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Best Time of Year To Sell A House

The short answer to this question is – when it feels right for you. There are, however, more things to consider than that when you’re figuring out the best time to sell your property. We’ve taken a look at what it means to sell your property across the seasons so you can make an informed decision.

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There is a general rule that selling properties in Winter is not ideal. This is simply because buyers can be put off by the cold weather or are too distracted by the festive period to want to consider purchasing a property.

There is also the consideration of the dark nights and a buyer feeling like they’re not seeing the property in its best light. However, there is something to be said for viewing a property during the winter months. During the worst weather AND in the dark, a buyer will be able to tell if a property is insulated and cosy enough to peak their interest.

If you have a real fire then light it and you should definitely invest in some mood lighting or lustrous sort furnishings to encourage a potential buyer to envision themselves there in winters to come. Buyers may even want to see what the neighbourhood is like in peak winter e.g. if a property is at the top of a hill during icy conditions or if there isn’t adequate street lighting.

Similarly, selling a property during the summer months may prove slightly more difficult, as it is a holiday season when a lot of people go away and don’t want to be pinned down to a sale.

Spring is seen as the perfect time to sell your property. However, a little word of warning - Brexit is set to fall right in the middle of the Spring season this year. Therefore, it might not instil that much confidence in would-be buyers. Definitely worth considering if you’re wanting to wait until Spring before putting your house on the market.

That being said, there is literally no reason not to sell when you feel ready to do so, no matter what the season. If you do your research and decide whether you want to use an estate agent or a quick cash buyer service, then you should achieve that all important sale at any time of the year.

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Make sure that you look into any hidden fees that estate agents or online agents may have, how long they claim it will take them to sell your property, how close they will get to your asking price and how good they are at selling properties in general. If you just can’t wait and want to sell your property quickly for a fair cash sum, then The Property Buying Company can help. All legal fees are included so what we offer you is what you’ll receive. Get in touch today to find out more - your house could be sold in as little as seven days.

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