying service like ours… where we can turn 99 days into 7 using our quick house sale Leeds service. 

The benefits of selling house fast in Leeds

Unlock speed, savings and freedom

Thinking of selling your Leeds home fast? Consider a cash house buyer like us for a smooth, stress-free experience packed with benefits you may not have realised:

  • Say goodbye to lengthy market waits! Move out in as little as 7 days, perfect for urgent relocations or escaping a tricky property chain.

  • Forget hefty estate agent and solicitor costs. We cover everything, leaving you with more cash in your pocket and less paperwork to worry about.

  • You’re not just selling your house, you’re saving! Say farewell to ongoing council tax, mortgage payments and utilities. 

  • Forget about open houses and house viewings. Choose your desired completion time and move on your own terms, not the markets.

  • We will handle all aspects of the sale for you.

Ready to experience the difference a fast, stress-free sale can make? Contact us today for a free, no obligation cash offer and discover how we can unlock your property’s true potential and sell house fast leeds.

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Discover the benefits yourself

How do we compare to Leeds estate agents & auctions?

Selling your Leeds property is a big decision, and choosing the right path matters. While our fast-sale option offers speed and convenience, we understand it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Let’s explore different Leeds selling options to help you decide what works best:

Leeds estate agents:

Selling through a Leeds estate agent may be the familiar option, but there are some considerable disadvantages. Estate agent fees in Leeds usually range from 2-3% of the final sale price, which can be a significant chunk of your proceeds. 

Once signed with an estate agent, you might be locking yourself into a contract for a set period, restricting your options if circumstances change or a faster solution (like us) arises. 

Open market sales through estate agents usually take 6 months or longer, sometimes reaching a year or more. This can be inconvenient, limit your flexibility and is a far cry from our quick house sale Leeds service.

Even with an agent’s marketing efforts, there’s no guarantee that your Leeds house will sell on the market. The process can be unpredictable, potentially leading to disappointment and further delays. 

Selling a Leeds property at auction

Considering to sell your Leeds property at auction? While not for everyone, auctions offer a unique selling experience with potential benefits, like speed and transparency. Let’s explore what you need to know about property auctions in Leeds:

Fast turnaround

Say goodbye to months of waiting. Auctions in Leeds usually have strict timelines, selling your property within a set timeframe compared to traditional methods. When you sell to a cash buyer (like us), you face no more chains or financing hiccups. Cash buyers have the funds ready, guaranteeing a completed sale with no risk of falling through.

Wide buyer pool

Attract motivated investors, developers, and individuals seeking unique opportunities, potentially leading to competitive bidding and a higher sale price. But, the final sale depends on finding the right buyer, potentially delaying the selling process further.

Transparency & certainty

Open bidding ensures fairness and eliminates uncertainty. Once the hammer falls, the sale is legally binding, giving you peace of mind. Cash buyers on the other hand will buy any property, in any condition, saving you money, time, stress and the process is completely transparent.

Potential lower price

While competitive bidding can drive up the price, it may not reach what a traditional sale could achieve. Get a transparent offer based on competitive valuations from a service like ours, and you’ll never look back!

Costs involved

Auctioneer fees and marketing expenses add up, and you may not be able to recoup them if the sale falls through. What can you do about this you may ask? Ditch the fees and sell with us! Avoid auctioneer and marketing expenses with our wonderful cash buying service.

Limited control

Once the reserve price is set, you have less influence over the final outcome. The fast-paced environment and public bidding can be nerve-wracking for some property sellers. Skip the intense and limiting auction environment, our service offers a stress-free and transparent process, unlike the fast paced public bidding that can be nerve-wracking.

Leeds auctions can be advantageous in specific circumstances, but if speed, certainty, minimising stress and saving money are your priorities, then cash buyers offer a clear and efficient alternative. 

Feel free to sign yourself up for a no-obligation cash offer by using the postcode box below in order to sell house fast Leeds.

