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Average House Prices In Manchester

Looking at the average price of houses in Manchester and Greater Manchester...

Manchester is a vibrant city often hailed as the gateway of the north. With plenty to see and do in Manchester, such as the Old Trafford and the Arndale Centre, as well as all the restaurants, galleries, cinemas, it is easy to see why it has the nickname 'Capital of the North'.

Property in Manchester is a hot topic and if you are looking to sell your Manchester property, you can be left wondering about the average house prices in your area in Manchester.

On this page we will be looking at the average house prices in Manchester, the areas of Manchester we can buy property quickly and how you can sell your house fast.

House Prices in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county and home to the City of Manchester. Within this county are ten boroughs: Manchester, Salford, Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan. The greater Manchester area spans for 493 square miles and is the second most populated urban area in the UK. It is also one of the areas that we can quickly purchase property in.

The average property prices around the Greater Manchester area were £243,786 in 2022. The most common property type sold on the Greater Manchester property market was terraced properties, selling for an average price of £178,054. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £253,035, with detached properties fetching £435,016.

All in all, sold prices across Greater Manchester over the last year were similar to the previous year and 19% up on the 2019 peak of £205,340.

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Areas We Cover and Buy Property in Manchester

As a specialist cash buyer in Manchester, we have an extensive reach across various neighbourhoods, ensuring that we can assist homeowners in selling their properties quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the key areas we cover:

  • Manchester City Centre - Ancoats & Castlefield: Ancoats is a highly sought-after neighbourhood, known for its transformation of old mills into beautiful apartments. With a blend of contemporary designs and historic charm, Ancoats offers reasonably priced flats, making it ideal for younger residents. The area boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. Castlefield, on the other hand, is a lovely part of Manchester that preserves its urban heritage. With limited traffic movement and pedestrian-friendly areas, Castlefield combines Roman forts, cobbled streets, canals, and modern housing, all in close proximity to the city centre.

  • Southern Gateway & Spinningfields: Southern Gateway showcases modern inner-city living, featuring a mix of modern architecture and converted mills. This area offers a wide range of studios and flats, appealing to students and professionals alike. The Green Quarter is another popular location due to its quick commute to the city center via Victoria Station or a short walk. Spinningfields, known as one of the commercial districts, attracts professionals seeking easy access to work, vibrant pubs, restaurants, and a bustling city atmosphere.

  • Altrincham: Altrincham has experienced extensive renovation in recent years, revitalizing this market town. The housing options range from detached Edwardian houses to more affordable properties, making it an appealing choice for first-time buyers. With a thriving community spirit, excellent schools, shops, music venues, and a variety of dining options, Altrincham offers a quick and easy commute to the city center.

  • Rusholme: Rusholme is a popular neighborhood, particularly among young professionals and students, thanks to its more affordable house prices and lower rents. This area also provides a convenient 30-minute commute for those working in business centers.

  • Didsbury: Didsbury is a highly sought-after location, attracting celebrities and residents who appreciate its green spaces and proximity to the city center and Manchester Airport. With its attractive surroundings, East Didsbury offers excellent schools, shops, and restaurants. Commuters can choose between train, bus, and Metro-link options for easy access to their workplaces.

  • Sale: Situated just three stops from the city center on the Metrolink, Sale is a highly desirable area with a strong community feel. It appeals to young families with its range of property options, including beautiful Victorian and Edwardian detached houses ideal for growing families. Sale also offers attractively designed modern terraced houses.

Additionally, there are other popular areas in Manchester that are perfect for families and offer easy access to the city centre, such as Prestwich, Chorlton, and Salford. These neighbourhoods provide a range of housing options to suit various budgets and offer amenities like schools, parks, and convenient transportation links.

At The Property Buying Company, we have in-depth knowledge of these areas and are well-equipped to provide our expertise and fast cash buying services to homeowners throughout Manchester.

House Prices in Manchester City Centre

Manchester city centre is the heart of the city, full of shops, restaurants, museums, bars, clubs and a rich history, finding fame for its role in the Industrial Revolution. It's also home to the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. As of the 2011 census, 17,861 people live in the city centre ward and is the second most populated city in the UK. And thanks to the wonderful transport links the city of Manchester has, getting around has never been easier, with over 7 million people living within an hour’s drive of it.

It is easy to see the appeal of city centre living with properties in Manchester City Centre selling for an overall average price of £261,941 over the last year. The most popular property sold in Manchester City Centre during the last year were flats, which sold for an average price of £259,777. Terraced properties sold for an average of £295,117, with semi-detached properties averaging £270,113.

