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Perhaps your family has flown the nest and you’re looking to downsize from your 4-bed semi in Ramsbottom, or you've inherited a property and are looking for a quick and easy sale.

Located in the borough of Greater Manchester sits the market town of Bury. With roots spanning all the way back to the Roman Era, Bury is a town packed full of history, culture, amenities, and excellent travel links both in and around the town.

Famous for not only its open-air Bury market but also as the home of the divisive delicacy black pudding, there is plenty to love about life in Bury.

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Sell your house quickly for cash in Bury

We know that circumstances can change in the blink of an eye, and that traditional selling routes such as estate agents do not always have the power to keep up. Whether you're transitioning to a care home or have inherited a property you don't plan to keep, we're here to offer you a speedy sales process and a fair cash sum for your property.

We are proud to offer a service that is flexible to you, meaning we can adjust the timeline to suit you. This means whether you want to sell in 4 months or in as little as 7 days, we can buy your home. And, as an additional thank you for choosing our service, we will cover all legal fees, it’s just one of the ways we make selling easy. 

Want a cash buyer for your Bury home?

If you’re considering selling your property, but you’re not sure whether our services are right for you, just enter your postcode above and check to see if it’s eligible.

We'll then ask you a few brief questions about your home, and one of our property experts will give you a ring to talk you through everything before you decide if you want to go ahead. If you're still interested, we will provide you with an estimated house valuation.

We pride ourselves on getting to know every customer we talk to. By understanding your needs, we take the hassle out of property sales. That’s why we’re one of the most trusted property buying companies in the UK.

Sell your Bury House Online 

Whatever your particular circumstances are, if you're looking to sell house fast in Bury we can help. The Property Buying Company are cash property buyers, which allows us to purchase your home quickly with less stress and hassle than that of traditional house sale methods.

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Looking to sell your Bury property fast?

And without fees?

Why use a quick sale company?

Each house sale is unique, and we acknowledge that our service may not suit everyone.

Our service is tailored for those looking to achieve a quicker sale than the standard open market timeline. There are specific circumstances where our speedy sale service proves especially advantageous, addressing the needs of individuals in these situations:

  • house swap
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    You're considering downsizing and aiming to unlock some funds.
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing repossession
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    There's a potential risk of property repossession.
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing for sale signs
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    Traditional market approaches aren't producing the desired results.
  • plane
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    Swift relocation for work is a top priority.
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing inherited property
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    Inheriting a property, but you'd rather avoid managing the associated bills.
  • Transparent icon with white lines of chain break
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    You're part of a property chain facing a break.

Benefits of sell house fast

Whilst selling your property quickly is undoubtedly a huge advantage to selling your home through a cash buying company, you may be surprised to learn that there are also numerous other benefits that come hand in hand with selling your property fast, such as:


Choose a date that suits you, and we'll accommodate

No estate agent fees

No concerns about estate agent fees; enjoy substantial savings

No solicitor fees

Legal fees are covered – yes, no solicitor costs!

Genuine cash offer

We're authentic cash buyers – no middlemen, no unexpected issues!

Areas we purchase around Bury

If you have a property that is located in the vicinity of Bury but is not close to the town centre, we will still purchase it. As a cash buyer, we are interested in properties up and down England and Wales, regardless of condition or location. Here are some of the areas in and around Bury where we get regular inquiries:

  • Ramsbottom

  • Tottington

  • Radcliffe

  • Whitefield

  • Heywood

  • Prestwich

  • Unsworth

  • Walshaw

  • Holcombe

  • Summerseat

  • Walmersley

  • Elton

  • Greenmount

  • Brandlesholme

  • Affetside

  • Nangreaves

  • Gigg

  • Fishpool

  • Limefield

  • Jericho

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    - Kris
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    this company and would use again

    - Lisa
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    with the way my enquiry was handled

    - Susan Tiddy

Bury cash buyers vs estate agents

Our homes are the most valuable asset that the majority of us own, so it is vital that when the time comes to sell that you choose the option that best aligns with you. Opting to sell with a cash buying company Bury as opposed to an estate agent can bring with it several advantages you may not have expected. The main advantage that you may find is speed. We are able to complete a sale in as little as 7 days, compared to an estate agent who may take several months to do so. 

Furthermore, the open market can leave sellers open to several risks that cash buyers typically do not. Selling through a cash buyer can help you mitigate such risks as property chain collapses and financing issues. 

As is the case with any selling option, there are both pros and cons to selling through either a cash house buyer or an estate agent. Below, we take a brief overview of both selling options, and see how they compare to each other: 

AspectCash BuyersEstate Agents
Time to SaleCash buyers excel in prompt transactions, often closing deals within a week.Estate agents typically require several months to conclude a sale, leading to an extended process.
Sale ReliabilityCash buyers ensure a secure transaction without relying on external financing, minimising uncertainties.Conversely, house sales through estate agents can be precarious, susceptible to issues like broken chains or buyer financing falling through.
Fees and CommissionsCash house buyers operate without imposing additional fees or commissions, covering all costs themselves.Selling through estate agents involves fees and commissions, usually a percentage of the final sale price.
Property ConditionCash buyers offer flexibility by acquiring properties in their current state, regardless of their condition.Estate agents often require properties to be in good condition for a successful sale, limiting flexibility.
Sales ProcessOpting for a cash buyer ensures a direct, uncomplicated process with streamlined procedures.Conversely, the estate agent service can be intricate, involving more negotiations and paperwork throughout the sales process.
Market DependencyCash buyers experience minimal impact from market fluctuations since their direct deals are less reliant on market conditions.In contrast, estate agents are influenced by market conditions, impacting both the sale price and duration.
Personalised ServiceSelling through a cash buyer provides a tailored approach, understanding and accommodating individual needs.Estate agents may offer less personalised service as they manage multiple listings simultaneously.

Why sell your Bury house to us?

Where should we start? We think our biggest selling point is that we pride ourselves on getting to know all of our customers and their individual circumstances. We take the time to ensure that we get everything right for you, selling a property can be frustrating but we want to be able to help as best we can.

We’re one of the most trusted cash buying companies in the UK and we have over 50 years of experience in the property industry within our team. We’re also cash buyers with our own cash reserves, so we don’t rely on external funding and therefore can complete the purchase on Bury houses very quickly.

Our service is completely fee free, which means we cover all of the costs you would typically associate with selling your property! All we require from you is a little of your time in order to fully understand your selling circumstances and property.

If you are ready to sell your Bury home quickly, simply enter your postcode below.

We'll buy your Bury house fast

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost me anything to receive a cash offer on my house?

Nothing at all, you can find out what we will offer you for your property for free, with no obligation.

How is the Property Buying Company able to buy property for cash?

We aren't restricted with what we can buy because we use our own large cash reserves. This makes us different to some of our competitors, and means that the selling process is more simple and easy for you.

How fast can you buy my house off me?

Our average timescale is 2-3 weeks, but we are flexible and can complete whenever is best for you.

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