Selling your Leeds property through a cash buyer

Selling your Leeds property can be stressful and time consuming. Traditional methods involve months of waiting, endless paperwork and the constant risk of the sale falling through. Luckily, there’s a better way: sell your Leeds property fast and simply with a cash house buyer like us.

Here’s how cash buyers like us make selling your Leeds home easier than ever:

  • Get cash in weeks, not months: We can purchase your property in weeks, if not days, instead of months, freeing you up and getting you on with your plans faster.

  • Guaranteed sale, no stress: No chains, no financing delays, just a guaranteed sale without upfront, free cash offer. Peace of mind is built-in.

  • Say goodbye to hassle: Skip the viewings, paperwork mountains and legal complications. We handle everything, leaving you free to focus on what matters.

  • Fair offer, no fees: Receive a transparent, market-based offer with no hidden costs or commissions. Keep more of what your property is worth. 

  • Flexible & convenient: Sell your property as is, in any condition. We buy even if repairs are needed, saving you time and money.

  • Work with experts: Benefit from our experience and expertise throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction. 

Think it’s too good to be true? 

Selling your Leeds home with us is faster than auction and estate agents, with less stress and potentially similar offers. You avoid estate agent fees, saving you thousands while enjoying a streamlined process. Most importantly, through our sell house fast Leeds service you gain certainty and control: a guaranteed sale with no risk of delays or fall-throughs. 

Skip the auction and sell to us

The average house prices in Leeds

The Leeds property market has experienced a positive trend in recent years, with average selling prices rising steadily. According to recent data from Zoopla, the overall average price of properties in Leeds stood at £250,245 over the last year. 

This represents an increase of 7% compared to the previous year and a significant rise of 18% when compared to the peak price of £212,000 recorded in 2020. 

The upward trajectory of the Leeds housing market can be attributed to several factors, including: 

  • Strong economic growth: Leeds has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, driven by industries such as finance, technology and manufacturing.

  • Regeneration projects: Major regeneration projects, such as the South Bank and Leeds Dock developments, have transformed the city centre and created new investment opportunities.

  • Population growth: Leeds has a growing population, particularly among young professionals and students which is increasing demand for housing.

Leeds property prices per area

Average house prices vary across different areas of Leeds. Some of the most desirable areas with higher average prices, include:

  • Headingley: £267,557

  • Chapel Allerton: £310,957

  • Roundhay: £363,054

  • Horsforth: £337,032

  • Meanwood: £291,558

  • Moortown: £350,654

  • Alwoodley: £378,783

  • Otley: £325,409

Leeds offers a strong investment potential for both residential and commercial properties. The city’s affordability, compared to other major UK cities, makes it an attractive option for first-time buyers and investors alike.

Leeds boasts a booming rental market fueled by students and young professionals, presenting excellent investment opportunities for generating steady income and future value. 

This is partly because in Leeds tenants are plentiful, minimising rental voids and ensuring consistent income. While Leeds property values are projected to rise, increasing your investment’s long term worth.

But what if you need to sell now? Our quick house sale Leeds service can help! Even with tenants in your property, we can offer our usual fast, hassle-free sales process. Helping you to avoid months of marketing and viewings, with expert guidance of over 100 years of combined property experience and a competitive below market value cash offer. 

Whether you’re an investor seeing long-term gains or a seller needing a quick exit, let us unlock the potential of your Leeds property. Contact us today to explore your options!

Areas in Leeds we buy

When it comes to selling property in Leeds, certain areas have gained a reputation for their fast-paced property market. Here are some of the fastest selling property areas in Leeds, supported by our local insight data:

  • Armley

    A stone’s throw North of Leeds City Centre, Armley is buzzing with energy. It masterfully balances urban convenience with a more relaxed feel, offering an enticing mix of amenities and industrial past that draws a diverse crowd of buyers looking for the best of both worlds.

