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I Can't Sell My House in Manchester - What Should I Do?

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Manchester, the thriving and prevalent city in northern England, has become a hub for entrepreneurs, families and career-driven individuals.

If you’ve reached a stage where the cityscape life isn’t for you anymore and you’re seeking something more remote, we’re here to help. Whether you’re deciding to move to the countryside, downsizing, or struggling to sell your house in Manchester, there are a few ways to move forward.

With a high housing demand and a thriving economy, Manchester has a healthy housing market for selling your property to potential city seekers. If you’re currently thinking, ‘I can’t sell my house, what are my options?’ or ‘I’m struggling to sell my house’ and want a sale quickly, here’s our in-depth guide to the steps you need to take, what you need to consider and your options.

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Everything you need to do before selling your house in Manchester

Before you go through the selling process in Manchester, there are many things to consider, aiding a smooth process. From preparing your home and valuing the property, these steps will simplify your home-selling journey.

Fix and organise your home

Fixing and replacing items in your home can benefit you massively in valuing your property and selling it in its best possible condition.  Whether there’s something broken in the bathroom, the pipework needs replacing, or a paintwork update, fixing increases the property value.

Aside from repairing the interior, you need to consider your belongings. Organising your home and decluttering will add to the ease of the selling process, as you won’t need to worry about your things post-selling. 

Get a valuation of your home and decide on the price

You should aim to sell your house for the best possible price and where a valuation comes in. A valuation can happen in person or online, and both reap their benefits. Valuations determine how much your property is worth and will sell for. These can also occur through research by seeing what other properties are selling for in your area.

Homes, however, are unique, from one to the next, depending on those who own them, the size, features and condition, which alters how much they cost. For example, if you’ve put an extension on the property or there’s more than one bathroom, these can add value to the home.

Your house valuation can be done with us through our online tool, taking the hassle out of the process and gaining a quick response to what your property is worth. If you agree to the valuation offer, we’ll investigate your property and sell your house within seven days for cash.

Alternatively, with an in-person evaluation, they can see the property’s condition, get a feel of the size and space and advise you about what features improve or decrease the valuation. Depending on what you’d prefer and how quickly you want to sell the property will aid your decision in which choice to make.

Prepare to move out

Once you’ve agreed on a deal to sell your property, the next step is preparing to move out (if you live in it). Undoubtedly, that’ll include packing up your belongings and waving goodbye to your neighbours, but you’ll also need to consider the practical actions. For example, cancelling your home insurance and utility bills, reading your meters and finalising a moving date to get your things out of the property.

You’ve made a sale when you’ve confirmed property payment. Now, you must remove your possessions from the property. Also, it means handing over the keys to your estate agent or the online company to which you sold your property. Then, you can relax knowing your Manchester property has sold and enjoy the next life chapter.

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What can I do when I cant sell my Manchester House?

If you're struggling to sell your house in Manchester, there are different steps you can take to improve its visibility for potential house buyers. As a seller you will want to assess the property and consider making necessary repairs or cosmetic changes to help increase its overall appeal. This can be achieved by maintaining the exterior, updating landscaping, and making sure your house looks homely and not just another house on the market. If you cant sell your house in Manchester that might be down to how much you have valued your home. The price of a house is crucial, so be realistic and competitive in the current market, you dont want to scare people off with an unrealistic house price that doesnt match the actual worth.

Quick house sale solution to your unsellable Manchester house

Consider consulting with us, a trust worthy estate agent that will give you a fair quick offer on your home in Manchester to get insights into the pricing trends and competition. Displaying your property correctly is also important, having leverage on online platforms, professional photography, and virtual tours to showcase your property effectively can build traction and interest in your Manchester property sale. Engaging with potential buyers through social media and local community channels can also broaden your property's exposure.

If all of this does not work for you, then maybe you should think about exploring alternative Manchester house sale methods. A great alternative would be auctions, lease options, or rent-to-own arrangements. These methods are not as good as an obvious quick house sale however, they are still viable. Seeking our guidance, we specializes in challenging sales and can provide you with a fast cash offer for your property making a quick solution to your situation.

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Different methods to sell your house in Manchester

With the property prepared for selling, your next steps are figuring out how to sell your house in Manchester. Options vary based on your timeframe, your expectations and what suits your circumstances. Whether you’re considering it for a few months or want a sale as soon as possible, these are the different methods to sell your house in Manchester.

