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1. Decoration

Repainting your home is a relatively cheap way to make it more presentable to potential buyers and get a quick house sale.

Opting for more neutral decorations is a much safer option than going for wild colours that will not appeal to the masses. It’s also important to opt for a higher quality of finish for the paint job as estate agents and potential purchasers will notice poor quality finishes and you could find that if the finish is poor, it could impede the sale of your property further.

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2. Sort your garden out!

First impressions are important. The first thing that a buyer will see when pulling up at your property is the state of your garden.

It is very important to keep your garden tidy as potential buyers will want to imagine themselves relaxing and enjoying the garden rather than stressing about how much work they will have to put into trimming hedges and cutting the lawn!

Well maintained garden can significantly boost the property value and this is a simple and low-cost method of boosting the value of your property.

3. Minimalism

Make sure that the house is completely rid of unnecessary items. Start with the hall first as it is usually the room potential buyers will see as they enter the property and it may instantly pull them off the property if it is filled with clutter such as shoes, coats and bags.

It is important to be thorough. You should take away all personal belongings out of view as this will help the rooms feel bigger and it will let potential buyers visualise their own belongings in the property.

Try to keep the property as minimalistic as possible.

4. Clean or Refurbish the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to pay attention to if you are looking to sell your property quickly.

Nobody wants to see their potential new bathroom in complete disarray. Dirty and mouldy tiles can be a complete put-off as it can suggest the property has been not properly managed. It could also cause concern that the air circulation is bad and this could lead to further mould and dampness.

You must ensure that your bathroom is as clean as possible before letting anyone in to view your property. We would even recommend replacing the bathroom suite and tiling the walls to ensure that this most important of rooms has the wow factor.

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5. Flooring & Carpets

Good quality carpets or floorboards can boost property value by a few thousand pounds. Having poorly fitted floorboards that creek and squeak or dirty worn carpets will make any potential buyer consider how much needs to be invested to repair or replace them.

This can often result in a low offer from a buyer so it is maybe worthwhile investing in repairing or replacing the flooring in your property.

6. Windows & Doors

Investing in good-quality windows and doors can significantly improve the look of your property and increase its value significantly. If you choose to replace your windows and doors, you should always make sure you use a FENSA-approved fitter and get the certification.

No one wants to think that their new home could have windows and doors that leak heat at a faster rate than the property heats up! Having good quality double-glazed windows and sturdy fitted doors will not only boost the property value but also improve energy efficiency which is a big thing for buyers these days and it will help the property's EPC rating too!

7. External of Property

First impressions count! It is important you make sure your property has kerb appeal and by this, we mean that your property looks as attractive as possible from the outside.

Sometimes all that it takes is repairing the broken fence, cleaning the path and driveway, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge and removing any rubbish or clutter from the grounds.

8. Pimp the kitchen

Kitchens can be very costly to replace. You can however make some lower-cost improvements that could make a massive effect on your property's saleability.

You can replace the tap on your sink, upgrade the handles on the cupboard doors and replace the lighting. All these little things can ‘pimp’ your kitchen up and increase the desirability of your property. You must also make sure your kitchen is spotless and tidy. Never leave washing up in the sink and make sure all plates and cutlery are hidden in the cupboards and drawers.

The less clutter the better! Please make sure you also empty the bin to avoid any unwanted smells. Buyers also use their noses (as well as their eyes) when making their final buying decisions!

9. Clean it

After all your tidying and improvements have been done, you should perform a spring clean on your property.

Dusting all surfaces and cleaning away any cobwebs in the corners of each room is a good place to start.

All windows should also be cleaned to allow more light to enter the property too. Quite often it is the small things that can affect whether buyers decide whether to buy or not to buy! You must always try and put the odds in your favour!

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10. Sort your roof out!

Most buyers these days have had it instilled into them that they must always check the roof of any property they are looking in to buy! We are not asking you to replace your roof covering in its entirety, but a few simple measures can make sure that you have fewer issues in relation to this important part of your house.

You should always try any replacement for missing or slipped roof tiles. If any potential buyers pop their heads into the loft and see daylight pouring through the gap in the roof due to missile roof tiles, this can instantly alert them to issues and may deter them from placing an offer.

Having a roofer repair the roof and replace any missing roof tiles can improve your chances of selling your home. You should also think about getting your guttering cleared and cleaned as well as your soffits and facia panels.

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