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Sell Your House To A Cash House Buyer

Looking for a buy my house for cash service? We can help as we're cash house buyers UK

There is definitely still a place for the traditional estate agent, but for some, the open market simply takes too long.

For those seeking a quick house sale and thinking, can I sell my house for cash? Genuine cash buyers, such as ourselves, can help with a streamlined property sale process to sell your house quickly.

In this article, we go into depth on everything you need to know about our cash for UK homes service and what exactly it entails to sell your home fast, including:

Explaining what a cash house sale company is & how to sell my house for cash.

The process

We will go through how our buy my house for cash process works.

The benefits

We will inform you of the benefits of a cash sale - like no estate agent fees & we'll highlight roughly how much we would pay.

Buy My House For Cash In 7 days!

What is a cash house buyer?

Cash House Buyers, like ourselves, are companies in the property sector that have funds to buy a house for cash and are able to buy a property outright without requiring a mortgage or selling another property first - BUT why would that thought cross your mind? 

Well, a cash offer can be more appealing to sellers because there are fewer hurdles and therefore the process is very quick. 

Mortgage companies are one of the main causes of delays in any property sale process.

We're a specialist cash house buyer with our own funds and a multi-million-pound cash purchasing facility behind us, meaning we are able to buy any property, no matter the price. 

We are also part of The National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman, so you know that we're a name that you can trust. When looking for cash for my house service, you will find both individual and company based cash house buyers. 

You can find a cash house buyer by selling in the more traditional way, through estate agents and going on the open market, but the likelihood of you finding a buyer with enough cash to purchase your property outright is pretty slim, hence the rapid growth in the amount of house buying companies.

Which is why you should choose an experienced and highly rated cash buyers for houses company like ourselves!

Our Quick Cash House Sale Process

The next question you might have is how does it all work?

We've worked tirelessly to make our whole cash for homes process, from start to finish, as simple and quick as possible - our main selling point is the speed in which we can buy your home, so time is crucial!

We've simplified the whole process into a few steps for you
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing number 1

    Visit our website and pop your postcode in, phone number and email address when prompted

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing number 2

    You’ll receive an email confirming the details have been received

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing number 3

    We’ll call you to find out more about your property, provide an initial offer price and discuss whether you’re happy to proceed

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing number 4

    We’ll then book a home visit from one of our Acquisition Managers who will look at your home, make note of any unique features or potential problems and chat to you about your situation and discuss whether a sell my house for cash option is right for you

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing number 5

    If you’re happy with the final valuation then we’ll commission an RICS survey to be completed by a professional

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing number 6

    That's it, our complete sell my house for cash process, you’ll receive a cash sum in your bank account within a matter of weeks

Are cash house buyers legit?

We can't speak for all cash house buying companies, but for the most part, the sell my house for cash industry is ligament and the majority of companies can be trusted. That being said, before selling your house to any cash house buyers, you should always ensure that you do your research.

When dealing with any cash house buying company you should always check to make sure they are registered with The National Association of Property Buyers, a group dedicated to maintaining the high standards of the property buying industry. 

One of the requirements of being a member of the NAPB is that you also need to be a member of The Property Ombudsman (TPO), a dispute resolution service which is to protect consumers.

You should also always check all their review platforms, make sure you read all the comments to determine whether their previous customers have had a positive experience.

Completely FREE no-obligation cash offer

Why use a cash house buyer?

If you want or need to sell my house for cash, with minimal hassle, then quick property cash buyers could be the right route for you.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. They can work to a timescale that suits you, so no more longing questions around how long does a house sale take – whether you need to complete in a few days or a few weeks, quick property cash buyers will work closely with you to understand your situation and any urgency involved so you can move on to your next project or property fast

  2. There is no chain – due to being cash property buyers, there is no chance that the sale could fall through. There is no one else within the chain meaning you’re secure in the knowledge that you don’t have to wait for any other sale to go ahead before your property is sold

  3. The process is straight forward – quick cash buyers make the process smooth from start to finish. There’s no chain, as previously mentioned and they will work quickly and efficiently to take ownership of your property and get the money to you in far less time than a traditional estate agent can

  4. You don’t have to worry about legal fees – any fees associated with a sell my house for cash service will be covered by ourselves, the property cash buyers. There should be no hidden charges so whatever your valuation – that’s the amount you’ll receive

  5. Any property or condition – If you're considering a sell my house for cash option, then quick property cash buyers such as ourselves will generally buy any property, in any condition so, even if you have a problem property, you can still get a fair cash sum for your property

  • Online Estate Agents
    £1000-5000Upfront Cost
    16-52 weeks
  • Other house buying companies
    (Sell House Fast)
    £1000Cost To You
    6-10 Weeks
  • Property Auction
    £2500-£5000Cost To You
    6-10 Weeks
  • Estate Agents
    £5000Cost To You
    16-52 Weeks

Why use a cash house buyer

There are all sorts of reasons why you may need a sell my house for cash option. From situations that are out of your control to situations where you just need the convenience of a quick cash sale to move onto a new project or property, we help people across the UK to achieve just that. 

