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Have you ever looked at selling your house?

Then you would have been told that you need an EPC certificate by the Estate Agent, and that this could come at an extra cost, but what is it & why do you need it?

This article will take you through the what an EPC is, how much it costs, how you get one and how long it is valid for, so keep reading to find out more.

What is an EPC certificate

An EPC certificate or Energy Performance Certificate as its full name was first introduced in 2007 & is an indication of a particular property’s energy efficiency.

The certificate details information about the typical energy costs of the property and also provides recommendations on how to improve it.

The certificate uses a rating system from A to G, with A being classed as very efficient and G being inefficient, the lower the rating the higher the running costs.

It highlights your current property's rating and the potential rating if you were to make all the suggested improvements.

How much does an EPC certificate cost

Obtaining an EPC certificate has no fixed cost, it can range anywhere from £45 to £100, excluding VAT, so when it comes to needing to acquire one it’s worth comparing several different companies.

The price can be affected by the size of the property that you own, how many bedrooms it has and the location in which you live.

Are you looking to sell your home?

How do I get an EPC certificate

An EPC is conducted and produced by Domestic Energy Assessors, the best way in which to choose who to use is to get a quote from a price comparison website.

Typically you will have to get an EPC when selling your property, however, they can still be useful to get as a matter of course as they can give you an indication of how to reduce your energy bills, some of the highlighted things could be as simple as changing your light bulbs to energy savers.

How long does an EPC certificate last / Is valid for?

Once you get an EPC certificate for your property it will remain valid for 10 years, which also means if you are selling your home and have had it less than 10 years you may not be required to update the EPC.

You may however choose to update your EPC before it runs out in order to get recommendations.

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