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Whether you’ve got a beautiful terraced house in Fenham, or a functional flat in Ouseburn, sometimes life throws things your way that means you need to sell up and quickly. 

How can The Property Buying Company help you sell?

We are the UK’s most rated cash house buyer, with a strong track record of helping the people of Newcastle sell their homes quickly. Founded in 2012, we have a long history and experience selling homes in the housing market - across the UK. We can buy your house, with our own cash funds, in as little as 7 days, but most people tend to choose 2 to 3 weeks.

About Newcastle

Newcastle Upon Tyne, a wonderful city in the North East of England, sits within the county of Tyne and Wear. Located approximately 103 miles south of Edinburgh and 277 miles North of London, it’s the most populous city in the region and the eighth most populous urban area in the UK.

Newcastle’s rich history stretches back to its Roman origins as Pons Aelius. It evolved into a major wool trading centre in the 14th century and later a powerhouse of the coal mining industry. Today, the city is a brilliant blend of historical charm and modern energy. Visitors will discover theatres, museums, galleries, a thriving nightlife scene and of course, the ubiquitous Greggs bakery!

Newcastle’s appeal is undeniable, as evidenced by its 7.1% population growth in a 2021 survey. With over 300,100 residents, the city’s rising popularity is attributed to its relatively affordable cost of living, excellent transport links, welcoming community and diverse amenities. 

Sell your house quickly for cash in Newcastle

Wey aye, maybe you’ve got your eye on a new venture in the Bigg Market, or need some quick cash to make a dream come true. There’s all sorts of reasons why Geordies might want to sell their house fast, and get the deal done on their own terms. 

Here are just a few things that push Geordies like you to sell their homes in a hurry:

  • Off on an adventure: Whether it’s starting over somewhere new or exploring the world, get the cash you need for that next chapter.

  • In a tight spot: When things get tough, we can help you avoid the stress of repossession and get back on your feet.

  • Ready for change: Time for a bigger place in the suburbs, or downsizing for an easier lifestyle? We make those transitions smoother.

  • Moving things forward: Dealing with inheritance matters or a broken property chain? We’ll cut through the red tape. 

Whatever your reason for needing a quick house sale, The Property Buying Company can help. We understand the needs of folks in Newcastle and we work with all kinds of circumstances. We can often buy your house in as little as 7 days, taking the hassle and headaches out of the usual selling process. 

Is it the right time to sell in Newcastle?

Thinking of selling your house in the Toon? Now’s a great time to get things moving! With all the exciting developments happening around the city, there’s a real buzz about the place. We’re seeing steady interest from buyers, and of course, the location plays a massive role in how much your property’s worth.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a smart place to put that money, the Newcastle property market is calling your name! It’s a hotbed for investment opportunities - loads of terraced housing close to the city centre, bigger family homes out in the suburbs and all the student flats for Newcastle Uni.

Whether you’ve got a cosy little gaff in the Quayside or a grand family home in Jesmond, we’re interested in taking a look. We can get you a cash offer and take the hassle out of the selling process - all in a matter of days.

We Buy Any Newcastle Property in Any Condition

How to sell your house in Newcastle

Here in Newcastle, folks value straight-talking and a fair deal. That’s exactly what we offer at The Property Buying Company. We take the time to understand your situation - no fancy jargon, just a friendly chat. 

Because we understand you and you understand us, selling your house becomes a breeze. We’re cash buyers, so you can skip the hassle of viewings and get your money fast. That’s why we’re a trusted name for buying property across the Toon!

  • Get the ball rolling

    Fancy a quick and easy way to sell your house? Fill out our quick form. Just pop in your postcode, give us a few details about your place, and we’ll be in touch with a no-pressure offer.

  • Chat with a real person

    We’re all about being upfront and friendly. Our property consultants are here to answer your questions and guide you through the whole thing - no fancy talk, just honest help.

  • Get your offer

    Our experts will take a good look at the info you’ve given us and what’s happening in the Newcastle market. Then, we’ll come back to you with a fair offer on your property.

  • Seal the deal

    Happy with the offer? Brilliant! We might send someone from our team to have a quick peek at your place, or we might skip that bit altogether. Once the paperwork is signed, get ready - we’ll get that sale sorted and cash in your hands within 7 days!

Sell Your House Fast And For Cash

Benefits of selling fast with The Property Buying Company

Need to sell your house fast? Here’s why a company like ours can make all the difference:

  • Cash in hand, fast: Get paid and be on to your next move in about a week.

  • Save a fortune: Forget about those estate agent fees and solicitor costs, keep more of your hard-earned cash.

