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If you're planning to sell your home in the new year and you aren't sure what to set your new year's resolution as, how about something that should help your home sell quicker?

There have been studies which show that a de-cluttered home sells faster, and we think the new year is the perfect time to make a start.

Plus, a clearer space can help you have a clearer mind.

In this blog, we take a typical house room-by-room and provide tips on how to get de-cluttering.

The hallway

Our coats and shoes often find their home in the hallway, as it's by the front door and convenient for when you're getting ready to leave.

However, it's very easy to just let the jackets and shoes pile up in a manner where it's hard to find what you want.

Divide up the shoes and coats you wear from those you don't, and consider selling or giving the ones you no longer use to charity.

If you've managed to collect some letters in the hallway and haven't yet thrown them out or found a place to file away the important documents, now's the time.

Even a relatively small pile of letters can look untidy in a hallway. The same goes with any pet accessories such as leads, toys or beds.

Clear these out the way and it should also help remove any pet odours greeting you at the front door.

The living room

The room where people spend most of their waking hours, it's important for the lounge to be welcoming and homely.

The space needs to be easy for viewers to imagine themselves settling down after a long day at work, and so you should remove any really personal items such as photos of your family, as lovely as they are!

If you've been in your home for multiple years, you may have gained more furniture than you need.

Remove any excess furniture to free up some space, even just taking out a couple of pieces can make a large difference to the feel of the place.

The kitchen

To some buyers, a kitchen is the most important room.

It's where those big family meals are made, and no-one wants limited space that where-ever you stand you're in the way.

To start, clear the kitchen work surfaces.

This is something that viewers will especially try and judge. If the work surfaces appear limited, it'll be more difficult to cook a meal.

You'll also want to de-clutter utensils and pots and pans that you don't need. Lots of us have our favourite knife or saucepan.

Throw out the old ones you no longer use and it'll improve the look of your drawers and cupboards in no time.

Do you collect magnets every time you go away? You may have one from Cornwall, Rome, Paris, and more.

These are great for memories, but while you have viewings put them in a box and tuck it safely away. Lots of items stuck on the fridge can look off-putting.

The same goes with windowsills, just one plant is enough you don't need all those ornaments too!

The bedroom

Unfortunately, you can't throw any clutter from the bedroom into the wardrobes. Viewers will most likely open the wardrobes to take a look at the space inside, especially if they are fitted as it gives a better indication of the size of the room.

Start with your wardrobes, remove any clothes you no longer wear and pop them in a charity bag. If there's some items that are good-as-new, you could try and sell them.

Next, tackle your drawers. Are they so full it's difficult to slide them open? If so, you need to remove some of your socks or jumpers. Pick out your favourites and then decide if you like each other item as much and if not, give it away or sell it.

Poke your head under the bed, and take a look in any bed storage. If there's too much going on, consider vacuum packing the clothes to free up more space.

Do you let your four-legged friend sleep on your bed? Ensure your duvet isn't covered in pet hair - you'll want a fresh pair of sheets for viewings.

The bathroom

Last but not least, we look at the bathroom. One of the rooms likely to get grubby most easily, the bathroom needs to look effortlessly squeaky clean. Invest in special cleaning solutions to get rid of black mould around the bath or shower, and ensure there are no splash marks on shower doors or tiles around the sink.

If you have failed to throw away any old toiletries or make up, there's no time like the present.

If they haven't past their use-by date, consider giving them away to charity.

Having towels on show can add a splash of colour to your bathroom, but you must ensure they are hung in an appropriate place.

If you have a heated towel rail use this, as it will remove any damp smells by keeping the towels dry.

Sell your house faster
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