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Bexley is a popular borough and is Known as one of the safest and well-priced boroughs in the UK.

Living in Bexley offers residents a delightful blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience. Nestled in the southeast of London, this borough is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, historic charm, and a strong sense of community.

Residents of Bexley enjoy a wide range of beautiful green spaces which provides a serene escape amidst nature. The area boasts a rich history reflected in landmarks such as Hall Place and the Red House and Bexley's strategic location ensures easy access to central London and neighboring boroughs, making it ideal for commuters.

We know that circumstances can change quickly and you may need to sell your house faster than the open market can allow.

we'll buy your house in as little as 7 days!

Sell your house quickly for cash in Bexley

And this is where we come in. We are The Property Buying Company, a genuine cash buyer who are able to purchase your property in a  timescale that suits you. We specialise in fast house sales and are proud to be able to offer a swift and seamless avenue to sell your home. 

Whether you are looking to upsize or downsize, have suffered a break in your property chain, or are simply looking for a change, we can help. Whatever the scenario, if your house is eligible, we can buy your property within as little as seven days.

We make selling easy, so why not get a free, no-obligation cash offer? 

Benefits of selling your house fast in Bexley

Swift Sales

Our expertise lies in expediting property transactions, often finalising sales more quickly than traditional methods.

Fee-Free Experience

Opting for The Property Buying Company means waving goodbye to estate agent and solicitor fees when you sell your property.

Instant Cash Offers

Being cash buyers enables us to present you with a direct cash offer, bypassing the prolonged mortgage approval process and potential delays.

Personalised Solutions

Our approach is custom-tailored to suit your unique needs, accommodating properties ranging from cottages to apartments and beyond.

Hassle-Free Process

Designed for simplicity, our process spares you from the intricacies commonly associated with conventional property sales.

Transparent Procedures

The Property Buying Company is dedicated to providing a clear and straightforward process, ensuring transparency throughout the sale.

Guaranteed Sale

With a pledge to complete transactions in as little as seven days, we accelerate the process of unlocking your capital.

Adaptable Strategies

Our company offers flexible solutions, catering to sellers facing diverse situations and providing alternatives for those with time-sensitive needs.

Diverse Property Acquisitions

The Property Buying Company frequently considers various property types, broadening options for homeowners with different properties.

Efficient Online Processes

Commencing the selling process is often streamlined through an online platform, facilitating a convenient and efficient assessment of your property.

Why sell house fast?

We believe in honesty and transparency, so we keep this at the core of what we do. We openly evaluate whether our services align with your needs, as we know that we are not for everyone.

If you are comfortable with the traditional market's lengthy timelines and prioritise the potential for a higher sale price, our approach may not be the most suitable for you. However, if you find yourself in a situation where a faster sale is imperative, surpassing the open market's capabilities, that's where our expertise becomes invaluable. Our services often prove beneficial in specific circumstances, and here are a couple of common scenarios we frequently address:

  • Transparent icon with white lines of chain break
    Transparent icon with white lines of chain break
    Property Chain Interruption

    We can speed up the sale of your home, helping to mend any disruptions in the property chain.

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing repossession
    Transparent icon with white lines representing repossession
    House Repossession

    If you face the threat of repossession, we often have the ability to purchase your home swiftly, aiding in the avoidance of repossession.

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing inherited property
    Transparent icon with white lines representing inherited property

    In the case of inheriting a property, we stand ready to assist you in navigating the probate process with a swift and supportive approach.

  • Divorce

     Choose to sell your house promptly to us, enabling you to move forward with your life during challenging divorce situations.

  • Transparent icon with white lines representing for sale signs
    Transparent icon with white lines representing for sale signs
    Struggling for a buyer

    If your property is lingering on the open market without finding a buyer, our assistance is here to break the deadlock and facilitate a successful sale.

  • Relocation

    For those relocating due to work commitments, we offer a quick and secure option to sell your home.

Sell your house faster

No Stress, no hassle & a no obligation offer…

Want a cash buyer for your Bexley home?

If you are looking for a cash buyer for your Bexley property, then look no further. It has never been easier to sell your house for cash! All you need to do is enter your postcode and we will take care of the rest. 

One of our experienced team of property professionals will be in touch in order to get a better understanding of your property, as well as your motivations for selling. From there, we will be able to provide you with a no-obligation cash offer, and if you accept, we can get the ball rolling! 