Overall, sold prices in Manchester City Centre over the last year were 1% down on the previous year and 21% up on the 2019 peak of £216,650.

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House Prices in Manchester City Centre

Manchester city centre, with its vibrant amenities, rich history, and excellent transport links, offers an appealing living environment. Over the past year, the average property price in Manchester City Centre was £261,941, with flats being the most popular property type, selling at an average price of £259,777. Terraced properties averaged £295,117, while semi-detached properties averaged £270,113. Although sold prices in the city centre were 1% lower compared to the previous year, they were still 21% higher than the peak in 2019.

House Price Trends in Greater Manchester

The latest official house price data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and HM Land Registry indicates a mixed trend in house prices across Greater Manchester. While some areas experienced monthly price falls, prices remained higher compared to the previous year. In December, the average house price in Greater Manchester was £238,049, representing a 0.4% increase from November and a substantial 14.4% increase from December the previous year. Boroughs such as Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Trafford, and Wigan saw price increases both monthly and yearly, while Bury, Salford, Stockport, and Tameside experienced monthly price declines but still maintained year-on-year growth.

House Prices in Salford Manchester

Salford, home to MediaCity, is located just on the outskirts on Manchester and makes up one of the metropolitan boroughs and is the home of the first free public library. Salford's MediaCity is also home the headquarters of CBBC and BBC Sport.

It is the second and only other city in the county after Manchester and saw properties sell at an average price of £251,408 over the last year. Similarly, to Manchester City Centre, the majority of properties sold were flats, which sold at an average price of £218,021. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £277,208, with terraced properties fetching £220,612.

In total, sold prices in Salford over the last year were 2% up on the previous year and 26% up on the 2019 peak of £199,206.

House Prices in Blackley Manchester

Blackley is a suburban area located within Greater Manchester. It is roughly 4.5 miles away from Manchester City Centre and is located on the River Irk.

Properties in Blackley had an overall average price of £205,660 over the last year and the majority of properties sold were Semi-detached. These properties sold on average for £208,720. Terraced properties sold for an average of £163,909, with detached properties reaching an average price of £336,726.

On average, sold prices in Blackley over the last year were 6% up on the previous year and 35% up on the 2019 peak of £152,498.

House Prices in Didsbury Manchester

Didsbury is another suburban area of Manchester, located on the north bank of the River Mersey around 4.5 miles away from Manchester city centre. Properties around Didsbury cost an average of £344,148 over the last year. Selling for an average of £382,862, the majority of sales around Didsbury were semi-detached properties. Flats in the area sold for an average price of £231,379 and terraced properties fetched an average of £341,936.

All in all, sold prices around Didsbury over the last year were 3% up on the previous year and 12% up on the 2018 peak of £307,157.

Areas of Growth in Manchester's House prices

Among the boroughs in Greater Manchester, several areas show potential for rising house prices. Bolton and Wigan witnessed the highest year-on-year increase of 16.6%, while Trafford experienced the largest monthly rise of 1.6%. These areas offer promising opportunities for property value growth and investment potential.

Property Price Forecast for Manchester

Although predicting future property prices is challenging, Manchester has demonstrated a consistent upward trend in recent years. With its thriving economy, vibrant culture, and ongoing development projects, the city continues to attract investors and homeowners alike. However, market conditions and external factors can influence price fluctuations, making it important to consult with property experts to obtain the most accurate forecast.

Is Manchester City a Good Investment?

Manchester City presents a compelling investment opportunity. The city's robust economy, diverse job market, world-class educational institutions, and ongoing regeneration projects make it an attractive prospect for property investment. Additionally, its strong rental demand, particularly from the growing student population, provides potential for rental income and long-term capital appreciation. As with any investment, careful research and analysis are crucial, considering factors such as specific locations, property types, rental yields, and market conditions. Consulting with property specialists can help investors make informed decisions based on their goals and risk appetite.

  • Wigan

  • Sale

  • Ashton-Under-Lyne

  • Newton Heath

  • Bolton

  • Heywood

  • Oldham

  • Didsbury

  • Bury

  • Prestwich

  • Cheetham Hill

  • Cheadie Hulme

  • Rochdale

  • Swinton

  • Salford Quays

  • Denton

  • Stockport

  • Eccles

  • Urmston

  • HydeIrlam

  • Altrinchaml

  • Stalybridge

  • Canning

  • Childwall

  • Churchtown

  • Claughton

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