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I'm Selling My House Do I Continue Paying Utility Bills?

If you’re selling your property and are moving out immediately then you will need to contact all of your utility providers to let them know you are moving out and give them a forwarding address. For gas and electricity, you should inform your suppliers of your final meter reading too so that you don’t get charged any extra once the new owner moves in.

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What if I Move Out?

In today’s housing market, though, properties don’t always sell quickly. Sometimes sellers move out before the property has actually been sold because their new property is ready and this is where it can become confusing about utility bills.

In short, you must keep utilities in place if your house is still on the market, even if you have moved out. Potential buyers might visit the property in the evening or may want to see the functionality of something which requires a power source.

If your house is empty over the winter months then it would be a good idea to continue to heat the property, on and off, in order to make sure that pipes don’t freeze up or condensation builds. Similarly, having a porch or living room light on a timer makes the property look lived-in and less at risk of burglary.

When a buyer wants to go ahead with the purchase of the property then certain surveys and checks need to be done in the property that require functioning utilities. Only cancel your utilities once your property has been sold, agreed and the buyer has a move-in date organised.

If your property has been on the market for a while and you’re getting tired of paying additional utility bills then we can buy your property off you for a cash sum. We won’t offer you the market value, but we will offer you a fair price and you can complete in a timescale that suits you. Our dedicated team offers advice with no obligation so get in touch today to find out more.

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