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If you want to sell your property quickly in this eclectic and bustling borough then get in touch. Our experienced team can offer you a fair cash sum in a timescale to suit you.

If you want to sell your property quickly in this eclectic and bustling borough then get in touch. Our experienced team can offer you a fair cash sum in a timescale to suit you.

Camden: Where punk meets posh, vintage vibes collide with modern cool. Explore bustling markets overflowing with unique finds, and wander cobbled streets lined with quirky cafes and vibrant street art. Catch live music in historic pubs, or delve into the rich history at Camden Market. A vibrant melting pot of cultures, Camden offers something for everyone, from trendy foodies to fashionistas and art lovers.

But, life can throw curveballs. Sell your Camden home fast when you need to, without the time constraints that the open market brings.

The traditional market isn't always the solution. Sudden job moves, family changes, or simply a desire for a fresh start – sometimes you need to sell your Camden property quickly. That's where we come in.

Forget months-long waits and uncertainty. We offer a fast, free, and secure way to sell your house in as little as 7 days. No more worrying about broken chains or financing delays.

We'll buy your house in 7 days!

Sell your house quickly for cash in Camden

Whether you’re a landlord looking for cash to buy property elsewhere, you've inherited a home in Camden that you don't want to keep or you’re having to move away for business, whatever your specific circumstances, we can help.

We're cash property buyers and we'll buy your home in as little as 7 days. If you're looking to sell in Camden or the surrounding area then we're able to offer you a hassle free, sell house fast service, which is much quicker & less stressful than traditional house sale methods.

Want a cash buyer for your Camden home?

Eager to get started? It's easy to find out how much your house is worth to us, all you have to do to get going is pop your postcode in the box above. Once you've entered your Camden postcode you will be prompted to answer a few easy questions about your property, like how many bedrooms it has.

If the property is eligible and we would be interested in purchasing it then one of our call handlers will contact you to find out more about it and your reason for selling. What’s more, all legal fees are included so there are no hidden costs.

Sell your Camden House online

If you want to find out how to sell your Camden home online, check out our simple process below! 

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Sell your house faster

No Stress, no hassle & a no obligation offer…

Reasons why sell house fast

We understand every seller's needs are unique, and the traditional market isn't always the best fit. That's where we come in – offering fast, hassle-free sales when you need them most.

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    Stuck in a broken chain:

    Release yourself from delays and uncertainty with a quick sale.

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    Inherited property:

    Sell quickly and avoid unwanted expenses and responsibilities.

  • plane
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    Job relocation:

    Focus on your new chapter with a swift and smooth transition.

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    Traditional market struggles:

    Ditch the frustrations and get a guaranteed offer.

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    Facing repossession:

    Explore options to regain control and secure your financial future.

  • house swap
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    Unlock equity and move into your next chapter with ease.

Areas we purchase around Camden

Looking for a fast and hassle free sale in Camden and the surrounding areas? Then look no further! As a cash buyer, we are interested in property across England and Wales. Don't worry about repairs or staging, we buy as-is. Get a fair cash offer and close in as little as 7 days, so you can move on with your life quickly and easily. We're especially interested in properties in and around Camden, including popular areas like:

  • Camden Town

  • Kentish Town

  • Primrose Hill

  • Hampstead

  • Belsize Park

  • Chalk Farm

  • Highgate

  • Gospel Oak

  • West Hampstead

  • Somers Town

  • Regent's Park

  • Camley Street

  • Caledonian Road

  • Camden Square

  • Queens Crescent

  • Mornington Crescent

  • Camden Mews

  • Kentish Town Road

  • Camden Lock Village

Benefits of sell house fast Camden

Whilst we can purchase your property in as little as 7 days, there are several other benefits for selling your home fast with us:

Say goodbye to hidden costs:

We cover your legal fees and eliminate hefty estate agent commissions, putting more money in your pocket.

