Why Choose Us

There are so many property buying companies

which is right for you?

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for speed, convenience and assurance then we believe The Property Buying Company is the right option for you.

The Property Buying Company can buy your property for cash, cover all costs and complete in a timescale to suit you. We achieve all this whilst providing you with the highest levels of customer service and support throughout the sale. Please see below how we compare to some of our competitors:

How do we compare?

  • Online Estate Agents
    £1000-5000Upfront Cost
    16-52 weeks
  • Other house buying companies
    (Sell House Fast)
    £1000Cost To You
    6-10 Weeks
  • Property Auction
    £2500-£5000Cost To You
    6-10 Weeks
  • Estate Agents
    £5000Cost To You
    16-52 Weeks

Unlike the other options available to you, we are not a broker or middle man, meaning you skip the fees and get a sale quickly and easily.

The Property Buying Company

We are more than just a house buyer.

The Property Buying Company is the leading buyer of residential/commercial property and land in England & Wales. Unlike many of the other house buying companies, we buy every property using our own cash facility (We are not a property broker or middle man). This means we can offer you the best trade prices in our industry.

The Property Buying Company covers all the costs of the transaction (including solicitors fees) so you will receive 100% of our final offer price*.

With many years’ of experience in the property buying arena we can also offer you more, such as unparalleled levels of customer service and use of our Change Team (an industry first). From arranging removals, help with finding rental property, negotiating onward purchases or simply utilising our free courier service, The Property Buying Company will not only buy your property, we will make sure the transaction is seamless by taking away any stress or strain from the process (whilst saving you money too!).

We also have a dedicated in house progression team with over 30 years of legal and conveyancing experience to deal with any property related issues. This helps to ensure that we can meet completion timescales, and offer advice and support on non-property related issues such as mediation between partners, or help with arranging probate.

*less any redemption costs to your lender(s)

Pros to selling with us!
  • Our own cash facility
  • Best trade prices in the industry
  • All costs covered (inc. solicitor fees)
  • Single viewing
  • Guaranteed sale
  • Help arranging removals
  • Help finding rental property
  • Help negotiating onward purchases
  • Help with mediation between partners
  • Help with arranging probate

Other house buying companies

There are many companies purporting to be genuine house buyers out there but only a handful can actually buy your property for cash in the same way that The Property Buying Company can.

Even with some of the genuine house buyers there are often costs involved. Some companies will charge you for their survey or ask for a contribution towards costs. If a company is acting as a broker, then timescales are often promised but not guaranteed.

If they are not buying your property using their own cash, they are often touting your house about (unbeknown to yourself) to find a buyer. If they are lucky to find one, they will then have to rely on a third party to complete the sale quickly which is unlikely if they are not a property professional. It can be pot luck what level of service you will receive. We therefore suggest you research the company thoroughly and find out exactly what their process is before you are potentially let down.

Timescales are important, as time can translate into money. Many customers are paying mortgages, council tax and other property related costs, and each week that goes by could be costing you hundreds of pounds.

2-10 week timeframe, £1000 fees

  • Additional Hidden Costs

  • Really acting as a broker

  • Unrealistic timescales

  • Need to find a real buyer

Enquire today to sell your house fast

Online estate agents

Online Estate Agents are the newest option to the market for selling your property. A number have sprung up offering differing levels of service, and differing claims of how they will sell your property cheaply. Many online Estate Agents are asking for their sale fee upfront!

We consider this risky. Where is their motivation to sell your property if they have already been paid? How much knowledge of your local market will an online estate agent have?

They are often working out of one office a great distance from your property and do not have experience or knowledge of your local market. How will they advise sellers and buyers, and if they do agree a sale are they getting you the best price?

Selling your property through an Online Estate Agent could cost you in many ways. The time to sell your property is one factor you need to consider. They also have the same problems as traditional estate agents with holding a sale together. There is no face to face interaction between buyers or sellers, and the service you should expect is often lacking. Many Online Estate Agents have no previous estate agency experience. We would suggest you tread with caution if you are seriously considering this route.

16-52 week timeframe, £1000-£5000 fees

  • Fees to be paid upfront

  • No motivation for a quick sale

  • Lack of local knowledge

  • Need to find a buyer

  • Multiple viewings

  • Extended timeframes

  • Lack of experience

  • Solicitor fees to pay

  • No guarantees, sale can fall through

Looking to sell your house quickly?

Sell your house with no fees

Traditional estate agents

Using an Estate Agent is the most common method of selling your home. Most people are familiar with this route and have varying experiences ranging from good to bad. For most estate agents, gaining an instruction is the most important part of their remit. Figuring out how to sell it comes second.

What most vendors experience is that their properties will be listed at a price too high to get any interest and this leads to a long and painfully slow process of price reductions, multiple viewings and eventual sale.

Further to this, the cost is not cheap. A 2% sale fee + add-ons and upselling are typical. Again, there are no guarantees. Most buyers either have a property to sell or are obtaining a mortgage. Sales can fall through on average 2-3 times.

Since the recession, obtaining mortgages have become more difficult and surveyors often down-value properties or place retentions on them. This typically equates to the sale falling through. The Property Buying Company gains a lot of its business from vendors who are disillusioned with their estate agent or picking up the pieces once a sale falls through.

16-52 week timeframe, £5000 fees

  • Selling comes second

  • High pricing which reduces interest

  • Long & painfully slow process

  • Multiple viewings

  • 2%+ Sale fees plus add-ons

  • Solicitor fees to pay

  • No guarantees, sale can fall through

We can buy your house in as little as 7 days!

Property auction

Property Auction is often a viable alternative to a house buying company. They are usually run bi-monthly in most areas and can be an effective method of sale. There is no guarantee with auction and it could take you up to 6 weeks to find out if your property is finally sold (you need to enter your property 6 weeks before the auction date to make sure you get it in the catalogue and there is usually a 4 – 6 week marketing period).

To list your property at auction you will have to pay an auction entry fee. This is typically around £500 + VAT.

This is not refundable if your property fails to sell. You will also have to put up with multiple viewings of your property during the marketing period. If you are successful at auction, you will have to wait a further 28 days to receive your money. You will also have to pay a typical 2% sale fee.

Auctions typically sell 70 – 80% of their lots. They achieve generally around 70 – 80% of the market value. There are often a number of auctioneers in your area to choose from. If you are considering this route over a sale to The Property Buying Company we advise you to check their lots to sale percentage and how busy their rooms are. We can point you in the right direction if you are still unsure and give you further advice where necessary.

6-10 week timeframe, £2500-£5000 fees

  • 6 weeks in catalogue before auction

  • Auction fees to pay

  • 28 days to receive your money

  • Multiple viewings

  • 2%+ Sale fees

  • No guarantees, sale can fall through

So, what are you waiting for?sell your house fast with us