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Springbok Properties Review

Cash buyers who claim to be the UKs most versatile property company

Springbok Properties overview

Springbok offer a slightly different approach to a cash buyer - sitting between that and a traditional estate agent.

In this article we offer an overview of the cash house buyer Springbok Properties, providing an insight into what they do, who they are, taking a look at their reviews, and everything else you need to know. You can quickly navigate through the article using the links below:

Who are Springbok Properties

No, it’s not the antelope… Springbok Properties offer a slightly different take to a cash buyer who aim to push your home sale through as quickly as possible but without buying it themselves, leveraging their network of investors and the open market. They deal with both buying and selling properties, claiming to offer a clear and transparent service keeping customers in the loop throughout the whole process.

They offer a few different solutions but essentially at their core, it’s just one, in which they market your property for you, much like an estate agent would. They state that their completion is between 20-70 days and they offer 5 different specialist services.

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What service do Springbok Properties offer?

Although it is stated that Springbok offers five different services they appear to mention two core services on their website. They operate as a cash buying company, so they will offer to buy your home or land quickly for cash – although they have an alternative service, which they will act as an estate agent and market your property.

Where are Springbok Properties based?

Springbok operate across the UK, but they have a head office based in Manchester, their address is:

  • Universal Square
    Devonshire Street North
    M12 6JH

What is their buying process?

They, unfortunately, don’t provide a detailed overview of how their service works, but they highlight three key steps:

  • Step 1

    Set an agreed target price

  • Step 2

    Accept the offer

  • Step 3

    Completion & money in the bank

They don’t go into depth about their valuation process, or how they provide you with a property offer, so you may have to enquire with them to find out more.

Springbok Properties reviews

We’ve taken a look at some of the popular review platforms across the web and provided their rating below:

PlatformReviewsRatingReviews below 3 stars

*Reviews are correct as of 28/05/21

Springbok opening times

According to their Google listing, Springbok Properties are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Their website confirms that you are able to get in touch with their sales team, viewings team & investors team 24/7, but there are no specified hours for sales progression or media.

Pros & cons of using Springbok

As with any service, there are pros & cons to Springbok Properties offers. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the positive and negative points, should you choose to deal with them:

✔ They aim to sell in weeks✖ Their site doesn’t seem transparent, they mention that you can sell in days, weeks, or months
✔ No sale or fees✖ 63% of their property sales take less than 60 days which is slower than most cash buyers
✔ Provide a free valuation✖ They only deal with properties between £30k & £300k
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Benefits & selling points

There appear to be a few main selling points that are consistently used throughout the Springbok website, here are the main ones that they highlight:

  • As they operate as an estate agent as well, they can get you up to 100% of your property's value.

  • The homeowner can get a higher percentage of the market value – it sits in between cash-buying companies & estate agents

  • You only ever pay fees after the sale is complete.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve found some questions that are regularly asked about Springbok and their business and answered them for you below:

Are Springbok Properties any good?

Although there appears to be a few mixed messages on their site as to what their service actually entails, generally speaking, the majority of their reviews are positive – they also sit somewhere between a cash buyer and traditional estate agent, meaning they can take the best from both, allowing a quicker sale than an estate agent and at a lesser discount or fee than a cash buyer.

What are Springbok Properties selling fees?

On their website, they specify that there are no fees until you exchange contracts, but they don’t mention what their fees actually are when you get to that point.

Who owns Springbok Properties?

The owner of Springbok Properties is Shepherd Ncube, he set up the company in 2012 and is the CEO.

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