Time is money:

The faster you sell, the less you pay in utilities and other bills.

You're in control:

Choose your closing date, not the market! Let your next chapter begin on your terms.

Direct, reliable buying:

We're true cash buyers, not middlemen. No delays, no complications, just a guaranteed sale.

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Camden cash buyers vs estate agents

Thinking of selling your Camden home? While estate agents are often the go-to option, you may wish to consider the benefits of a cash buyer like ourselves.

Looking for a fast, hassle-free sale? Forget months-long processes! We close in as little as 7 days, giving you swift access to your cash and moving on without delays.

Worried about broken chains or financing issues? With a cash buyer, those risks vanish. We purchase directly, ensuring a secure and guaranteed sale.

Estate agents have their strengths, especially for maximising sale value in a longer timeframe. But if speed, certainty, and convenience are your priorities, a cash buyer might be the perfect fit. 

Check out our table below, giving an overview of the two selling options and looking at how they compare: 

AspectCash BuyerEstate Agent
SpeedSpeedy closings, often within 7 days. Get cash in hand quickly and move on without delays.Months-long process prone to hold-ups due to financing, buyer issues, or chain breakdowns.
Reliability Guaranteed sale, independent of external factors. Avoid the uncertainty of failed financing or buyers pulling out.Sales can be volatile, susceptible to market fluctuations and unforeseen circumstances.
CostZero fees or commissions. Keep 100% of the agreed-upon price with no hidden costs.Incur fees and commissions, typically a percentage of the sale price, reducing your final profit.
Property Condition We buy as-is. Save time and money on repairs – any condition is welcome.Often requires properties to be in good condition, potentially costing you time and resources for renovations.
ProcessDirect and streamlined. We handle everything, minimising stress and paperwork.Complex processes with negotiations and mountains of paperwork. Expect time-consuming steps and potential back-and-forth.
Market ImpactLess affected by market fluctuations. Get a guaranteed price regardless of market conditions. Sale price and timeline can be heavily influenced by market trends.
PersonalisationTailored approach to your needs. We prioritize your goals and timeline.May offer less personalised service due to juggling multiple listings and clients.

Why sell your Camden house to us?

Selling your Camden property can be a daunting experience, but, it doesn't need to be. We are The Property Buying Company, and we offer a stress-free and secure alternative when it comes to selling your home. 

We like to think that there are many reasons why you would choose us to sell your Camden property fast. Unlike other cash buyers, we invest time in understanding you and your unique situation. We're not just interested in a quick sale; we want to help you achieve your goals with minimal stress. Think of us as trusted advisors, not just buyers.

With over 50 years of experience and direct access to cash reserves, we can close on your Camden property in as little as 7 days. No more waiting months for financing or worrying about broken chains. This means faster access to your money and freedom to move on with your life.

We're one of the most trusted cash buying companies in the UK, boasting over 1,000 excellent reviews on Trustpilot and memberships for both The National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman. This gives you the confidence and security you deserve when making a significant decision.

We believe in complete transparency. There are no hidden fees or commissions, and we'll clearly explain your options every step of the way. All we ask is a little of your time to understand your needs and property.

Ready to sell your Camden home with confidence and ease? Contact The Property Buying Company Camden today and experience the difference. We'll guide you through a hassle-free process and get you the cash you deserve quickly and securely.


How are you able to buy for cash?

We have a multimillion pound cash purchasing facility at our disposal which is available for us to buy any property.

How long will it take you to buy my house?

We typically say 7 days, but usually that is a little too quick for the customer, so as an average it’s usually around 2-3 weeks, although we have been known to buy a home in 24 hours before.

What types of property do you buy?

We can buy just about any kind of property, from large detached homes, cottages, terraces, barns, flats, bungalows to maisonettes and everything in between.

Will it cost me to get an offer?

Absolutely not, we’ll provide you with an offer on your home completely free of charge and with no obligation.

What are you waiting for?sell your house the easy way