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  • Yash
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  • Property Consultant

Yash is one of the members of our Property Consultant team and his main role is to assist you with your property sale, suggesting which one of our sale routes may be most suited to your particular situation.

Although Yash is one of the relatively newer members of our team he has a wealth of experience in the sector. An easy to talk to, chatty person who will work hard to ensure that you’re getting a deal your happy with.

  • Yash was very

    patient, informed

    and helpful.

    He guided me through the process with

    patience and diligence.
    - Samina
  • Yash was


    so helpful

    and professional
    - Yasmin
  • Yash was an



    to talk to

    - Mr Edwards
Get to know Yash
What experience do you have in property?

My property career started a while ago, in fact it was straight after I finished university at 21 years old. I started on quite a traditional path, landing a position in Hyde Park as a letting agents, where I mostly dealt with student properties. During my time at the letting agents I worked my way up, all the way to Project Manager.

And over 10 years later I’m still in the property industry, and have developed my knowledge and experience that I’m excited to bring to The Property Buying Company.

What’s your role at The Property Buying Company?

I am a Property Consultant and what that generally means is that when you submit your details, I’ll generally be the first person that you talk too. What I will do at that point is assess your property and your circumstances to work out what our best option for you may be.

Why should customers want to deal with you (what makes you special)?

Well, the biggest reason is of course my knowledge of property and the fact that I can use that experience to help you. Other than that though, I would like to think it’s that I’m a nice, easy to talk to and chatty person who just enjoys speaking to new people!

What’s your proudest moment in the job?

Throughout my career I’ve had lots of great moments, it’s so hard to just pick one particular moment. Anytime I’m able to help someone it’s a great feeling, getting that call from the solicitors to tell me that everything is complete, and being able to share that is fantastic.

What’s been your most challenging moment?

I mean I bet this is a pretty common one for everyone, but the pandemic was a pretty challenging time, I was on furlough and I didn’t really know what would happen – and what was even going to happen with the property industry as a whole. At the time I lived in a small flat, so I majorly got cabin fever and struggled during this time, however I’ve come out the other side even more determined than ever!

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Considerate, funny and hard-working!

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