  • No more bills to stress over: Stop worrying about mortgage payments and all the rest while you wait for a new buyer.

  • You’ll call the shots: We’ll work with your schedule, no messing about.

  • Take a breather: We’ll handle all the paperwork so you can finally relax.

What’s more, we’re proper members of the National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman. That means we’re held to the highest standards in the industry.

Sell your house the easy way

How we compare

Right, so you’re wanting to sell your house. You’ve got options, that’s for sure, and each has its pros and cons. Let’s have a quick look at some of the ways you can go about it (including our quick sale service) to help you work out what’s best for your situation.

Newcastle estate agents:

While using a traditional estate agent may seem like the standard choice, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, the fees can be substantial, often reaching 2% to 3% of your final selling price.

Additionally, there’s no guarantee how long it might take to sell your house - it could remain on the market for months, or even longer. Currently, the average time to sell a house in Newcastle sits at 159 days. Don’t forget these restrictive contracts that can tie you down!

There is also the risk of Newstate estate agent valuations, which vary from agent to agent. The biggest factor to keep in mind will be the honesty of your agent, who may overvalue your property in an attempt to win your business. 

This will mean that if you go with that estate agent and then you struggle to sell, you will be stuck on the open market for months and this will add unnecessary time to your house sale. 

Selling a Newcastle property at auction

If you have a slightly unusual property to sell, then a Newcastle property auction could be for you. To sell at a house auction in Newcastle, you should expect to pay around £300 to put your home into the auction, on top of the 2.5%+VAT of the selling price. In addition to this, there will be further charges for any extra services like marketing and negotiations.

While Newcastle property auctions are favoured by those with unusual properties, anyone can sell at auction. However, it is worth noting that when you sell at auction you run the risk of not selling at all. 

Most bidders at an auction are developers or investors looking to buy a property that needs renovating or modernisation, so there may be better routes to sell your family home. 

If you sell your property at a house auction in Newcastle, you can expect it to sell for as little as 70% below the market value, but they can sell 10% on occasion. On average you can expect to sell your house for around 85% to 90% below market value. 

Selling your Newcastle home through a cash buyer

For anyone needing a quick sale, property cash buyers offer a speedy process including valuation, sale progressions and payment. After the acceptance of cash offers, payments are usually processed within a few days. 

Cash buyers in Newcastle are companies or people who can purchase a house without relying on the funds from an ongoing sale, a loan, or a mortgage in order to complete the sale. If you sell through a cash buyer, you will still need to hire a conveyancer which will be the longest part of the house-selling journey. 

Most cash house buyers will take around 2 months to complete a hose sale. But, with The Property Buying Company, we can buy your house in as little as 7 days, and then it’s over to the conveyancer to complete the process - which we will cover the cost of.

Sell Your House Fast And For Cash

Areas of Newcastle we buy

When timing is everything, choosing the right cash buyer is everything for the location you are in. Here are some of the Newcastle areas where people are using our sell house fast service the most:

  • Fenham

    People look to sell in Fenham because they want to sell their house to capitalise on its convenient location and strong demand for properties close to Newcastle’s city centre.

  • Jesmond

    Jesmond, popular with families, means many people eventually decide to downsize or relocate to a quieter area, while still benefiting from a substantial sale.

  • Heaton

    People look to sell their Heaton homes to move to an area with a larger selection of amenities or to upgrade to a bigger home as their family grows.

  • Chopwell

    While Chopwell offers a decent quality of life, many choose to sell due to change of scenery and a more bustling urban lifestyle, with better job prospects.

We will buy any type of UK property, no matter if it’s a detached family house or a city centre flat, we are in a position to make a cash offer and complete a fast sale. 

The location of your property and the condition it is in won’t deter us from helping you achieve a quick house sale - whether the property is in the middle of nowhere or the city centre, in perfect condition or in need of a full refurbishment, we will buy any house quickly.

Sell Your House Fast And For Cash

Looking to sell your house in Newcastle? No matter when your Newcastle property is located, we’re interested. We understand that each neighbourhood has its own unique appeal and we have the expertise to make competitive offers based on this. 

