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Updating your home heating with modern designer radiators provides value to your home in more ways than you may have thought. From enhancing your interior décor, to ensuring that your home is kept at an ambient temperature, designer radiators will add value to your home in multiple ways & may help you sell your home faster.

So, let’s take a look at the top five benefits of upgrading your home heating to stylish designer radiators.

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Enhance your home décor

Contemporary designer radiators offer more than the function of providing heat. With a huge variety of styles available to suit the look of your property, designer radiators become focal features in any room that draw the eye and enhance your décor.

Gone are the days of covering up your bog-standard convector radiators, by giving your home heating a modern makeover with designer radiators, you will be proud to show them off to friends, family and potential buyers.

Complement the style of your home

Whether you have a classic Victorian property or a modern new build, there will be a designer radiator that complements the style of your home. If you have a period property with an original architectural feature like an ornate fireplace or an intricate ceiling rose, cast-iron style designer radiators will continue the look throughout your home and add even more authentic character to the space.

Or, if you own a contemporary property and prefer the clean lines and simple beauty of minimalist interiors, flat panel designer radiators are the perfect option for this interior style.

Don’t just a settle for standard

If you’re currently bored to tears of having to look at your basic, bland radiators every day, the chances are that your potential buyer is going to think the same!

The last thing you want them to feel is bored. This is your chance to inspire them to imagine how great it would be if it was their home. So, be creative with your choice of designer radiator. There’s an endless number of sizes, shapes and styles and importantly colours out there to turn your heating into a work of art.

Whether you want to keep it calm and neutral with an anthracite grey designer radiator or be bold and bright with a pastel blue or orange finish. Think of your radiators as an extension of your personal style and how it will complement the other furnishings in your home and the value you will add will be significant.

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Save space with vertical designer radiators

Vertical designer radiators create an impressive focal point in any space with their stunning presence and striking build. However, they are also great for adding value to your property by saving valuable space.

The vertical panels clear the space around the radiator and provide more opportunities for the potential buyer to visualise how they would like to make use of that extra space.

For example, a vertical designer radiator in the kitchen could free up space for a bespoke fitted unit or a bigger breakfast bar. Go one step further and opt for a mirrored panel designer radiator to combine two essential home features in one. The more flexibility your property offers to potential buyers the better.

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Make a statement feature

Designer radiators allow you to make a statement feature in your home that adds that extra oomph to your property.

If you have an open plan space with an alcove or a beautiful bay window, why not frame the space with two vertical radiators?

Not only will this provide an exceptional heat output, but the impressive symmetrical feature that you have created will capture the attention of any buyer.

Get more out of what you put in

So, there you have it. Our top five benefits of upgrading to designer radiators to add value to your property.

Like every other feature in your home, if you give your radiators some love and think about them as more than boring metal boxes, then you are onto a winner.

When the time comes to sell, you will impress every future suitor with the attention to detail you have given your home. Plus, you can enjoy all these benefits yourself in the meantime!

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