For more information on specific situations where we have helped people then click on the links below:

Inherited property

You might be inheriting a property but not prepared to take on the bills and council tax that come with that, or simply just want to offload the property quickly. Cash house buying services offer a good solution to this, due to the speed of the sale, especially in comparison to the open market. Probate can be pretty tricky too, but we've been in the industry a long time and can help you navigate through the whole process.


Dividing property in a divorce can be a tricky subject, and a lot of the time you just want to get it done and dusted quickly to cut ties. We understand that and a home buying company offers a perfect solution, we can be the intermediary between both parties and manage the sale making it as stress-free as it can be.

Stop house repossession

If you've missed a few mortgage payments then you might be at risk of your house being repossessed by the bank. If the bank takes control, they will evict you from the property and look to sell the property as quickly as they can to offset the debt, often taking a very low offer. We can act quick enough to stop your house repossession this from happening, giving you a cash offer on house and purchasing your home before the pending eviction.

Traditional estate agents & the open market aren't working

Sometimes estate agents just aren't able to sell your property and it might have been sat on the property portal Rightmove and Zoopla for months with a little amount of interest and no serious bids. It might be worth investigating a quick house buying company like ourselves, you can get an offer for free and there's no obligation - without having to leave your estate agent, which can be troublesome due to estate agency contracts, so why not give it a go?

Needing to move for work

You've landed your dream job, but you need to move across the country, or perhaps to another country altogether - the only problem is, you start in a month! Not to worry, you can sell your current property within 7 days to us, and leave for your new job without the extra hassle and stress of having to sell your property in the meantime.

Repairing a property chain

Another thing that our service lends itself really well to is repairing a broken property chain. What we mean by that is when you've sold your house, put a bid in on your dream home, and are just waiting for the process to complete... only to be told close to the completion date, your buyer has pulled out of the purchase! What do you do? Well, we can jump in and buy your property, repairing the chain and allowing you to still purchase that dream home.

How much money will I get from a cash buyer?

When we buy houses for cash, we can't offer you full market value for your property, but we will offer a fair price.

Our offer is typically around 80% of the market value of your property, although sometimes we can achieve higher than this. 

Our offer is subject to a house valuation which is carried out by one of our Acquisition Managers and RICS survey.

Visiting the property will enable us to take into consideration any unique features that your property possesses, as well as any potential issues, which helps us generate a more accurate offer.

What you also get in return is an extremely quick sale, we can buy your property within as little as 7 days! It's also stress and hassle-free, you will get a point of contact who will handle the whole sale process for you from start to completion.

Graphic of a man carrying a very large calculator

You can also rest assured that you're safe in our hands, we're a trusted company with over 50 years combined in the property industry and expert market knowledge. 

How long does a cash house sale take in the UK?

When looking to sell my house for cash, you can expect to spend far less time actually selling the property as you won’t need to enter the open market or wait on conveyancing times. 

With current time on market, averaging out at 9 weeks across the UK and conveyancing times taking over 21 weeks, the need for a buy my home now service is rising significantly.

As a house buying company, we have our own cash reserves and don’t need to arrange any mortgages in order to purchase your property. This allows us to buy your cash in as little as 7 days, with most clients choosing a 2-3 week timeframe.

Not only can we buy your property fast for cash, but we work efficiently with solicitors across the country in order to hit completion deadlines on a timeframe that suits you — far faster than the country average. 

Our cash for homes service will ensure that you receive the funds within your property safely, securely and efficiently, allowing you to move on and start the next chapter of your journey. 

7Days to sell
£1m+Spent on property
0Fees to pay
The UK's leading property cash buyers

What types of properties do we buy?

We buy properties of all shapes and sizes and in any condition. From burnt-out houses and non-standard constructions through to mansions and penthouses, there’s no limit to what we can take on.

The most common properties we buy are:

Semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses are the most common type of property in England and Wales, and they offer ample space for a modern family to grow. We will buy your semi-detached house for cash, no matter if it’s a new build or a mid-century property.

Detached houses

Detached houses tend to be the most expensive type of house, with the exception of London apartments. 

Most detached housing can be found in the suburbs or commuter areas of a large city and tend to have many unique characteristics which make selling to estate agents hard — which is where we step in! We buy homes for cash no matter where they're located in the UK.


Terraces are also a very common property type in the UK, mainly due to our industrial revolution past. They offered adequate accommodation for workers in the mills, however, nowadays they tend to need a little bit more TLC than other properties. We will help buy my house now for cash.

Flats, maisonettes & apartments

The average house price for flats, maisonettes and apartments will differ significantly depending on the region, but we will still offer competitive prices for your property.


