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The experts at The Property Buying Company understand that selling a house can be a stressful and time-consuming experience.

About Sunderland

The port city of Sunderland is located in the Tyne and Wear, on the North East coast of England just outside of Newcastle, but, if you own a property there, you know all that! What you will be more interested in, is what you can expect when it comes to property in the area. Sunderland compared to the rest of the country has a relatively low house price, sitting at just £160,882 as an average in 2020 according to Rightmove.

Despite being at a low average, the area has had a lot of growth in house price in recent years, being 10% up on 2019 and 14% up on the peak of 2018. This means that, even though we offer below market value, if you have had your Sunderland property for a number of years, chances are we can offer you more than what you bought it for.

The Sunderland property market

We’ve touched on the average prices, but what about what you can expect if you put your house on the open market in the Sunderland area. Well, according to statistics by in July 2021 the average time on the market, which is the time until a sale is agreed, sits at 250 days. If you have a flat, you may expect to wait over a year, at 371 days but if you own a semi-detached home, that’s the quickest at 122 days.

Still a fair way off a 7 day sale!

We'll buy your house in 7 days!

Sell your house quickly for cash in Sunderland

Whether your personal circumstances have changed and you’re now on the hunt for something smaller, or you’re in a chain where a buyer just dropped out and you need a new link, The Property Buying Company can help with our sell your house fast service.

If you’re not sure of the best move for you then we know our Castletown from our Houghton-le-spring and can guide you within your chosen area.

Your options when selling your Sunderland property

When you’ve made the decision to sell your property in Sunderland, you have a few options available to you. There are three main options to consider, estate agents, auction houses and of course, a quick cash sale. We’ve highlighted each of these options, and given you a brief overview so you can determine which might be best for your particular situation:

Estate agents

This is the most common way that people sell their property anywhere in the UK, Sunderland included. It involves using a high street or online estate agent to list your property on the open market, usually through portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. You will then rely on the general public viewing your property and bidding on it, there’s no set time as to when this may happen, and as you can see from our previous market research in the area, it can take upwards of a year in some cases! That there lies the issue with the open market, there’s no set time as to when your property will sell, it’s uncertain. This method will usually achieve you closer to market value than the following two.

Auction house

Perhaps slightly less common, but still one of your main options when selling your Sunderland property – going to an auction house. This can be a local auction, or national, they all work relatively similarly. It takes a few weeks to prepare your property for an auction, and there’s no guarantee of sale when the hammer strikes. Some properties do really well at auctions, particularly those that are in need of refurbishment or those that will command a good yield – but do note that people who attend auctions are often seasoned investors looking for a good deal, so you will likely get below market value unless you provoke a bidding war.

Quick cash buyer

Our favourite option, well the one we’re a bit biased about as we’re a cash buyer ourselves! We are honest and transparent though, and we’ll tell you straight away that our service won’t work for everyone. We offer below market value for your property, but in turn, we can buy your home in as little as 7 days, taking all the stress and hassle out of a traditional sale, and we’ll even cover all the fees. The service typically works for those that want a guaranteed sale time, the difference in our offer and the market value is often made up by the time saved when you consider the bills over the typical sale duration of the open market.

Completely FREE no obligation cash offer

In as little as 24 hours!

Reasons you may require a quick sale

Our service appeals to a wide range of people in a variety of different circumstances as selling in 7 days avoids a lot of hassle, stress and cost that you would endure through a traditional sale method. There is however a few particular scenarios we often come across that our service may be extremely useful for, here are a few examples:

  • Your house won't sell on the open market

  • Repairing a property chain break

  • Inheritance

  • Moving for a job

  • Downsizing

How to sell your house fast in Sunderland

So - if you’ve been considering taking the plunge, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, then why not check to see if your property is eligible first by entering your postcode above, answering a few questions about your home and then we can help provide you with a house valuation.

There’s no obligation – just simple, honest call handlers who will be there for you at every step of the way. Selling with us is easy, we're cash buyers so the whole process is made a lot less stressful and we can buy your home in as little as 7 days.

The benefits of selling your Sunderland house fast

Of course, we can provide you with a pile of reasons to sell your Sunderland based house to The Property Buying Company. We won't bore you with a huge list, or all the details, but here's a snapshot:

  • No fees

    There aren't any fees to sell to us - we'll even cover your legal fees!

  • Quick sale

    You can sell within 2-3 weeks on average

  • Trusted

    Members of The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers - and rated over 4 stars on Trustpilot

  • Assistance

    We will help with mediation between partners, onward property negotiations, finding rental properties and more!

Is it the right time to sell my house?

The best time to sell your house is typically Spring, this is when most people are looking to move. It can be tricky to sell in December, January and August, mostly due to holidays like Christmas & the school summer holidays.

If you are opting to sell to a cash buyer like ourselves, then any time of the year is the right time to sell! We’ll buy your house at any point, even when the open market has slowed right down during popular holiday times.

Sunderland areas we purchase

We can buy all across England, Wales & parts of Scotland, which means we can cover Sunderland and all the surrounding areas. We've compiled a table of some of the most common areas in and around Sunderland where we get enquiries and purchases below:

  • Backworth

  • Gateshead

  • Hawthorn

  • Peterlee

  • Washington

  • Chester-le-street

  • Gosforth

  • Jarrow

  • Seaham

  • West Rainton

  • Elswick

  • Hartley

  • Newcastle

  • South Shields

  • Whitley Bay

  • Felling

  • Haswell

  • North Shields

  • Wallsend

How much can we offer for your property?

This is the question we always get asked – and you won’t like the answer, unfortunately.

No two properties are the same, so we can’t just say we’ll offer a set figure or percentage, we need to know more about your property. We don’t offer a set percentage, so we’ll need you to fill in the form on our website & we’ll then get in touch with you to have a quick chat – at that point, we should be able to give you an indication of what we might be able to initially offer.

What types of property we purchase

Again, one of our tag lines so to speak is that we buy any property, any condition, anywhere! Which also encompasses every common type of residential property in and around the Sunderland area. Here are some of the property types we commonly purchase:

  • Terrace

  • Detached

  • Semi-Detached

  • Flats & Apartments

  • Bungalow

The UKs leading property buyers

Why choose us?

There are several reasons! But we would say that now wouldn't we? Why not take a look at some our fantastic reviews from customers As well as this we are part of The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) as well as The Property Ombudsman (TPO) which also means we have to adhere to a high-quality of customer service. We handle absolutely everything for you, taking all the hassle and stress out of selling your home.

We're not like other cash-buying property companies in a few ways. Firstly, we're honest and transparent from the get-go, we won't tell you that we can offer full market value, quite the contrary, we will inform you quickly what kind of price we will be able to offer as a ballpark as not to waste anyone's time in continuing the conversation further if it doesn't work for both parties. As well as that, unlike some others, we have our own cash reserves which means we don't have to talk with any external investors to purchase your property, which means there is less chance of there being any issues.

What's the quickest you can purchase homes?

The fastest we've achieved is 24 hours! Our average is 2-3 weeks but we can fast track to just a few days if you need.

Can you provide me with legal help?

We can provide you with our solicitors for free. They will be able to help complete your sale from a legal perspective.

I've inherited a property through probate, can you help?

Probate is a situation we see very often. We can purchase your inherited property off you fast, and even provide free clearance of the contents if needed.

What are you waiting for?sell your house in Sunderland the easy way