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Sometimes life can throw things at you that are unexpected. From breaks in chains or relationships, The Property Buying Company understands that needing to sell your property quickly can be nerve-wracking.

About Luton

Luton is a large town based in Bedfordshire in the South East of England, although technically in the East of England. It’s one of the most populated and largest towns in the UK, close to some cities, although it doesn’t quite have that status… yet.

The reason you likely landed on this page though is because you’re looking at selling your house in Luton, and fast, so you’ll probably know more about the area than we do! What we can tell you about is the property market, such as in Luton the average house price in 2020 according to Rightmove was at £288,642 – with the majority of properties being semi-detached.

The Luton property market

Lets dig a little deeper and take a further look at the property market in the town. If you’re looking to sell, what you might be interested in is how long you can expect it to take from when you put your property on the market to when it is marked as sold. Luckily, have the up to date figures, and in August 2021 as an average you can see it takes around 190 days on the market for that sold status.

The quickest type of property to sell according to the statistics are terrace homes at 134 days ranging all the way to flats which take on average 229 days. The stats are fairly typical when compared to the UK average.

After you’ve done that, you also need to consider the time for the solicitors and potential requirements of a mortgage for your buyer to add on top, all of which can add a few months to the process.

If time is of the essence, then you might want to opt for an alternative, like for example, a cash house buying company such as ourselves?

Your property sale options in Luton

That leads us quite nicely into what your options are when you decide to sell your Luton property. We’ve taken a look at a few options, and whether or not it might work for you in your circumstance. Here’s a run down of your main options below:

Estate Agents

The most common option for any property sale, including in Luton, is to use an estate agent who will then list your website on property portals like Rightmove & Zoopla. This leaves your property sale up to the general public so there’s no certain date of sale, however you will likely achieve much closer to market value than other sale methods.

This is great if you have the time and money to pay for the estate agent fees, but it’s not suitable if you have to sell by a certain time frame as there’s no certainty.

Auction Companies

The second option people usually turn to is to take their Luton property to a local or national auction. Auctions can be fantastic, for certain types of properties. Auction customers tend to be on the look out for certain kind of deals, mostly those that will stack up as great value Buy To Let properties with high yields, or those that they can look to renovate, you don’t typically get residential buyers – or it’s a lot less common.

People often have a misconception that mortgages are quick, but that isn’t necessarily true either. It will take around 6-10 weeks to get your property to the big day and auction ready, and there’s no guarantee you will sell at this point.

Sell House Fast

This is our offering, the cash house buying company to which you can sell your property quickly. We can’t offer you full market value for your property, but in return we cover all your fees, arrange everything for you and ensure the whole process is completely hassle free and quick… 7 days quick!

This method is perfect if you need to sell by a specific date, or quickly for whatever reason it may be. You do as previously mentioned have to take a reduction from the market value in return.

Sell your house quickly for cash in Luton

No matter what your situation is, selling your home can be a stressful and not to mention time consuming, that’s why we make things as simple as possible for you.

Whether you’ve got a detached house in Bushmead or a terrace in Sundon Park, we understand the market and can offer you a fair price within a timescale to suit you. We're cash house buyers who can buy your property quickly; we can complete the purchase in as little as 7 days.

No Stress, no hassle & a no obligation offer…

How To Sell Your House Fast In Luton

Our company prides itself on taking the stress out of property sales with our sell house fast service which is available in Luton and surrounding areas. So, wherever your property is and whatever its condition, we can help.

  • 1. Fill In Our Form

    To find out if your property is eligible just pop your postcode in above and our online form will ask you a few general questions about your Luton property.

  • 2. We'll Be In Touch

    One of our experienced team will give you a call to talk you through the rest and provide you with a house valuation, and then we’ll be back to you with an offer.

  • 3. Accepting The Offer & Sale

    If you're happy with our offer, we may look to send one of our Regional Managers to view the property or alternatively we may purchase the property without viewing. After which, once the contract is signed, we'll speed through the process and complete within 7 days! 

The benefits of selling your property fast

There are multiple benefits to selling your property in Luton quickly to us, here are just a few:

  • We cover all fees including those from our solicitors

  • Our average length of a purchase is only 2-3 weeks, but we can complete in a timescale to suit you (even if this is within 7 days!)

  • If needed, we can help with removals of unwanted items in your property

  • We’re genuine cash buyers

  • You wouldn't need to pay estate agent fees, utility bills and council tax for the period of a traditional sale

Our promise

The transparent, no hard sell, approach. It’s something we live by, we are fully aware that our service won’t work for everyone, it’s perfect for certain circumstances, and therefore we won’t push for you to sell to us, it has to work for both parties.

We’re honest from the start of the conversation right until the end, we’ll explain our process and provide you with an initial offer promptly – this will be based on our valuation of your property but will be subject to a RICs report.

What we can offer for your Luton property

This is a question we constantly get asked online, what percentage of the market value can we offer for your property? It’s not a question we can confidently answer without giving the wrong first impression. Houses are all very different, there are different types, locations, conditions and so much more that we factor into our valuation.

The best way to find out what we can offer for your Luton property is to simply get in touch or fill in our enquiry form. We’ll then get in touch and have a bit of a chat about the property, and we should be able to provide you with a rough idea pretty quickly over the phone – which there is completely no obligation.

Why choose us?

We are owned and run by professionals in the property field with over 50 years' experience, and take the time to get to know everyone's situation in order to get them the best deal possible. You're in good hands with our friendly team of Consultants.


How do you value properties?

Property values are affected by many different factors. Obvious ones are the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and size of the garden. But there's other reasons at play. The local property market is one, as well as the condition of the home and the amenities in walking distance. We take all of these into account to provide you with our initial valuation. If you choose to go ahead with us, we send out our Regional Manager for your location who will be able to provide a final valuation.

What do customers say about you?

Check out our Trustpilot reviews of our customers who have trusted us to get them a great deal and buy their house fast.

How fast can you buy my home?

We can purchase properties within 7 days, though our average is 2-3 weeks. We will work in a timescale to suit you, simply inform us when you want to have sold by.

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