We have pulled together a list of some of the common places in Newcastle we purchase homes:

  • Albany

  • Annitsford

  • Ashbrooke

  • Ayton

  • Abbey Farm

  • Abbey Grange

  • Arthurs Hill

  • Backworth

  • Barlow

  • Barmoor

  • Barnes

  • Battlefield

  • Benton Square

  • Benwell

  • Bill Quay

  • Birtley

  • Blackfell

  • Black Callerton

  • Blackhall Mill

  • Blakelaw

  • Blaydon

  • Blucher

  • Boldon

  • Boldon Colliery

  • Branding Village

  • Brenkley

  • Brunswick Village

  • Brunton Bridge

  • Brunton Park

  • Burradon

  • Byder

  • Bells Close

  • Callerton Lane End

  • Camperdown

  • Carr Hill

  • Castletown

  • Chapel House

  • Chapel Grange

  • Chapel Park

  • Chartershaugh

  • Chopwell

  • Clara Vale

  • Claxheugh

  • Cleadon

  • Coalburns

  • Colliery Row

  • Columbia

  • Concord

  • Cowgate

  • Cox Green

  • Coxlodge

  • Crawcrook

  • Crookhill

  • Cullercoats

  • Cragston Park

  • Cradlewell

  • Cochrane Park

  • Church Green

  • Deckham

  • Deptford

  • Dinnington

  • Donwell

  • Doxford Park

  • Dudley

  • Dunston

  • Denton Burn

  • Darras Hall

  • Dissington

  • Denton Park

  • Earsdon

  • East Denton

  • East Holywell

  • East Rainton

  • Elswick

  • Etal Park

  • Farringdon

  • Fatfield

  • Fawdon

  • Felling

  • Fence Houses

  • Fenham

  • Ford Estate

  • Forest Hall

  • Fulwell

  • Fairways

  • Four Lane Ends

  • Gateshead

  • Glebe

  • Gosforth

  • Grangetown

  • Greenside

  • Grindon

  • Greystone Park

  • Halls Estate

  • Harraton

  • Harton

  • Hastings Hill

  • Haydon Grange

  • Hazlerigg

  • Heaton

  • Hebburn

  • Hendon

  • Herrington

  • Hetton-le-Hole

  • Highfield

  • High Callerton

  • High Heaton

  • High Newport

  • High Spen

  • Holystone Interchange

  • Heddon-on-the-Wall

  • Hillsheads

  • Holywell

  • Houghton-le-Spring

  • Jarrow

  • Jesmond

  • Kenton

  • Kibblesworth

  • Killingworth

  • Kingston Park

  • Kenton Bank Foot

  • Kenton Bar

  • Lambton

  • Lamesley

  • Leadgate

  • Lemington

  • Lintzford

  • Longbenton

  • Low Fell

  • Little Benton

  • Marley Hill

  • Marden

  • Marsden

  • Melton Park

  • Millfield

  • Monkseaton

  • Monkton

  • Monkwearmouth

  • Moorside

  • Murton Village

  • Montagu Estate

  • Manor Park

  • Newbottle

  • Newburn

  • Newcastle

  • New Herrington

  • New Horton Grange

  • New Silksworth

  • New York

  • Nookside

  • North Brunton

  • North Shields

  • North Walbottle

  • Newcastle Great Park

  • North Kenton

  • Nuns Moor

  • Old Hartley

  • Oxclose

  • Old Benwell

  • Pallion

  • Paradise

  • Pelaw

  • Pennywell

  • Penshaw

  • Preston

  • Palmersville

  • Philadelphia

  • Prestwick Village

  • Parklands

  • Ponteland

  • Redhouse

  • Rickleton

  • Roker

  • Rowlands Gill

  • Ryhope

  • Ryton

  • Regent Farm

  • Red House Farm

  • Scotswood

  • Seaburn

  • Seaton Sluice

  • Seghill

  • Sheriff Hill

  • Shieldfield

  • Shiney Row

  • Shiremoor

  • Silksworth

  • South Denton

  • South Hylton

  • South Shields

  • Southwick

  • Spital Tongues

  • Springwell Village

  • Springwell

  • Street Gate

  • Sulgrave

  • Sunderland

  • Sunniside

  • Swalwell

  • St John's

  • Slatyford

  • South Gosforth

  • South West Denton

  • Sandyford

  • Saltmeadows

  • St Anthony's

  • Team Colliery

  • Team Valley

  • Thorney Close

  • Throckley

  • Tynemouth

  • Tunstall

  • Tudor Grange

  • Teams

  • Urpeth

  • Usworth

  • Walker

  • Walbottle

  • Wallsend

  • Washington

  • Westerhope

  • Westoe

  • West Holywell

  • West Moor

  • Whickham

  • Whitburn

  • Whitley Bay

  • Wideopen

  • Willington

  • Windy Nook

  • Winlaton Mill

  • Wrekenton

  • Whitebridge Park

  • West Denton

  • Whorlton

  • West Jesmond

  • Walkerville

  • Walkergate

  • West Denton Park

  • West Denton Hall

Get the need, the need for speed

Our sell house fast process

Need to sell your Newcastle house fast? The Property Buying Company is here to help! We know sometimes life can throw a curveball, which is why we love to make selling your house quick and stress free. Our streamlined process means no waiting around, so you can move on to your next chapter with ease. 