Bungalows are a little less common than they once were, but we haven’t forgotten them! In fact we love bungalows and all their post-war charm they bring. Want to know more about our sell property for cash service? Click the get offer button below…

Are there any hidden costs when you sell your house for cash?

Usually when you sell your house to an online or traditional estate agency, the fees and hidden costs can be quite a surprise as they amount to 1-3% +VAT of the selling price of your property. 

The good news is… you will not incur any hidden costs when you use our ‘sell my house for cash’ service, in fact, we will cover all the costs associated with selling your house, so you don’t have to pay a penny!

We work with qualified solicitors, conveyancers and RICS surveyors across the country to deliver the most efficient and seamless service possible, all while covering their costs. 

If we land in an unfortunate situation like being unable to purchase, we’ll still cover any expenses incurred and allow you to exit the arrangement. 

We pride ourselves on offering you a seamless and efficient cash for houses service that will leave you feeling satisfied and stress-free.

How fast do I get money after selling my house?

Receiving cash for houses seems like a pretty good option, right? One of the questions you might still have is how long the whole process takes, from start to finish and the money being in your bank account.

Our cash house buying service is quick, really quick, within the initial phase we should be able to provide you with a desktop-based offer in as little as 24 hours. 

After that, we can look to buy my house now or actually buy your house within 7 days, and once the sale has been completed we release the money straight away, and with some banks that can mean it hits your account instantly, however, some may take between 24 to 48 hours, depending.

We buy any house for cash in the UK

If you're looking for a cash house buyers, you might be wondering whether we can buy a house in your area? 

Then you'll be happy to know we offer our sell house for cash service across the whole of England and Wales.

You can find out more using our interactive map:

Can you trust a cash house buyer?

"Are cash buyers legit?", a question we see all the time. We can't speak for all cash house buying companies but we can let you know that we are definitely legitimate, or we wouldn't have been in business since 2012 and wouldn't have the hundreds of great reviews we do!

There's a lot of negative press around sell my house for cash services, with many people warning of scams in the industry. We can assure you we are not one of these companies.

We are a name that you can trust as part of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) & The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), this means we need to stick to their strict code of practice which protects us and our customers.

We're honest and transparent throughout the whole process, which you don't have to take our word for, just check out our reviews on Trustpilot.

Homeowners trust us to buy their house

Buyers which means we make sure our customers are protected at every stage of the buying process. 

We always endeavour to build a rapport with our customers and we’ll only ever allocate one agent to a case which means you’ll always have a point of contact that you’ll recognise. This is one of many reasons why we get some amazing reviews online from our customers.

This is one of many reasons why we get some amazing reviews online from our customers.

  • Very


    with the way my enquiry was handled

    - Susan Tiddy
  • Made me feel




    - Michael Woodend
  • Fantastic service


    friendly staff

    I have had previous experience with

    this company and would use again

    - Lisa

Cash House Buying Guides

Do you have a specific question about cash house buyers, if they're legitimate or whether they always want a discount?

Not to worry, we've gone into depth on each of these subjects with our Cash House Buyers content hub.

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  • Questions to ask a cash house buyer
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Frequently asked questions about cash buyers
Is a cash buyer better for house?

Yes. A cash buyer is the most ideal situation when wanting a quick house sale and money in your pocket. It cuts the risk of the sale falling through and eliminates the need for anything that needs approval like mortgage.

Another positive note is that is can cave you on legal fees and interest payments.

Do cash buyers get a discount?

Often, Cash buyers get a discount from 70-90% of market value for the home owners property that they're purchasing.

The exact discount can vary between the property and its condition or even how the current housing market is acting.

Do cash house buyers need a solicitor?

Yes, cash house buyers need a solicitor when buying a house with cash. They will handle the legal process for the company or person buying the property by conducting property searches, ensuring the transaction is legal and checking the land registry.

My property is in a bad condition, would you still buy it?

Yes. Whatever the condition of your property, we can buy it for a fair cash sum. No matter if your house is in perfect condition or in desperate need of renovations, we will offer cash for homes.

Do you purchase the properties yourself?

Mostly, however, if we’re unable to help you then we have a network of investors who are also property cash buyers and can complete the sale quickly and efficiently.

How long does it take to sell my house to you?

We buy your house for cash on a completely tailored timescale, depending on your own goals and objectives. We can buy your house in as little as seven days, or if you want us to buy my home now, we can operate much faster if needed, but most people decide to sell on a two to three week timescale.

Selling your house for cash, is it a good idea?

Yes, selling to a cash buyers for homes means that you don't have to wait for the buyer to get a mortgage approved, which means the whole process is a lot quicker. We buy house for cash, so you can move on faster with your life.

Can you really sell property for cash, for free?

Yes! By selling your property to a house cash buyer like us, we will cover all the fees associated with buy homes for cash services. This includes all legal and surveyor fees — ensuring that when we buy my property for cash, the process is as simple and stress free as possible.

Want to sell your house for cash?we've got you covered!