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When it comes to different types of houses in the UK, we are split for choice. We have your classic properties, such as semi-detached houses, detached houses, terraced properties and flats. We've got new builds, bungalows, cottages, mansions and more. With such a diverse and interesting range of properties found all across the UK, it begs the question, "What style and types of houses sell the fastest in the UK?" 

In this blog post, we are going to look at what home styles and types sell the fastest in the UK, how quickly most house sales take, and what the most in-demand property type in the UK is. 

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What type of homes sell the fastest?

According to data from Property Solvers, semi-detached properties sell the fastest out of all the types of houses and flats take the longest. Below is a table highlighting the type of property against the average time it took to sell between May 2022 and May 2023 across England, Wales and Scotland: 

House TypeAverage Days To Sell
Semi-detached150 days
Terraced houses152 days
Detached houses155 days
Flats176 days

What is the appeal of different types of houses in the UK?

Each property type has its own advantages that make it easy to sell. Below, we are going to take a closer look at each different types of houses and what makes them attractive to different types of buyers: 


Semi-detached houses are a popular house type that seem to attract young and growing families. This can be due to the natural light that they typically bask in on three sides, the front and back garden spaces and off-street parking that they usually come with. 

Every semi-detached property will be different, but the majority will come with the opportunity to extend and add further value to it. These houses are often located close to local amenities such as shops, schools, doctors' surgeries, parks, and more. 

They will also often come with a lower council tax band due to their locations being further out of towns and city centres. They will also often be easier to value and are less likely to have survey and conveyancing issues. 

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Terraced house

Terraced houses often appeal to those looking to purchase their first home, as well as those with young families and those looking to downsize. This is because they tend to offer more space than flats whilst still being more affordable than semi and detached houses. Another advantage is that they have a higher level of privacy than flats do, due to the lack of shared entrances and often have a decent-sized garden. 

Terraced properties also often have fewer survey and conveyancing issues, as well as being easier to value. They also tend to be easier to maintain and are more energy efficient due to the shared walls. 

Terraced properties are also popular amongst landlords as they offer good rental yields. 

Detached Home

Whilst detached homes only take 3 days longer on average to sell than terraced properties, they can be a little more complicated. This is due to the fact they are often larger in size, meaning that more than more issues can be flagged in the conveyancing process and during surveys.  

Despite the occasional complexity of a detached house sale, they are still a popular choice amongst bigger families and those looking to upsize due to their larger sizes. They often come with extra rooms, which are perfect for home offices, spare guest rooms or utility rooms. 

Due to the fact they do not share any walls with neighbours, they are more customisable. Meaning you are more likely to get planning permission to add extensions to your property. 


Flats found themselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to selling quickly. This is due to the sheer amount of paperwork involved in selling, which slows down the completion time. 

Despite this, flats are popular amongst those who are looking to downsize, young professionals and first-time buyers. They are also popular with landlords due to the great return on investment they can bring, and the fact that a lot of maintenance issues are dealt with by the freehold management company. 

Flats are ideal for those who are looking to reduce commuting times and live closer to large urban areas. This is because they are often located in city centres or on the outskirts of cities. This places them in a great location, often close by to great transport links, bars, shops, leisure centres, offices and more. They also tend to have lower asking prices making them more accessible. 

They also tend to be more energy efficient due to the shared walls of a flat as well as having excellent security features such as CCTV surveillance.  

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What style of house is easiest to sell?

While you may be mistaken for thinking it could be a one-bedroom flat in the city, the answer is far more surprising. According to data from GetAgent, three-bedroom properties tend to be the most popular property in the UK, with an average of 122 days to sell. The next most popular property style are two-bedroom properties which take only 126 days to sell on average. 

According to UK data, the most popular style of property on the market is colonial-style homes. They will typically sell faster than other styles of home and often for more money. Due to the space that colonial-style homes often bring, they are an in-demand property type with those looking to upsize or for their next family home. 

What else can affect the sale time of homes in the UK?

Whilst you may have a property that is easy to sell, there are other factors that can affect the amount of time that you spend on the market. Some of the most common reasons that you may find your property is still hanging out on the market are because: 

  • The market is slow 

  • It is not being properly marketed 

  • The price is too high or too low 

  • Your home does not stand out in viewings 

  • There is a short lease on the property 

  • Your photographs do not do your property justice 

  • Your listing does not stand out properly 

What is the most in demand property type?

Exactly what type of property is the most in-demand will depend upon your whereabouts in the UK. However, according to data from Introducer Today, terraced homes were the most in demand property in the UK. They were closely followed by semi-detached homes, then detached homes, with flats coming in last. 

Whilst they were the least sought-after type of property, flats have seen an increase of 1% in demand. 

The most in-demand property types in terms of the number of bedrooms in 2023 were still 3-bedroom properties. The popularity of this property type can be put down to the space and functionality they bring, as they are ideal for families or those looking for homes with a little more space.

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What type of property is best for making money?

When it comes to purchasing a property that will make you money, there is no one style to be keeping an eye out for. Generally speaking, properties that are well-maintained and have modern, desirable features, will often increase in value and can make you money when you sell. 

Features such as modern bathrooms and kitchens tend to have a higher resale value than properties that do not have these amenities. Other factors that can affect your property's resale value include: 

  • Location 

  • Home size

  • Layout of your property 

  • Energy efficiency

  • Condition of your property 

  • Renovations 

How quickly do most houses sell?

According to The Advisory,  the average time to sell a house is 129 days. However, every house sale will be different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. House sale time depends upon local and wider market conditions, as well as the size, price, and location of your property.

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