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With Halloween days away, you may be thinking of how to make your home look spooky for potential trick or treaters. Or, maybe you are hosting a Halloween party and want to turn your semi-detached into a haunted manor. However, you are celebrating this year, we have come up with our top four hair-raising tips to make the exterior of your property terrifying!

1) Making Your Front Lawn Spooky

If your home has a grassed area or any type of garden, then there are different ways to theme your exterior and make it look super creepy…

Our top pick this year is changing your front lawn in to a spine-chilling graveyard. The best bit about theming your property’s exterior is you don’t have to spend a lot of money for it to look great.

For example, if you did decide to make your own graveyard, you could make your own grave stones and signs with recycled cardboard. If you have children, it would be a great to get the involved in making your own signs. Or, if you don’t have the time to get arty, the main supermarkets always have exciting outside props down their seasonal isles.

2) P..P..P.. Pumpkins!

When Halloween springs to mind, we always think of pumpkins. Not only are they fun looking, but they are spookaliciously tasty. However, they are mostly used for carving.

Over the years, those that get involved with Halloween have let their creative juices run free and carved some crazy looking pumpkins.

That’s why one of our top tips is for you to get a pumpkin and get carving. There is so much scope in designing a pumpkin. You could go for the traditional grin and triangle eyes on yours or make a new design, the choice is yours!

3) Frightening Front Door And Windows

So you may not be able to make your lawn look spooky due to you living in accommodation that doesn’t have a garden. Oh well, you can always make your front door look scary.

The windows and doors to your haunted home are the start of the Halloween adventure. Adding to some ghoulish touches can really scare the hebbie jeebies out of anyone.

Our personal favourite (which also is the cheaper alternative) is to have fake blood dripping down the front of your door.

We also like the idea of having spiders’ webs dressed on the outside of windows to give your home a chilling effect.

4) Hanging Features

If you want your home to stand out as the spookiest down your street, then a great way is to have hanging features outside of your property.

Again, you can make this as cheap as you like. One way is to find an old white bed sheet, draw a ghost face on and then hang it up outside your home. The best thing about using a bed sheet is that if it is a windy night, the ghost will move which may spook trick or treaters.

If not, you could hang up small bats outside to make your house seem monstrous!

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