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Christmas Charity Advent Calendar For Homeless Not Hopeless

12 days of christmas

As the temperatures start to drop and snow begins to fall, The Property Buying Company Elves come out to spread Christmas cheer for all.

Those of you who have been around for the past couple of years will know our mischievous elf duo who aim to spread festive good spirit around the office.

Well this year they are back and better than ever!!

Over the 2023 Christmas season, our resident Elves Roofus and Elvis have been hard at work behind the scenes to get involved with our office culture, local and national charities, and spreading the love around West Yorkshire.

About Our 12 Days Of Christmas

Being in the property industry we unfortunately from time to time see people struggling with their finances and facing repossession, we try our best to help, but it does leave a lasting impact and is close to our hearts.

About HNH

The Homeless Not Hopeless Organisation is a small but dedicated team of volunteers who provide practical support to homeless people and those in need in the Bradford area.

If you would like to donate money to this great cause, you can either submit on here or via their own crowdfunding page:

Homeless Not Hopeless

Alternatively, we have our own funding page which can be found here:

Just Giving

Our Fundraising

This year we are running a 'Twelve Days of Christmas' campaign to raise monetary and food donations from within the company and our customers.

During this campaign we raised money internally via our Christmas Jumper Day (7th December) and raised internal food donations as part of our Christmas Harvest which was given to the volunteers over at Homeless Not Hopeless on the 12th December.

If any of you have seen our social channels in previous years, you will be well accustomed to seeing our elves behaving mischievously around the office - do not fear, they are back and better than ever this year!

In addition to this, we also be raised awareness around Giving Blood over the holiday season, as well as supporting our local community and care homes.

We have raised:

  • £230 for Homeless Not Hopeless

  • 22KG of rice for Homeless Not Hopeless

  • 13.5KG of dried pasta for Homeless Not Hopeless

  • 85 entire meals, instant meals, tinned soups, tinned meats and vegetables.

The Property Buying Company's 12 Days of Christmas Charity Advent Calendar featuring elves behaving badly

1. National Christmas Jumper Day - 7th December

“On the first day of Christmas, snug in a jumper so merry,

A partridge in a pear tree, feeling oh so cherry.

With festive knit adorned, it perched so fair,

In holiday style, spreading warmth through the winter air.”

On 7th December 2023, we took part in National Christmas Jumper day in order to raise money for the Homeless Not Hopeless charity!

The best dressed was up for a spin of our wheel of fortune, which offered many prizes like:

  • Lunch for two

  • £10 Gift voucher

  • Wine or chocolates

  • Early finishes

  • £50 Gift voucher

  • Prize draw

We raised over £200 for the charity, and also saw a huge range of cute, ugly and darn right out of this world Christmas Jumpers!

2. Our Elves Join Buying

“On the second day of Christmas, two doves took to flight,

Amidst elves selling houses, a whimsical sight.

In the yuletide market, where dreams take their wings,

Turtle doves cooed, as elves made home-selling magic sing.”

Our two lovely elves, Roofus and Elvis, spent the day with our Buying team, getting to grips with the sales team and learning all about the compassion that they offer.

They especially enjoyed their time with Olivia our lovely Customer Service Administrator!

3. Christmas Card Drive

‘On the third day of Christmas, three French hens so fair,

Joined the joyous chorus, spreading cheer everywhere.

In their beaks, Christmas cards for others they bear,

Wings of kindness fluttered, a gesture beyond compare.’

Last year was such a success, we decided to do it again!

We sent Christmas cards out to our local, Ashfields Care home, Wetherby, which were all handcrafted by ourselves, elves and families to spread Christmas cheer.

 4. Our Elves Join Selling

‘On the fourth day of Christmas, with melodies they bring,

Four calling birds join elves in their joyful fling.

Singing tunes of home, where love and joy take wings,

Elves sell houses with carols, as the holiday bells ring.’

Our two lovely elves had such a fantastic time over with the Selling team and our Personal Ambassador of Wellness - also known as Gertie.

