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We Interviewed Celebrity Psychic and Numerologist, Inbaal Honigman, to Determine What the UK’s Most Popular House Numbers Really Mean...

It turns out, re-painting your home, re-carpeting, and making your home look spick and span won’t sell your home, but your door number will! (We’re just kidding).

We conducted research to determine which house numbers sell the most in the UK, whilst working alongside Celebrity Psychic and Numerologist to discover what these numbers mean for you and your family.

The research was conducted by compiling data from Price Paid Index, and the Land Registry to determine which house numbers here in the UK are selling the most, bestselling, most expensive, sold for less money, and sold for the most money. Collecting data from the Price Paid Index and Land Registry gives access to details regarding the sales of property here in the UK over the last 12 months.

This wasn’t enough for us though, we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of these numbers and what they mean for those living in these homes, it could be the reason they are doing so well on the market…

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Here are our findings:

If you live at number 3, congratulations, you have the most sellable door number in the whole UK!

  • Number 3 proved to be the best-selling house number in the UK, selling a staggering 2,421 times between 2021 and 2022

  • Number 39 proved to be the most expensive house to buy and complete on, in London, Chelsea, and Kensington

  • Number 200 sold over 100 times in the last 12 months, selling at an average £369,000

  • Lower house numbers are popular, but tend to sell for less

  • Houses with triple figures were considered the most valuable houses, with Number 680 selling for £904,000

But what does this really mean?

Inbaal Honigman (she/her), Celebrity Psychic and Numerologist comments:

"The number 3 should come as no surprise, for being the most popular new-home door number. In numerology, 1 symbolises one single person, 2 is a couple, and baby makes 3 - the number three is all about growing the family and tells us about a new addition. The older ladies are known for saying 'New House, New Baby' and nothing embodies this quite like the number 3.

So many concepts come in threes - beginning, middle, end, or birth, life, death - or that infamous new home sign, live, laugh, love - the trinity as a symbol shows us that there's always a next step, always a next stage, and moving house is a massive life change, and fits perfectly into the symbolic meaning of the number 3.”

“The number 39 is just another way of saying 3, for numerologists! First of all, when we reduce the digits to a single number, we add the separate values. 3+9=12. We do it again, and 1+2=3. We reduce the number down to its singular value and we have 3, but this isn't just a regular 3. The digits that combine to make the number 39 are unbelievably auspicious. The number 3 is obviously appropriate, but the number 9 is 3 times 3. This is all the meanings as above, squared! As a door number, 39 is heavy with symbolism, all relating to the primary number 3.”

“The number 200 is more subtle. It has three digits, so the number 3, the most auspicious door number, is never far from our mind. When we add all the numbers together, 2+0+0=2. The number 2 is a very spiritual number, and incredibly romantic. This door number would suggest a couple who is deeply in love.

Since 2 means a pair, and a pair means a relationship, then what we have here is a one-on-one situation, with two people who listen only to each other. The double zero shows us that the couple living here won't listen to outsiders and won't engage in gossip or badmouthing one another. Everything is plain to see, everything is out in the open. Clean laundry out on the line and the curtains are open at all times!”

“680 is a fascinating door number. Many people move for family reasons of course - marriage, baby, living closer to the grandkids. But there is also a sizable portion of relocators who do it for business. They may want to live closer to work, or in a bigger house with a home office, or moving because they've already found great success. Here, the digit 8 is a wonderful number for business, stability, and financial security. The digit 6 represents success, things coming together, living on your own terms.

Having a zero there shows that there are no extra influences - no failure waiting to bite. The full number comprises three digits, which is the common thread of all of those top door numbers, again the 3. When we add the ingredients together to reduce the number to a single digit, it is 6+8+0=14 and then 1+4=5. The energy of the number 5 is about having everything we need in this home, it could be our final address. Like the five senses, it's a perfect set. This will be a home that will serve us both in work and in life."

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