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1.The Island

Situated in in Nequay, Cornwall, is what could be your very own island. Connected by a suspension bridge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean views, the island home is on top of a seventy-foot rocky that also overlooks Towan Beach. Before becoming a property to rent for holidays, the island homed Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, who invented the spark plug. The island home has been newly renovated in a swish and elegant manner, suitable for couples, families and even our favourite four pawed friends. Sleeping six people, it seems like the perfect place to get some peace and quiet.


2. Solent Forts

Solent Fort was built between 1865 and 1880 to protect the southern coast from a suspected French invasion. By the time the fort was completed, tensions had passed and the fort was never used for its original purpose. In the present, the fort is now home to twenty-three en suite bedrooms all with a sea view. It was repurposed as a hotel in 2015 and includes different dining experiences and a luxury spa. The fort honours the name of being one of the UK’s most secluded hotels as the only way of accessing the venue is via a thirty-minute boat ride, what hotel could be more sequestered than that?


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3. Skipwith Station

All aboard! The next stop on our unusual holiday home quest is Skipwith Station. Set south of York, Yorkshire, near to the rural village of Skipwith, is three railways carriages and a former loading bay that have all been converted for holidaymakers. The line that the three carriages used to travel along is named The Derwent Valley Light Railways. It was built in 1912 and spreads over sixteen miles, it was originally used to provide transport for the agricultural community. However, part of the line shut in 1964 and finally the whole line shut in 1985. These days, the station is open for holiday goers and four pawed companions.


4. RAF Wainfleet – The Tower

Located south of Skegness, Lincolnshire, is one of the most unusual holiday homes to date. Within the 19th Century RAF Wainfleet was commissioned to be built, where it was mainly used during the second world war. In 2010, the tower closed and was subsequently converted into a unique holiday home. The tower sleeps six, however there is further accommodation, including a transformed Westland Lynx Helicopter. For those that like to dip their toes, the sea is only a short walk away and closer to home, there is a hot tub just outside of the tower. If you are into aviation then this sounds like the destination for you.


5. Stow Windmill

If you are looking for a romantic get-away, look no further than the Stow Windmill. Located in Mudesley, Norfolk, only four-hundred yards away from the beach is this recently converted cosy one-bedroom windmill. The mill was built during 1825 to grind grain into flour, within the 1990s the mill was redeveloped into a tourist attraction with its very own gift shop. However, in 2013 plans were made to repurpose the windmill into a holiday destination for couples. The Windmill is surrounded by things to see and do, from city centre shopping in Norwich to visiting the busy coastal town of Cromer, it seems to be placed in an exciting part of England.


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