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Hi, I’m Jo & I’m the Acquisitions Manager covering the South of England.

I’m married and have two adult sons – a woman never tells her age, but I’ll just say, I’m still working because I love it!

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What experience do you have in property?

My first experience in property was in my 20s, I started working in Mortgage Broking. At the time I was the only women broker in the Surrey and Sussex area, which was in a time before the computer so I was mostly out and about visiting lender managers to obtain the funding for my clients.

My degree is actually in design and when I married I actually left the property industry to pursue my creative side, starting a business with my husband. Eventually I found my way back to property when I needed to move to look after my father which was when I went to manage Chancellors Estate Agents in Surbiton.

I have bought and sold properties throughout, and dealt with the issues which many of our customers have including marriage, bereavement and probate, and divorce.

And finally, I’ve been at The Property Buying Company I became the Regional Manager for South of England in April 2015.

What’s your role at The Property Buying Company?

I would say that it’s my experience in both life and the industry, it enables me to understand their situation and assess the right potential solution to suit their circumstances. I always ensure that we are in a position to help when providing a contract, it needs to be right for both parties.

I always want the best for my customers!

Why should customers want to deal with you (what makes you special)?

I would have to say what really makes me stand out from the crowd is my experience. Helping vendors sell their property for over 10 years, but also having experience in helping buyers purchase new homes, and working with buy-to-let investors can really help me better determine the best option for my customers.

I always want the best for my customers!

What’s your proudest moment in the job?

I’ve got to say one particularly moment really stands out to me, and it was when I helped a 92 year old woman, she had a beautiful plat in Torquay but it was on the first floor with no lift, which wasn’t ideal. She couldn’t easily leave her house and just wanted to be on the ground floor.

I didn’t provide her with a contract offer straight away, as I wanted to ensure she had the adequate support to make an informed decision, so I went back when she had the family solicitor with her to ensure she was completely comfortable with everything. After several trips back to Devon, we managed to get her moved, and it was a really great moment.

What’s been your most challenging moment?

There isn’t many situations that are too challenging, I’ve seen it all! I do however struggle when there is a client that is unwell – it can be hard sometimes seeing those particular situations, but I’m always trying to help where I can.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I have a lot of different hobbies – one of the main ones would have to be music, I’m a fan of anything from classical like Prokofiev, to grunge like Nirvana and even Heavy Metal. I also enjoy reading, the theatre and going to museums. Finally of course, catching up with the family is also great.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Co-operative, knowledgeable and supportive

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