Sell your house for cash online.

To sell your house quickly, we’ll buy for cash online. We provide an online service, delivering fast and transparent property sale solutions, working on your timeline, fee-free.

Start on our website, entering your postcode into the ‘get your offer’ box and answer all the questions regarding your property, laying out a detailed property description. With more information, we can provide a more precise analysis of your property. In this query process, you should provide how quickly you wish to sell the property, as that can help us assess your situation and tailor the process for you.

When you’ve answered all the questions, our property experts will contact you within 24 hours, providing a free, no-obligation cash offer. These offers are sourced accurately from local data, your information and the current market in Manchester. If you choose to accept the offer, we will arrange for one of our regional managers to visit and inspect the property to see if it’s accurate to the expectations.

After a straightforward inspection, we will formalise the offer, and then, the countdown is on until the deal is complete.

Use other methods of finding a cash buyer.

Alternatively, if you’d like to sell directly to another homeowner, there are other methods to finding a cash buyer. You can hire a real estate agent to work with you to find a suitable buyer. Real estate agents can advise you on every step regarding valuations and utilise their contacts to find potential buyers in Manchester.

A local agent is another option. Having an agent on board can help guide and advise you on a suitable company or investor and answer any questions. They can also help you prepare your house for the market, point out flaws in your home you haven’t noticed and work with you to tick the list of things to do before you sell your home.

Enhance your online presence.

In the age of social media, promoting yourself and having an online presence can showcase your home and its highlights. You can utilise the digital tools available, such as property listing websites, social media platforms and online property portals. From featuring high-quality photographs and virtual tours to turning words into magic, you can do everything to make your property stand out online. Whatever way you promote yourself, it’ll give potential buyers a taste of what your property looks like inside and out and what they can expect in person.

With online property portals, you’re also putting your property in front of your target market. Those on the platforms are there to browse, compare and favourite homes of their choice in Manchester. Your presence will reach a wider audience, and these platforms help you do your research and understand more of your target market’s wants.

If you need to sell your property in Manchester, we’re here to help with buying properties for cash online. As leading cash buyers with an excellent rating, we offer a quick property sale experience and handle everything from start to completion, including solicitor costs.

We offer the flexibility to choose a completion date with a minimum of 7 days, absolutely free and hassle-free. Contact our team today and see how we can help you sell your property.

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Why is my manchester house so hard to sell?

One common issue that we touched on previously is pricing; if the property is overpriced in comparison to similar homes in the area you simply wont get viewings. A high price that is different from the current market trends it can deter potential buyers. It's essential to make sure you go thorough market research and adjust the listing price accordingly, you dont want to over sell yourself or under sell, this can be tricky. Another aspect to consider is the property's condition. If the house requires significant repairs, it may be less appealing to buyers, making sure that all repairs are fixed and are suitable for sale and living in is important for everyone. In such cases, investing in necessary improvements can make the property's price go up and makes it more marketable.

Market trends change all the time, this could be a big factor for why your house is not selling. Sometimes the time of year or economical climate can change the market, for instance covid and the cost of living crisis has changed the market massively.

A slow market or economic change can make it more difficult to find legitimate buyers. Bad marketing strategies can limit the exposure of the property to potential house buyers in Manchester. Bad photographs of your house could be letting you down, terrible photos of your house will make it look unlivable and not homely, exactly what you dont want your home to look like. Lastly, external factors such as changes in the neighborhood, local infrastructure, or economic development can impact the how the property sells.

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What can you do with unsellable property in manchester?

Dealing with an unsellable property in Manchester requires a creative strategy to be in place to overcome challenging property situations such as this one. A good option is to explore all property sale methods such as auctions, which can attract a different pool of buyers. Another approach to consider lease options or rent-to-own arrangements, this gives potential house buyers time and flexibility when going through the house sale process.

Deciding to re-purposing the property for rental income might be your best bet on making a profit from your property if selling is deemed to be impossible. Converting it into a rental or short-term holiday let can generate income while waiting for the housing market to balance out enough where a sale is most beneficial. Alternatively, working with a property buying company like us can help take the property off of your hands quickly and efficiently as possible, giving you cash for your house in the best time.

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