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Moving to the beat

How music helps reduce stress and stay motivated during a move

Using Spotfiy's Developer API

57% of 1000 homeowners believe that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do.

This is why we have used data from Spotify’s UK Top Hits 2023 to create two playlists for your next house move:

The two playlists were created by extracting the audio features from each song in the UK’s Top Hits 2023 playlist and scoring each song with Spotify’s Developer API, which then ranked them.

A score of one means high danceability, high positivity (valence), and high energy, whereas a score of zero means low danceability, low positivity and lower energy.

We asked our Chief Executive Officers Jonny Christie and Karl McArdle why house moves can be so stressful and how you can help relieve the stress.

Jonny said, “Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, but music can serve as a soothing balm for the soul, helping to relieve tension and anxiety that often accompanies the house move process.”

“Most of us have been faced with the uncertainty of a house move before, with so many factors all planning against each other, it can be hard to find a way to escape.”

“Using music strategically, you can turn what could be a cacophonous symphony of chaos into a harmonious and enjoyable melody.”

“The stress of moving house can come from the uncertainty of change, logistics and planning, financial concerns and having emotional attachments to your current home.”

“This is why we have created these playlists to relieve stress while moving house, to positively impact your mood and help drive you to the next chapter in your life. The playlists include upbeat pop songs to lower tempo hip hop songs.”

Karl said, “Playing these songs while packing and unpacking can help you to take your mind off the stress of the move and create a more enjoyable atmosphere.”

“Upbeat and energetic music can help keep your spirits high and maintain your energy levels throughout the day, which can be especially helpful during the more physically demanding aspects of the move, such as lifting heavy boxes.”

“You should also remember to take regularly scheduled breaks during the house move to recharge your batteries, allowing you to return to the task with renewed focus and energy.”

“Incorporating music into your house move will effectively relieve stress and make the process far more enjoyable.”

“These playlists have been created to give you a motivating uplift and a calming release in the hope we can turn your potentially stressful situation into a harmonious and memorable experience.”

Motivational music move playlist

The first playlist will motivate you to pack your boxes, clean your property and do it with an energetic, lively, upbeat and feel-good vibe.

Each song in the motivational playlist has been scored highly on danceability, valence, and energy.

These songs the API believes are the most uplifting, positive and able to get you up and dance.

When we want to move and feel good, we turn to music as it’s an excellent motivational tool, especially when finding your groove while moving house.

To keep your energy levels high and your spirits lifted, an excellent motivational playlist should have a mix of upbeat and energetic tracks, even when faced with a never-ending house move.

The right music can also set the right atmosphere and mood, ensuring you can make the experience more enjoyable.

When you are feeling positive and energised, it’s easier to stay focused on the task and keep pushing forwards to hit your goals.

In addition to boosting your mood and energy levels, music can also have a powerful impact on your emotions and mindset. When we listen to music, our brains release dopamine, a beautiful chemical associated with pleasure and reward.

Dopamine can create a sense of motivation and drive to help you stay on track and push through challenging tasks like packing and moving boxes.

The lyrics of certain songs can be inspirational and empowering, which can enforce the sense of encouragement and positivity to stay on track with the task at hand.

By creating a motivational playlist of music that speaks to you and your goals, you can harness the power of music to help you make your move efficiently and enthusiastically.

Stress relieving house moving mix

Our second playlist will be sure to relieve stress with a more neutral and relaxing touch.

Each song in the stress-relieving playlist focuses on energy and valence alone, causing a more balanced energy and mood.

If you have ever moved house, or are currently in the process, then you know it can be highly stressful, but a stress-relieving playlist can help you keep calm and centred.

Calming and soothing tracks can help you create a sense of inner peace amidst the chaos by regulating your breathing and heart rate and ultimately calming your nervous system.

By choosing music with a slower tempo and a peaceful tone, you can create a calming atmosphere that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

When we listen to music, our brains release endorphins, chemicals that help regulate our mood and reduce stress levels.

Calming and relaxing music promotes a sense of peace and tranquillity that helps to reduce feelings of overwhelming stress.

Music can also help you focus on the moment instead of the past.

By creating a stress-relieving playlist that resonates with you and your needs, you can harness the power of music to help you navigate the challenges of moving house with a calm and centred mindset.

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