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Property valuation Manchester

We reveal what property valuations in Manchester are....

Property valuations in Manchester can be time-consuming and confusing, but they don't have to be.

As a homeowner in Manchester, if you are looking to sell your property, it's suggested that you request three different property valuations and then create an average. Although this is good practice while using an estate agent or property auction, it's only sometimes valid across the board.

We will offer you an initial cash offer, then finalise the request once we inspect your property and check with our underwriter that it meets the industry standard. All of these carry a no-obligation to carry on with our service. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience and puts you at the forefront of everything we do.

In this article, we will break down what a house valuation is, how to get a free house valuation in Manchester, what an RICS survey is and what Zoopla house prices in Manchester are. If you're looking for something specific, please use our interactive menu below.

What is a house valuation?

House valuations are the process of estimating the value of a property via factors such as size, location, condition, type and potential for development. The valuation will usually be carried out by a professional surveyor who will analyse the property for imperfections and photograph it for evidence; you will then be sent a valuation report.

Accurate valuations are vital when looking at your property's insurance, mortgages, investment analysis, selling and taxation. You will need a house valuation before your property is on the market. Externally from your property, the valuer should also examine market trends, local performance and future housing predictions to create a realistic valuation.

Who undertakes a house valuation?

Usually, a house valuation is undertaken by a qualified surveyor, estate agent or regional agent. The valuer will be specifically trained to assess the value of your home. If you want to sell your property, you should have at least three house valuations taken to create an average valuation — as some estate agents may exaggerate your valuation to win your business. Most house valuations will come with a cost, and undergoing more than three can seem quite expensive, but it will minimise the risk of your home not being sold due to overpricing.

The cost of a house valuation will vary depending on the agency you choose, some may include it within their overall package, but most won't. Here is a brief breakdown of the costs associated with house valuations:

  • HomeBuyer Report - £400 (+Upwards).

  • Mortgage Survey - £150-£1500 (Depending on the size and value of your property).

  • Chartered Surveyors Valuation - £250 (+Upwards).

  • Condition Report - £400 (+Upwards).

It is also possible to get a house valuation online for free, where the firm will look solely at external factors concerning your property and the condition of your property — alongside data they have of properties sold in your area. They may use Zoopla or Rightmove to sell house price data as well.

What is the house valuation process?

When a valuer examines your property, they will view it through the lens of a prospective buyer. They will assess your property with you, allowing you to highlight your preferred areas of the home, take measurements and note any structural flaws in your property; they will also ask:

  • How old is your boiler?

  • When were your windows last replaced?

  • If your property is leasehold, who owns the leasehold and how long is left on it?

  • What features of this property make it unique?

  • Is the property sole or joint ownership?

  • Does your property have any issues (structural or maintenance)?

Most valuers will have expert local knowledge and value similar houses in the area, so they can compare your property to others that have sold. But, it's essential that you highlight the uniqueness of your property as this may raise the house's valuation. Uniqueness may be any refurbishment or modernisation undertaken or any historic features.

They may also ask you about your neighbours and local amenities (schools, GPs, shops), and you should answer all the questions as honestly as you can — even if there are issues with your property. If anything pops up later down the selling process that you didn't confess to, it may allow the buyer to lower their offer on your property.

Unlike a potential buyer, you don't have to thoroughly clean your property for a house valuation, as the valuer is trained to look beyond the mess. It would help if you allow up to an hour for a house valuation, but most will only take 15-20 minutes to complete. Once the valuation has been completed, the valuer will send you a report via the postal service or email.

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How do I get a free house valuation in Manchester?

You can get a free house valuation in Manchester by clicking on the 'get an offer button below. We will contact you within 24 hours with a no-obligation valuation, which you can either take and leave fee-free or continue using our service. We will then visit your property and formalise our cash offer.

Our free house valuations in Manchester are led by our wonderfully bubbly team of property consultants with over 50 years of combined experience in the residential property market. They will look at market trends, our database of sold properties, property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, and local data collected by our regional managers.

RICS valuation Manchester: What is it and where to get one?

RICS stands for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and an RICS Building Survey is the most advanced Report you can get. It will provide an in-depth analysis of your house's condition and construction. The surveyor will assess the situation of your property's boundaries (walls, fences, outbuildings, annexes), any garden space and the house itself.

How does a RICS valuation differ from a HomeBuyer report?

A Chartered Surveyor carries out an RICS Building valuation and a HomeBuyer Report. They will describe your property's condition and restoration work, show potential issues or defects, and identify any problems that need urgent attention or further investigation. As well as commenting on ample roof space and any underground drainage. The valuation and Report are only a visual inspection, and no internal electrical examinations will take place; an Energy Performance Certificate will cover this.

The HomeBuyer Report will provide a market valuation of the property and a reinstatement cost for insurance purposes. The RICS Valuation will represent a comprehensive visual inspection of all roof spaces, grounds, floors and services. The valuation will analyse the integrity of the building and establish how the building was built, what materials were used and how they will perform in years to come, as well as recommend any repair options with consequences if not completed.

Looking to sell your Manchester home?

Where to get a RICS valuation in Manchester?

If you sell via a reputable Manchester estate agent or auction house, they should organise the RICS Valuation for you. But, in some cases, you will have to manage surveys yourself. If you are selling privately, to get an RICS Valuation, you can go onto Google and search "Manchester RICS survey" from here, you should choose one of the top-ranking websites and check their Google reviews.

Alternatively, if you choose our service, we will organise all surveys and even pay for all the costs associated with selling your property. We work with two different national RICS agencies that we instruct the RICS through, those agencies will then find a local Manchester surveyor to attend the physical appointment. Again, we will handle all negotiations and organisation, so you won't need to do anything except be there on the day to show the surveyor around.

Zoopla house prices in Manchester: What can I expect?

According to Zoopla, over the past 12 months, the average sold price for a property is £240,998, which is 18.58% below the UK average of £296,000. Detached houses sold for the most at £395,469 on average and flats the least at £168,841. Semi-detached houses sold on average for £266,861, and terraced housing sold for £199,939.

Zoopla can be a great tool to work out your house valuation quickly and free, but it should be used as something other than an ironed-out figure valuation for your home in Manchester. We recommend using this as a guide for when you receive other valuations from companies.

The data used for a Zoopla house valuation comes from HM Land Registry, Energy Performance Certificates, Ordnance Survey, the Royal Mail's postcode database and Google Maps. The Zoopla estimates do not consider any renovations, restorations or extensions you or a previous owner have carried out on your property in Manchester.

Zoopla's estimation tool will also depend on how accurate data they have on your property; for example, if your neighbour has sold recently, then the HM Land Registry will have newer information about the property than your own.

When you request an online valuation, there are three confidence ratings based on how much data they have on a particular property; low, medium and high. Low confidence means that there is very little evidence, data, and highly changeable market conditions to support their findings, whereas high confidence means that there are a lot of similar properties in the area, the data is more up-to-date, and the market conditions are steady.

Want a second opinion?

If you request a Zoopla valuation and are left wondering how much your property is in Manchester, you should contact us! We will give you a property expert valuation within 24 hours. Although we would love to have your business, this is a no-obligation offer, and you can walk away fee free if that's what you want.

If not…Once we have provided you with our initial offer, we will have a phone call to discuss the ballpark figure and send an agent to your Manchester property to give an in-depth valuation. We will pay for all of this, including any legal fees that prop up during the process. We will then provide you with a finalised offer and all the information you need regarding your house valuation.

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