Areas in Bexley where we buy 

Bexley is a lively and charming area of London, full of great local amenities and fantastic travel links connecting it to the rest of the city. As a cash buyer, we buy property all across the UK, and Bexley is no exception. We buy properties throughout Bexley, and surrounding areas, but here are some of our hottest area

Greenwich: Greenwich is a charming area with a rich maritime history, picturesque parks, and iconic landmarks such as the Greenwich Observatory and the Royal Naval College, making it a delightful blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Bromley: Known for its diverse mix of residential and commercial areas, Bromley offers a pleasant atmosphere with shopping districts, green spaces like Bromley Common, and a variety of dining options, making it an ideal place for both residents and visitors.

Dartford: Dartford, situated just east of Bexley, is notable for its historic market town charm, the Dartford Crossing providing easy access to Kent, and proximity to Bluewater, one of the largest shopping centers in Europe, making it a convenient and vibrant location.

Erith: Erith, within the London Borough of Bexley, is appreciated for its riverside setting along the Thames, a mix of modern and historic architecture, and local amenities that contribute to a comfortable and welcoming community.

Sidcup: Sidcup, located in the southeast of Bexley, is favored for its suburban appeal, green spaces like Foots Cray Meadows, and a range of amenities, making it an attractive residential area with a balance of tranquility and accessibility.

However, we are not just interested in the most popular areas that Bexley has to offer. As a cash buyer, we will buy any property, regardless of location or condition. So, if you have a property situated in an area that suffers a higher crime rate or that has issues with damp and mould, we will buy it regardless.

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Bexley cash buyers vs estate agents

Selling your home is a big decision, so it makes sense to weigh up the different avenues of selling to ensure that you are making the choice that is best for you. Choosing to sell your Bexley property with a cash buying company, such as ourselves, over traditional estate agents can provide you with numerous advantages. One of the biggest advantages to selling through a cash buyer is we are able to purchase your property with speed, unlike estate agents who require months to finalise a house sale. 

Furthermore, there are risks associated with estate agents that you can mitigate by selling through a Bexley cash buyer. Selling on the open market can leave you vulnerable to broken chains or financing issues, issues which are significantly reduced when selling quickly through a cash house buyer. 

There is no doubt that estate agents have their place on the market, especially for those who are seeking full market value and have the time to spend on a lengthier selling process. But if you are looking to sell quickly, or simply bypass the hassle, a cash buyer may be the route for you. 

Both selling through an estate agent and a cash house buyer come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Below we have given a brief overview of both of these options:

AspectCash Buyers Estate Agent
Speed of TransactionSwift completion, often within seven days.Typically requires several months, potential delays.
ReliabilityHighly dependable, unaffected by external financing.Sales may be precarious, susceptible to issues like broken chains or financing challenges.
CostsNo fees or commissions; all expenses covered.Charge fees and commissions, usually a percentage of the sale price.
Property ConditionWilling to buy properties in any condition.Often requires properties to be in good condition for a successful sale.
Sales ApproachDirect and streamlined processes.Involves intricate processes, including negotiations and paperwork.
Market ImpactSales ApproachHighly dependent on market conditions, affecting sale price and duration.
PersonalisationHighly personalised, tailored to individual needs.Service may be less personal, managing multiple listings simultaneously.
sell your house in Bexley fast

Why sell your Bexley house to us?

Although we may be slightly biased, we like to think that there are many reasons why you might want to sell your Bexley property to us. 

For a start, when you sell with The Property Buying Company, you are in excellent hands. But don’t just take our word for it. We have over 1,00 reviews on TrustPilot rating us as excellent and are proud members of both The Property Ombudsman and The National Association of Property Buyers. 

It’s safe to say we are the experts when it comes to property sales, with over 50 years of combined experience behind us. Our dedicated team of property professionals are beside you throughout every step of the selling process. We understand that selling your home can be a stressful and difficult experience, and we are here to simplify that process for you. 

We are proud to be able to offer a sell house fast service that is completely free, helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and securely. All we require is a little bit of your time to discuss the property and your motivations for selling, and we’ll be able to provide you with an initial offer, which we could have in your bank in as little as seven days…

If you are ready to start selling your Bexley property, simply fill in your postcode below to get the ball rolling!

Sell your Bexley house faster

No Stress, no hassle & a no obligation offer…


How are you able to buy for cash?

We have a multimillion pound cash purchasing facility at our disposal which is available for us to buy any property.

How long will it take you to buy my house?

We typically say 7 days, but usually that is a little too quick for the customer, so as an average it’s usually around 2-3 weeks, although we have been known to buy a home in 24 hours before.

What types of property do you buy?

We can buy just about any kind of property, from large detached homes, cottages, terraces, barns, flats, bungalows to maisonettes and everything in between.

Will it cost me to get an offer?

Absolutely not, we’ll provide you with an offer on your home completely free of charge and with no obligation.

Help & Advice

If you're interested in finding out more about our service and how it works, then you can view some of these informative guides and service pages:

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