We understand the Newcastle market and we know what it takes to sell quickly. Our goal is to make it simple and efficient for you, every step of the way. Let’s take the hassle out of selling your Newcastle home. 

Why choose The Property Buying Company?

By selling your Newcastle home to us, you are ensuring that you can sell your house fast in Newcastle. We will buy your house in as little as seven days, pay all the legal fees usually associated with selling your house and handle all marketing and negotiations, ensuring that the entire process is as hassle-free as possible.

As we all know, life doesn’t always go the way as planned. Things divorce, inheritance situations or financial situations can make selling your house quickly the most important. That’s where we come in, unlike estate agents we guarantee a sale, putting an end to the uncertainty. 

We use our own funds to purchase properties, which means no waiting for mortgage approvals or risky property chains. Estate agent sales often fall through, leaving you frustrated and back to the drawing board. With us, you have the peace of mind knowing your sale will be guaranteed. 

And the best part? You will face no hidden estate agent fees and receive 100% of the agreed cash offer, with no surprise deductions at the end. We are a house selling partner you can trust, here is why we’re one of the UK’s top choices:

  • Leading the market: We are not just in the industry; we’re leading it! We are the UK’s most rated cash house buyers with thousands of excellent ratings.

  • Happy customers: Thousands of homeowners have trusted us - that kind of track record speaks for itself.

  • Industry standards: As a founding member of the NAPB, we uphold the highest ethical practices while dealing with customers, protecting your interests. 

  • Government backed: Our membership in The Property Ombudsman shows our commitment to transparent and honest dealings.

  • No hidden costs: What we quote is what you get. No surprise fees eating into your sale proceeds, and no last minute price drop. 

  • Professional team: Our in-house specialists ensure a smooth process from valuation to completion, and even onward purchases with our progressions team. 

We are here to help you through difficult situations with a fast, hassle-free house sale. Let’s discuss how we can help revolutionise the way you sell your house.

We are the best way to sell your house fast

Housing market trends in Newcastle

  • Average property price: £193,000

  • Average time on market: 159 days

  • 2023 Sales: 12,000

  • Price growth: 3.6% increase from previous year

While Newcastle’s housing market is strong, selling a home can still take time. The average semi-detached house may sit on the market for 105 days, and flats even longer at 258 days. 

On average it takes over 5 months to sell a house in Newcastle, That’s 5 months of house viewings, uncertainty and waiting! Imagine what you could do with that time back - choose your quick 7 days sale route and move on to your next chapter faster.

Having your Newcastle property valued

We are not just cash buyers, we’re Newcastle housing market experts. This means you get a fair, accurate house valuation that reflects what your house is actually worth in today’s market. 

We will get you a realistic, and honest cash offer quickly, so you can make informed decisions about your sale. We cut through the uncertainty of the traditional market, giving you a clear picture of your property's value. 

We don’t just consider general market trends - we factor in the unique features of your home for a precise assessment. This isn’t about pressuring you to sell, it’s about giving you the information you need to move forward confidently. 

Ready to find out what your Newcastle property is worth? Contact us today for your free, no-obligation cash valuation.

Sell house fast in Newcastle: FAQs

If you live in the Newcastle area and are looking to sell your house, why not sell to us? We understand you may still have some questions, so we have drawn up a few of our most commonly asked questions and answered them below to help:

How do you value my property?

The initial offer that you will receive from us is provided with the information you provide us about your property paired with our own market research around the area. If you are happy with our ballpark figure, we will then send one of our Regional Managers to visit the property itself which will, in turn, allow us to provide a more concrete offer.

What are the benefits to selling through a sell house fast company?

There are several benefits to selling using a sell house fast company like ourselves, but mostly it's that you can sell your home in as little as seven days for cash, it's entirely hassle-free, and everything is handled for you.

How quickly can I sell my house to you?

We can buy your home in as little as seven days in Newcastle; however, we know this may not work for some, so we can operate to a timescale that best suits you.

Can I trust you?

Of course! We are proud members of two regulatory boards, the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) & The Property Ombudsman (TPO). And we like to think that our reviews speak for themselves, with over 1,000 5-star reviews rating us as excellent on Trustpilot, you can feel safe in our hands.

What are you waiting for?Sell your house the easy way