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The Property Buying Company re-designs the number 10 Downing Street apartment based on the candidates for the next Prime Minister, and here's how it looks...

Based on candidates for the next Prime Minister, the team have developed four different interior design concepts for what the No.10 Downing Street apartment will look like when the new PM is elected.


Well, why not?! We’re always super keen when it comes to quirky interior design and getting a look inside famous buildings and homes across the globe, but when it comes to the home of our future PM, we wanted to put our stamp on it.

The method behind the interior design of the new No.10 Downing Street apartments for each candidate began by creating a persona, based on video and images, analysing body language, fashion sense, home life, and personality. After analysing each candidate, the team developed colour schemes, furniture, and an individual style for each.

Factors considered:

  • Each member of parliament has a strong sense of self, reflected by the personal artefacts on display

  • The clear-cut goal of each candidate is outlined in the high-quality décor

  • The colour scheme elected was based on their fashion sense and characteristics

  • Any fine art displayed indicates they are business savvy

Our homes are a direct reflection of our individual personalities and characteristics, but we wanted to work in reverse, taking the characteristics and personalities of our potential future PM, to develop them into an interior design concept for their new home on Downing Street.

The decision to develop different interior design concepts for No.10 Downing Street began following the resignation of Boris Johnson and the large bill of his recent renovations resurfacing, which is at least £112,000, (we promise these wouldn’t cost that much!).

So, who did we design the apartment for?

  • Rishi Sunak

  • Penny Mordaunt

  • Liz Truss

  • Keir Starmer – as a wild card!

And here is how they turned out…

Rishi Sunak

Based on his sleek, slim line, dark blue suits, we wanted to develop an interior as sleek as his appearance. The apartment heavily features Navy, evoking feelings of power and authority, whilst reflecting his modern style, with a contemporary twist on a brown leather chair, and curious artwork.

Penny Mordaunt

Penny’s smart exterior was reflected in her décor scheme, with her fashion sense often practical and utilitarian. Her style is very monochromatic, which has been developed into a neutral base for her colour scheme. Neutral colours reflect feelings of reliability, peace, and calm, and there is absolutely no space for clutter in this design!

Liz Truss

Liz Truss bodes a very chic and vibrant fashion sense, her home at No.10 will certainly reflect this. The small pops of colour and panelling reflect her style at Chevening House where she spends a lot of her time. The addition of yellow introduces warmth, and the floral artwork evokes feelings of love and happiness.

Keir Starmer

Spending a lot of his time in the countryside, and owning a lot of land himself, we wanted to combine cosy touches of tartan, rabbit lamps, and vegetable artwork to create an almost whimsical vibe in the city apartment.

Alexandra Ventress

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