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Mathew is one of the members of our marketing team, the Marketing Manager in fact, and his role is to ensure that the team of Property Consultants are kept busy with enquiries on any given day. Everything you see on the website, social media or elsewhere has likely come from either Mat or his team.

What experience do you have in property?

Prior to joining The Property Buying Company a few years back I had no experience in the property industry itself, apart from working on a new build property company in the past in a previous agency based role. I’ve since come a long way though, having to regularly research property over the past few years and working closely with the Property Consultants to really expand my knowledge.

I actually started at the company as the SEO manager, back in April 2019, but I’ve since progressed to Marketing Manager with the responsibility of looking after the marketing team, enquiries and budgets. 

I’ve got a fair few years’ experience in marketing, starting in early 2013 as an apprentice working for a car hire company, then progressing through a few marketing agencies over the years until I landed an SEO manager role at a large heating based firm back in August 2017, which eventually lead me to where I am now! 

What’s your role at The Property Buying Company?

I’m the Marketing Manager, which essentially means I’m responsible for overseeing everything marketing does and puts in front of potential customers. Our marketing team itself is excellent, and we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the great content, creatives and advertising that we do without them!

Why is your role important to the company?

It’s not just me, but my whole team really. We keep everything ticking, without us being here, there wouldn’t be any enquiries for the Property Consultants and we wouldn’t be buying any properties!

What’s your proudest moment in the job?

I think it's got to be when we all went to work from home, keeping everything up and running whilst having to change the way we worked completely wasn't an easy task!

What’s been your most challenging moment?

I’ve probably got to say when I first took over as Marketing Manager. There were quite a few changes within the team, and it meant we were thin on the ground for a while and I had to cover a lot of roles, whilst also stepping up.

There was very little left in place at the time, so I had to build out a lot of reporting, and essentially the marketing foundations all over again. It was quite a tough and stressful few months, added on top of that during that period we ended up having to work from home because of COVID.

We got through it though & we’re now at full strength, and always improving, coming up with new creative ideas and looking forward.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’m a huge fan of Football, and when I’m not injured I do try to play a lot of 5 aside, however, I spend most of my weekends watching games, in particular Manchester United, which doesn’t go down too well in a Leeds based office.

In my downtime outside of work, I mostly spend time with the family, but when we’re lucky enough to have a child-free weekend, it’s time for the pub.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Honest, knowledgeable, helpful.

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