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Sell your house quickly in Hemel Hempstead

sell house quickly - we guarantee a fast sale

House buyers Hemel Hempstead, we buy any home!

Whether you’ve got a large, detached house in Kings Langley or a flat in Chipperfield, we could buy your property quickly for a cash sum.

Sell your house quickly for cash in Hemel Hempstead

As property buying experts, we understand that selling your house can feel like a hassle.

Maybe you’ve inherited a property and don’t live nearby in order to manage the sale or maybe you’ve gone through a break-up and need to buy something new.

Whatever your reason for needing to sell your house fast, The Property Buying Company can help.

We have worked with people from all walks of life who need support in getting a quick cash sum and a completion date to suit them.

sell your house fast for cash

How to sell your house fast in Hemel Hempstead

To find out if your property is eligible then just pop your postcode in above, we'll then ask you a few simple questions, don't worry, only things like how many bedrooms does the property have.

All the information you've provided will then be used to provide you with an initial house valuation on your Hemel Hempstead property.

Once all that is done we will then give you a call to find out more about the property and your reason for selling. We can’t offer you the full price, but we will offer you a fair price. We're cash buyers and all legal fees being included.

Benefits of a sell house fast service

When you look at using a sell house fast company such as ourselves, there are a lot more benefits than initially might meet the eye.

Here are some of the benefits to a quick sale that you may not have considered:
  • Solicitor fees? What solicitor fees, we've got them covered!

  • We take care of everything, no stress, no hassle

  • We've got our own cash, we don't rely on using a third party investor(s), which means there are less hurdles and chances of hiccups in the process

  • An open market sale takes months, in which you will have to cover all the bills, which you obviously don't need to with a quicker sale

  • We work to a timescale that suits what you need - whether that is 7 days or much longer

Why choose a sell house fast service for your property?

Well, we'll start out by saying we're not for everyone. If you can wait months to achieve an open market sale, then you likely should, as you will possibly get a higher offer.

If you need a quick sale, in under 7 days, and don't want to deal with the stress or hassle of a typical sale, then our sell house fast service may be beneficial.

We find that there are certain circumstances that people often look for a quick house sale in Hemel Hempstead, here are just a few of them:

  • There's a risk of being repossessed

  • If you're living abroad and don't want to deal with multiple viewings

  • You're in a property chain that is at risk of falling through

  • The open market just isn't working out for you

  • Inherited a property and don't want to be subject to the bills associated with that

  • If you need a quick sale to move for that dream job

Why choose The Property Buying Company?

There are lots of reasons! We're one of the best in the industry, and we can offer you the best trade prices.

As well as that, we have a fantastic team of property experts on hand to help you with absolutely everything in relation to selling your property, we take all the stress and hassle out of the process and make it as easy as it possibly can be, you can see by our Trustpilot reviews.

As well as getting a great deal and fantastic customer service, we're also a name you can trust. We have to stick by strict codes of practice, which protect our customers, which is due to us being members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO), we're also additionally voluntary members of The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), a group dedicated to ensuring that you experience the highest quality of service and professionalism.

Looking to get the ball rolling as soon as possible?

We can help!

Areas we purchase near Hemel Hempstead

Interested in selling your home, but live near the area of Hemel Hempstead and want to figure out if we'll buy it?

The short answer is yes, we will, we buy across England & Wales which of course includes all the surrounding areas of Hemel Hempstead.

Here are a few of those areas we generally get enquiries for:
  • Berkhamstead

  • Bourne End

  • Kings Langley

  • Abbots Langley

  • Potten End

  • Picotts End

  • Bovingdon

  • St Albans

  • Frithsden

  • Potters Crouch

  • Chipperfield

  • Jockey End

  • Great Gaddesden

  • Bedmond

  • Ashley Green

  • Redbourn


Have you got a few questions that we've not yet answered?

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions in regards to our sell house fast service which we've answered for you:

What types of property in Hemel Hempstead will you buy?

In truth, anything residential. We'll buy large detached mansions to small one bed studios and just about everything in between!

How quickly will you buy my house?

We say 7 days, but the truth is that we can work around your requirements. We've bought houses in as little as 48 hours before, in extreme circumstances, but we can also extend the completion date if 7 days is too quick.

Will it cost to get an offer on my Hemel Hempstead property?

No definitely not, we can provide you with a free cash offer in as little as 24 hours, it only takes a little bit of your time to discuss the property itself.

Are you a genuine cash buyer?

Yes, 100%. We are genuine cash buyers who have our own cash reserves at the ready to buy your property, no outside investors required.

what are you waiting for?sell your house the easy way