  • Lincoln Green

    Lincoln Green is a popular residential area located in the East of Leeds. It is known for its open spaces, tall high-rise flats, good schools and convenient amenities. It’s an ideal place for young families, with a range of well-regarded schools and plenty of green spaces.

  • Beeston

    Beeston is a thriving town located just South of Leeds City Centre. It offers a mix of urban and suburban living, with a bustling high street and plenty of open spaces.

  • Seacroft

    Seacroft is a diverse and multicultural area located in the East of Leeds. It offers a range of affordable housing options and a strong sense of community. It is one of the most affordable places to live in Leeds.

  • Harehills

    North of Leeds City Centre, Harehills is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, offering a wide array of housing options within a dynamic community setting. Its multicultural vibrancy and inclusivity make it a unique spot to call home.

If you’re looking at selling your home in and around the Leeds area then you may be asking in which areas we buy & the answer is, everywhere!

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the common places in Leeds we purchase:
  • Aberford

  • Aireborough

  • Arthington

  • Beck Hill

  • Blenheim

  • Bramley

  • Buslingthorpe

  • Chapeltown

  • Collingham

  • Cranmer Bank

  • East Ardsley

  • Farsley

  • Gildersome

  • Guiseley

  • Hawksworth

  • Horsforth

  • Killingbeck

  • Lawnswood

  • Lincoln Green

  • Lovell Park

  • Methley

  • Middleton

  • Moorside

  • Oakwood

  • Pendas Fields

  • Pudsey

  • Robin Hood

  • Scarcroft

  • Shadwell

  • Sturton Grange

  • Thorp Arch

  • Tyersal

  • West Ardsley

  • Whitkirk

  • Wortley

  • Adel

  • Allerton Bywater

  • Austhorpe

  • Beckett Park

  • Boston Spa

  • Bramstan

  • Calverley

  • Churwell

  • Colton

  • Cross Gates

  • East End Park

  • Fearnville

  • Gipton

  • Halton

  • Headingley

  • Hunslet

  • Kippax

  • Ledsham

  • Linton

  • Mabgate

  • Micklefield

  • Miles Hill

  • Moortown

  • Osmondthorpe

  • Pool

  • Quarry Hill

  • Rodley

  • Scholes

  • Sheepscar

  • Swarcliffe

  • Thorpe on the Hill

  • Walton

  • West Park

  • Wike

  • Wothersome

  • Adwalton

  • Alwoodley

  • Barsey

  • Beeston

  • Bramham

  • Burley

  • Carlton

  • Clifford

  • Cookridge

  • Cross Green

  • East Keswick

  • Fulneck

  • Gledhow

  • Harehills

  • Holbeck

  • Hyde Park

  • Kirkstall

  • Ledston

  • Little London

  • Manston

  • Micklethwaite

  • Moor Allerton

  • Morley

  • Otley

  • Potternewton

  • Rawdon

  • Rothwell

  • Scott Hall

  • Stanningley

  • Swinnow

  • Tingley

  • Weardley

  • Wetherby

  • Woodhouse

  • Wykebeck

  • Ainsty

  • Armley

  • Barwick-in-Elmet

  • Belle Isle

  • Bramhope

  • Burmantofts

  • Chapel Allerton

  • Cockersdale

  • Cottingley

  • Drighlington

  • Farnley

  • Garforth

  • Great Preston

  • Harewood

  • Holt Park

  • Ireland Wood

  • Knowsthorpe

  • Leeds City Centre

  • Lofthouse

  • Meanwood

  • Mickletown

  • Moor Grange

  • Newall

  • Oulton

  • Potterton

  • Richmond Hill

  • Roundhay

  • Seacroft

  • Stourton

  • Thorner

  • Tinshill

  • Weetwood

  • Whinmoor

  • Woodlesford

  • Yeadon

If you don’t see your area on this list, don’t worry! Our sell house fast Leeds service is available to everyone in the country.

Sell your Leeds property to us for cash

What types of properties do we purchase in Leeds?

