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How Much Do Your Favourite Christmas Homes Really Cost?

We take a look at some of the most famous xmas houses!

Following a surge in search queries for the value of The McCallister House, and Walter Hobbs’ Apartment, we decided to find and value 10 of the UK’s most popular Christmas houses based on the volume of Google search. The team of valuators have valued each property, based on the square footage, neighbourhood comps, location, bedrooms, bathrooms, and average property price in the area.

We worked out the following houses are our top three in terms of value increase since the films release:

  1. Love Actually: Natalie’s House - The dodgey end of Wandsworth – +340%

  2. Love Actually: Peter and Juliet’s Notting Hill Home – +270%

  3. Home Alone: McCallister Mansion – +159%

Christmas With the Kranks - Chicago

Standing at number one, home to Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen in Christmas With the Kranks is listed at £800,000, the lowest value in our rankings. The home was actually a purpose built set, in fact the entire street was a set named as the Hemlock Street neighbourhood at Downey Studios California which is now closed. Valuing this home was particularly difficult as it doesn’t actually exist! However, looking at the location, and average price for a four bedroom, two bathroom detached with a garage, we valued the place at a steady £800,000, or $949,949 USD.

Love Actually, Natalie's Parents House - Wandsworth (The dodgy end)

At £1,000,000 or $1,187,436 the Wandsworth home, claimed to be in the ‘dodgy end’ by Natalie herself, is extremely telling of today's market and the London location. Is it in the dodgy end after all? A 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom mid-terrace home at this price is quite high, even for the bottom of our rankings!

The Holiday, Rosehill Cottage - Surrey

Rosehill Cottage really is a Christmas favourite. The cottage screams Christmas, situated in the middle of the beautiful snow filled countryside just 1.5 hours from London. Did you know, this was purpose built for the film, based on a different cottage? Whenever we think of ‘The Holiday’ this cottage springs to mind, it’s an absolute classic. The quaint home where Cameron Diaz spends her Christmas Holiday falling for Jude Law is valued at £1,100,000.

Deck the Halls, Cloverdale - Massachusetts

The beautiful home featured in Deck the Halls is set in the fictional town of Cloverdale, Massachusetts. This place is the perfect backdrop for a cosy Christmas movie featuring some not so healthy Christmas light competition. Judging the fictional location by the neighbourhood comps, location, average house price for this size, and everything else in between, we have valued this home at £1,200,000.

The Santa Clause, Scott's Home - Lakeside Illinois

Worth £1,520,000, THE Santa Clause house is 5th on our list. Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas at Scott Calvin’s house? (We’re talking after he gets his Christmas spirit).

Home Alone, the McCallister House - Chicago

Sixth in the list is the famous McCallister residence featured in Home Alone. Worth £2,000,000 the McCallister mansion features 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, including a beautiful grand entrance way, famous for the scene where Kevin uses the stairs to make his way out the house on his sledge! 

Love Actually, Peter and Juliet's House - Notting Hill

This Notting Hill property is number seven, at £2,150,000. The type of property and its location largely contributes towards the large price tag. This street is home to the famous cue card scene we all know and love. The perfect backdrop for a British Christmas film.

Home Alone 2 , Rob McCallister’s Townhouse - New York

Valued at £7.9 million, the New York townhouse is the eighth most expensive property in our list of Christmas favourites. The 5 bed, 3 bath townhouse is situated on 51 West 95th Street in New York, but actually filmed in a studio in LA. As long as the renovations are complete, we’d love to spend a Christmas here. 

The Holiday, LA House - San Marino California

Believe it or not, the £11,800,000 isn’t the most expensive property in the list, coming in ninth place. The LA Mediterranean mansion featured in the famous house swap Christmas movie features a swimming pool, gym, 7 bedrooms, and 6.5 bathrooms. The location, and sheer size and amount of space in this home is a large reason for the hefty price tag, we would definitely buy this, it’s worth every penny!

Elf - Walter Hobbs’ Apartment - New York, Central Park

The Walter Hobb’s Central Park apartment in New York tops the list at a huge £19,000,000. Would you buy this? The location itself is out of this world, with views of the city and Central Park, you can see why this property has such a huge price tag, even with only two bedrooms. This really is the perfect Christmas location, being a stone throw away from one of the most famous locations in the world, Central Park, featured in some of our favourite Christmas films.

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