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What Are Cash Home Buyers in Manchester?

Manchester is a beautiful city, being the second largest in the United Kingdom. It's the gateway to the North and is proud to be so. Whether you are looking to sell an inherited property, a property in poor condition, an unusual home, your downsizing (or upsizing), going through a divorce or sorting out a probate property — we will buy your Manchester property for cash in as little as seven days.

But what is a cash home buyer in Manchester? And, how can you justify selling your house fast service?

What Are Cash Home Buyers in Manchester?

Cash home buyers and sell your house fast services are breaking the traditional route to selling houses in Manchester. A cash property buying company is an entity that can buy your property for cash without the need to rely on a mortgage, house sale or loan to do so. Manchester cash buyers are cash house buyers located in Manchester. Generally speaking, a cash buyer will have the money to pay for your property already in their bank through a company or their cash reserves.

Cash home buyers in Manchester are often in high demand because they reduce the risk of a sale falling through, especially in a market where one in three estate agent deals fall through.

Cash buyers don't necessarily pay in actual cash or physical notes, they can, but most have the funds available in their bank account to transfer when ready. One of the key benefits of a cash home buyer in Manchester is that the speed of sale is much faster than other traditional methods like selling via an estate agent or auction house.

If you are selling your house to a cash buyer, you will unlikely be part of a property chain that will dramatically decrease the risk of your house sale falling through — saving you on time, solicitor fees and a whole boatload of stress.

An important thing to remember is that due to the reduced stress and timescale when a cash buyer is involved in your house sale, cash buyers tend to ask for 10-15% below market value, which is the industry standard — but it does means that if your property is unusual or a probate property, the sale is secured.

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Cash Home Buyers In Manchester: Is The Process The Same?

Usually, there are three routes to selling your property in Manchester; Estate Agents, Auctions and a cash home buyer — all of which come with their pros and cons, and depending on your situation, you will need to weigh up which suits you the best.

Estate Agents In Manchester

Over 165 different estate agents in Manchester offer a wide range of estate agent services. Some will cover most of the selling process and negotiations for you and advertise your property. They will have a wealth of local knowledge and might be able to squeeze a tiny bit more out of the potential buyer. But they, by far, have the most extended timeline to sell a house and can be one of the more expensive ways as estate agent fees tend to be 1-3%+VAT of the selling price of your property.

Auction Houses In Manchester

There are several auction houses in Manchester, with Auction House being the main one. They can sell unusual properties that have been on the open market for a while and are a good choice for tenanted properties. But, there is no guarantee that your property will sell at auction.

Cash Property Buyers In Manchester

Cash buyers are an efficient way to sell your property to a secure buyer. In some cases, taking as little as seven days to sell, and the chances of the sale falling through are very slim. If you decide to use a cash buying service, you should ensure that they are members of The Property Ombudsman or the National Property Buyers Association, as this means they must follow a set of procedures to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process.

Cash home buyers are also known as sell house fast companies and have a reputation for selling houses quickly, normally within a month and as fast as seven days in some cases. It can be a great way to sell your house as it can lead to a secure and effective property sale, but you can expect to receive 80-90% of your house price.

Cash Home Buyer Vs Estate Agent Process

Cash Home Buyer (7-10 Days)Estate Agent (18-19 Weeks)
Request an offer from a cash-buying company, and receive one within 24 hours.Get your property valued.
Discuss your quote with the cash-buying company.Instruct an estate agent.
The cash-buying company will then complete the sale within seven to thirty days.Receive offers on the property.
Exchange and complete within 2-3 weeks.Accept an offer and negotiations.
Exchange and complete.
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Pros and Cons of Property Cash Buyers in Manchester

There are many reasons why you should use a property cash buyer in Manchester; see our pros and cons below:

Pros Of Cash Buyers in ManchesterCons Of Cash Buyers in Manchester
No chains are involved with a cash sale, which decreases the complex process generally engaged with a traditional deal.Cash buyers will often offer you below market value as they know they're the best option for you as a seller.
The sale can go through much faster with no other sales in the property chain or waiting on mortgage lenders.There is no 100% guarantee that the cash buyer will go through with the sale.
The cash sale has an increased certainty as the buyer doesn't have to wait for an agreement in principle from their provider.Some cash buyers who aren't regulated by bodies like The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers have been known to take part in unethical behaviour, ripping off some property sellers.
By paying outright with cash, a cash-buying company can make complex purchases — like if you're selling a flat with a short lease or a house that is deemed unmortgageable.

Get A Cash Offer For Your Manchester Home

Wondering which areas of Manchester we will buy your home? Well, we will buy any property in any location. Here are just a few of the areas of Greater Manchester where we will buy your property:

  • Wigan

  • Sale

  • Ashton-Under-Lyne

  • Newton Heath

  • Bolton

  • Heywood

  • Oldham

  • Didsbury

  • Bury

  • Prestwich

  • Cheetham Hill

  • Cheadie Hulme

  • Rochdale

  • Swinton

  • Salford Quays

  • Denton

  • Stockport

  • Eccles

  • Urmston

  • Hyde

  • Manchester

  • Irlam

  • Altrinchaml

  • Stalybridge

  • Canning

  • Childwall

  • Churchtown

  • Claughton

How To Get A Cash Offer For Your Manchester Home

To get a quick cash offer for your Manchester home, you should sell your house to us! Enter your postcode into our enquiry form to see if your property is eligible for purchase. If it is, you will receive an offer from us within twenty-four hours.

One of our regional managers may visit your property, and once this is done, we will formalise our offer. Our regional managers have a fantastic scope of local knowledge and will be able to inspect your property. They will also be able to help you with any other questions.

We will instruct solicitors, pay for all their fees and searches, and arrange a professional valuation of your property as a thank-you for using our services. Once we have all the legal work sorted, we will exchange contracts and complete them as usual.

We will buy any property in Manchester

Why Choose Us?

Using our services, you will benefit from our expertise in the property industry; we have over 50 years of combined experience and take pride in dealing with you as our customer. We are proud members of the National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman — which means we follow a strict code of regulations to ensure we treat you fairly.

We will always provide you with the best and most up-to-date information on your sale's progress and will never pressure you to complete it. We will work on a timeline that suits you, seven days or three months.

We will buy your property no matter your Manchester postcode, from Rochdale to Trafford, Salford to Bolton. Contact us today; we're happy to send you a no-obligation offer on your property.

Unlike many property cash buyers in Manchester, we are self-funded and have cash reserves. This means that no intermediary is involved, and you will be dealing directly with us; we have the funds available to buy your house as soon as you are ready to sell — making the process completely stress-free.

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