If you're looking to sell your property in Leeds to us then you may be wondering what type of properties we purchase, and the answer is pretty much any! Here are are a few of the different property types we regularly purchase in Leeds:

  • Flats

  • Apartments

  • Terrace

  • Semi-Detached

  • Detached

  • Bungalows

How much will we offer for your Leeds property?

We are as transparent and honest from the get go as we possibly can be, which is why we explain to you straight away that we are unable to give you the full market value. The price we will offer changes dependant upon your location & the condition of the property, however typically we offer around 80% of market value, although we may go above this if the property is desirable and in excellent condition.

When you sell to ourselves, although we can't offer full market value we do offer a service that means you can sell your property to us for cash in as little as 7 days, no hassle, no fees & no stress! The gap between our offer & the market value can often be made up mostly the fees over the duration of the typical sale & what you would have to pay estate agents or auctioneers.

Answer a few quick questions to get started…

Having a property valuation in Leeds

There are several online platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla that offer a free property valuation based on algorithms and market data. These can be a good starting point to get a general idea of your property’s value, but they may not be as accurate as valuations conducted by professionals.

Many estate agents offer free property valuations, hoping to secure your business for selling the property. This can be a good option as they have local market knowledge and experience. However, remember they might inflate the valuation to entice you to list with them.

RICS members are qualified professionals who can provide unbiased valuations. You can find RICS valuers in Leeds on their website. 

Cash buyers are another good option if you prioritise a fast sale and aren’t concerned about receiving full market value. Selling your Leeds home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. As leading cash buyers in Leeds, we offer an easy and transparent way to get your property valued and sold fast. 

Here’s why you should choose us for your Leeds cash buyer valuation:

  • Speed and efficiency: Get a fair and accurate valuation within 24 hours. We know you value your time, and we strive to provide you with a prompt cash offer.

  • Market expertise: Our deep understanding of the Leeds housing market ensures you receive a competitive cash offer based on current conditions.

  • No uncertainty: Skip the lengthy market listings and potential delays. Receive a guaranteed cash offer, eliminating uncertainties and anxieties. 

  • Detailed valuations: We go beyond standard assessments. Our experienced team considers property type, condition, location and current market trends to provide a precise valuation unique to your home.

  • Hassle-free process: Enjoy a straightforward and transparent experience with no obligations or hidden fees when you use our sell house fast Leeds service.

  • Fast completion: If you accept our free cash offer, we can complete the deal quickly, getting you the cash you need in a timeframe that suits you.

Take the first step towards a stress-free sale: Fill out our postcode form today for a free, no obligation cash buyer valuation. 

Sell your Leeds house quickly with confidence, knowing you’re working with trusted professionals who value your property accurately and prioritise a smooth experience. 

What types of properties do we purchase in Leeds?

Are you aiming to sell your property in Leeds swifty and without any complications? You’ve landed in the perfect spot! We are keen on acquiring a wide array of properties, indifferent to their condition or location. 

There’s no need for concern if your Leeds property deviates from the norm:

Flats & Apartments:

We have a keen interest in all types of flats and apartments. Whether it’s a snug studio that makes every square foot count or lavish open plan penthouse that offers expansive views of Leeds Docks we see value in them all.

Terraced, Semi-detached & Detached houses:

We buy houses across the residential architecture spectrum. This includes the quaint charm of terraced Victorian homes, the privacy of mid-century Semi-detached houses, and the expensive estate of large detached properties. 

From storied period houses echoing the past to sleek, contemporary new builds reflecting today’s architectural ambitions, we’re prepared to make cash offers across the board.


Recognising the unique charm and practicality of single-floor living, bungalows hold a special place for us. Their appeal for both downsizers and investors alike makes them a notable property that we always have an eye out for.

We are also on the lookout for:

Properties in need of TLC:

Whether it’s a fixer-upper begging for a makeover or a cherished family home that’s aged gracefully, we’re interested. The need for renovations doesn’t deter us; instead, it presents an opportunity for transformation.