They spent the day working hard on the phones, keeping up with all the amazing enquiries, drinking champagne and eating pizza!

5. Christmas Harvest for the Homeless Not Hopeless Charity

‘On the fifth day of Christmas, with delight that sings,

Five gold rings shimmer, wrapped in festive strings.

Amidst the harvest's glow, a season's offering springs,

Golden circles gleam, in the joy that Christmas brings.’

We have been collecting food and toiletry donations internally across November and December, in order to provide the Homeless Not Hopeless charity for food over the winter.

Over the period, we have raised over £225, 100 items of food, 20kg of rice, 12kg of dried pasta, and many tins of veg!

This was all provided to the charity on the 29th December.

6. Our Elves Join Sourcing

“On the sixth day of Christmas, elves made quite a play,

Selling houses with cheer in a festive array.

Ping pong paddles echoed in the workshop so bright,

A holiday blend of joy, homes, and table tennis delight.”

Our elves spent the day with our Property Sourcing branch, and learn all about the world of property investment.

The Sourcing team even let them have a go on the ping pong table, all while stealing Marketing's gonk and getting him to referee the event.

7. Giving Blood Awareness

"On the seventh day of Christmas, swans graced the stream,

A-swimming with elegance, as in a shimmering dream.

Amidst the beauty, a cause to redeem,

Blood donation awareness, like a vital, life-saving beam.”

We spent the day learning about why it's important to give blood, especially over the Christmas period.

This was a great success and we even had a blood quiz to top it all off!

In our office wide blood quiz we asked questions on the importance of giving blood, how blood works and some very interesting blood-in-pop-culture questions.

8. Our Elves Join Support

“On the eighth day of Christmas, maids in joyous trance,

Milking merrily, a pastoral song and dance.

Elves, creating merry magic with a supportive stance,

Backing our company with a festive glee, a wonderful chance.”

Roofus and Elvis spent the day with our Support team, learning all about our different support teams; Finance, HR, Underwriting and Progressions.

They spent the first half of their day with Finance and HR, stealing sweets and playing with the Wheel of Fortune.

All before going over to Underwriting and Progressions, and watching the squirrels out of the window. Roofus got so close to the window, he accidently fell out!

9. Our Elves Go Raving

“On the ninth day of Christmas, with grace and flair,

Nine ladies dancing, a festive sight to share.

Elves joined the revelry, in the moonlight's soft array,

Partying the night away, where joy and magic sway.”

If you have been following our Instagram over Christmas, you may have realised that our Elves love to dance!

Which is why, we thought it would be perfect for them to join us at our Christmas Party.

What a night this was!

10. Our Elves Join Marketing

“On the tenth day of Christmas, lords leapt with regal might,

A spectacle of grandeur, a jubilant sight.

Elves, in their marketing, wove a musical delight,

Promoting joy and merriment with each festive invite.”

Roofus and Elvis spent the day with Marketing, learning all about search engine optimisation, social media, content writing and pay per click.

When marketing went for their weekly meeting, the elves snuck on to Santa's naughty list - we caught them red handed!

11. Office Wide Secret Santa

“On the eleventh day of Christmas, pipers played their tune,

Echoes of goodwill, beneath the wintery moon.

In the charity's embrace, a Secret Santa festoon,

Pipers and gifts, a symphony of kindness strewn.”

On the morning of the Christmas party, we distributed an office wide secret santa ... but with a twist!

All of the presents had been bought at an online or local charity shop. Everyone had a budget of £10, which meant that we raised around £290 for local charities spread across Yorkshire.

12. Our elves behaving badly

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, drummers beat their drum,

A rhythmic finale, where festive spirits become one.

Yet amidst the joy, in mischievous delight they come,

Naughty elves join the drumming, adding humour to the fun.”

Who knows what the elves get up to when the lights go out!

Every night this season, the elves had snuck out of the marketing office and journeyed around the headquarters here at The Property Buying Company, making use of all our equipment and facilities.

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