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Selling a house with Japanese Knotweed

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Japanese Knotweed

My house has a Japanese Knotweed problem; can I still sell it?

Needing to sell your house quickly because of Japanese Knotweed can be stressful. We can help.

Japanese knotweed is a hot topic within the UK property market at the moment. More and more people are struggling to keep the weed at bay and are finding the whole process extremely stressful. 

How to identify Japanese Knotweed

The best time to spot Japanese Knotweed shoots is during early autumn or summer.

The plant almost looks asparagus like with fat purple or reddish shoots than can grow up to 2cms per day, they have a pink bud and generally have green leaves that are shaped like hearts or shields.

At the peak of their power the Japanese Knotweed stem can reach up to 3 meters in height and the stems will have purple speckles with the leaves on each side.

When they bud in late summer you will see a creamy white coloured flower.

Japanese Knotweed

The roots of the knotweed may be living unground but laying dormant during the winter months. If you have Knotweed it can be incredibly hard to get rid of and you will need to put a Knotweed removal plan in place.

How dangerous is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed can cause extreme damage and harm to property and vegetation but it's not poisonous to people or animals, some grazing animals can even eat it! The plant draws all the nutrients from the surrounding area and is strong enough to break through concrete, but it's not toxic in anyway.

Japanese Knotweed removal cost

The cost of removing Japanese Knotweed varies massively dependant on the amount of land that you have affected and the type of solution that will be required from a simple herbicide programme to a full excavation of the area. The price can typically range anywhere for a small herbicide treatment at around £2,000 to a very large full excavation and disposal at £200,000 which is of course unlikely. As another example, a large herbicide treatment would be around £4,000-£6,500.

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Will Japanese Knotweed affect my house price?

Simply put, yes. People don't typically want to purchase a property affected by Knotweed as they will need to put a treatment plan in place. Japanese Knotweed can very quickly damage property walls, structure, block drians and cause all sorts of havoc which could be very costly to the property owner.

How long does it take to get rid of Japanese Knotweed?

It can take up to 5 years to completely remove any trace of the Japanese Knotweed using treatments. There are ways in which you can immediately get rid of Japanese Knotweed, however, but it involves completely excavating it from the affected area which can be a tricky task due to the size the plant can get to.

Want to sell your Japanese Knotweed house?

If you have a Japanese Knotweed problem and want to sell your property fast then The Property Buying Company can help. We can buy your property quickly for a fair cash sum and will get our Japanese Knotweed specialists to put a treatment plan in place to effectively remove the weed over a period of time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has your house been affected by Japanese Knotweed? We get a few regular questions, so we've pulled together the most common and answered them below:

Is Japanese Knotweed harmful to touch?

No - Japanese Knotweed is not harmful to touch for humans or animals, however be careful not to spread the plant when coming in contact with it.

What does Japanese Knotweed look like?

In the summer the leaves of Japanese Knotweed are green & heart shaped and the stems look a bit like bamboo and are hollow. In early autumn the flower will appear to have clusters of white flowers.

How do you stop Japanese Knotweed from spreading?

There are a few methods to prevent Japanese Knotweed from spreading including spraying it with chemicals, burying it, burning it or excavating it. You can read more about this on the GOV website.

Can I get a mortgage on a property with Japanese Knotweed?

Lenders are very cautious when it comes to providing a mortgage to a property affected by Knotweed. There likely is a limited amount of lenders that will do it, but it may cause problems getting the lender that you want.

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