Homes with unconventional layouts:

Eccentric features or unusual layouts? Far from a drawback, we consider these aspects to be brimming with character. Your uniquely laid-out property is exactly the kind of challenge we relish.

Diverse locations:

From the bustling heart of Central Leeds to the tranquil suburbs of Wetherby, our interest spans the entire city. Whether you’re nestled in a vibrant community in the city centre or enjoying the peaceful retreat of the outskirts, we’re ready to buy.

Our commitment is to offer a straightforward, efficient and fair process for selling your property in Leeds. By choosing us, you’re opting for a hassle-free experience, tailored to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of property owners in this beautiful city, in which we call home.

How much will we offer for your Leeds property?

While we strive to make competitive offers, it’s important for you to know that we usually cannot extend the full market value for properties. 

The offer you receive will be influenced by factors such as the property’s location and condition, with our proposal usually ranging from around 80% of the market value. That said, exceptional properties in prime conditions may see offers that exceed this threshold. 

Choosing to sell your property to us means embracing a sell house fast and hassle-free process. 

Though our offer might not match the full market value, the advantages we bring can be substantial. Our service enables you to sell your property for cash in as little as 7 days, eliminating the hassle, frees and stress commonly associated with traditional selling methods.

The difference between our offer and the market value is often offset by the savings you’ll enjoy on fees over the course of a conventional sale, including what you usually pay to estate agents or auctioneers.

Our approach is designed to offer you a practical alternative, ensuring a fast and simple sale without the uncertainties and expenses of the open market. We value your Leeds property based on a competitive evaluation, aiming to make the selling experience as beneficial for you as possible. 

How do I sell my house fast Leeds?

In order to help you ‘sell my house fast Leeds’ getting started is simple. 

Fill out our postcode form below and then enter some basic details about your property. We’ll then conduct a valuation and present you with a no-obligation cash offer. If you choose to proceed, we can move forward at a pace that suits your needs, aiming to complete the sale as quickly as you require.

At The Property Buying Company, we’re here to make selling your house in Leeds as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you have any more questions or are ready to start the process, fill out our postcode enquiry form.

Sell your Leeds house fast for free

Sell house fast Leeds: FAQs

Choosing The Property Buying Company means you will enjoy a straightforward and fast house selling journey in Leeds. We understand that you might have questions about how this process works, its benefits and what you can expect.

To assist you, we’ve compiled detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How quick is the sell house fast Leeds process?

Our process is designed for speed and efficiency. Usually we can complete the purchase of your Leeds property in as little as 7 days. This timeline can vary depending on your specific circumstances and requirements, but we’re committed to working at a pace that suits you.

How much does it cost to sell my house fast in Leeds?

With The Property Buying Company, you’ll experience a cost-effective selling process. Unlike traditional sales methods, selling to us means there are no estate agent fees, no legal fees (as we cover your legal costs), and no hidden charges. Our aim is to make the sale as financially advantageous for you as possible.

Can you trust us to sell your Leeds property?

Absolutely. Trust and transparency is at the heart of our company, with compassion being one of our company values. We’re proud of our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy property buying company. 

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are committed to providing a fair and honest service, ensuring you feel supported and informed every step of the way.

What areas do you buy in Leeds?

We buy properties in all areas of Leeds, from the bustling City Centre to the outer suburbs and everywhere in between. Whether your property is Armley, Beeston, Chapel Allerton, Harehills or any other part of Leeds, we’re interested in making you an offer.

What types of properties do you purchase in Leeds?

We’re open to buying all types of properties, regardless of their condition or style. This includes flats, maisonettes, duplexes and apartments, terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, bungalows, and more. 

We understand that every property has its unique appeal and potential, and we’re keen to make a fair offer on your Leeds property.

Help & Advice

If you're interested in finding out more about our service and how it works, then you can view some of these informative guides and service pages:

So what are you waiting for?sell your Leeds home with us!