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Best House Buying Companies in Manchester 2024

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With its thriving city centre, bevy of bustling bars and restaurants and not one but two premier league football teams, it’s no wonder why Manchester has been hailed one of the best cities in the world. But the hub of northern soul extends beyond the lively city streets. 

As we venture into Greater Manchester, the far reaching towns and villages have much to offer - and yet many homes continue to sit on the market for months, sometimes even years on end. 

The good news is that if you do have a property to sell in Manchester, there are lots of options available to you. From physical auctions and online auctions to estate agents, express estate agents and property cash buyers, how you proceed with the sale of your home is entirely your decision. The question is: what is the best option for you? 

In this guide on the best house buying companies in Manchester, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and find the best solution for your needs.

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What is a cash house buyer in Manchester?

In Manchester, a cash house buying company is exactly what it sounds like; a business dedicated to purchasing properties directly with cash, bypassing the need for mortgages or loans. These companies are akin to finding a cash buyer on the open market, yet without the necessity of shelling out hundreds of pounds on property marketing to draw them in.

Remarkably, as these buyers are often open to purchasing any property, regardless of its condition, sellers might find themselves in a more favourable position during negotiations. If the offer doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re free to walk away without any obligations.

Moreover, opting for a cash property buyer in Manchester brings several additional advantages. One of the most significant is the avoidance of the usual complications associated with property chains, including extended waiting periods and the potential for the chain to collapse. 

Another key benefit is the speed of transaction. Traditional property sales can drag on, with property experts noting that even in a buoyant market, the average completion time can be up to 90 days. 

Which is in stark contrast from the best house buying companies boasting about their ability to complete deals in as little as 7 days, offering a fast and hassle-free alternative for those looking to sell their homes in Manchester.  

Understanding cash house buyers in Manchester at a glance

Cash house buyers in Manchester offer a direct alternative to traditional estate agents purchasing properties with their own cash, bypassing the need for mortgage approvals and lengthy chains. This allows them to:

  • Complete faster sales: Completion times can be significantly reduced, often within weeks, compared to the average of 90 days for traditional sales.

  • Convenience: No need for viewings, marketing, or negotiations, simplifying the process.

  • Certainty: Guaranteed sale regardless of market conditions, offering peace of mind.

However, this means that you may face:

  • Lower offers: Cash buyers usually offer below market value, often around 70% to 80%, to account for their quick turnaround and risk.

  • Limited control: You have less control over the sale process and final price compared to traditional methods.

  • Due diligence: Choosing a reputable and transparent company is essential to avoid potential risks.

What questions should you ask yourself when using a Manchester cash house buyer?

Choosing the right and best house buying companies in Manchester depends on your individual priorities, you will need to consider the following:

  • Speed: How quickly do you need to sell?

  • Price: Are you willing to accept a lower offer for a faster sale?

  • Control: How much involvement do you want in the selling process?

  • Reputation: Research the company’s experience, reviews, and memberships in professional bodies. 

Don’t hesitate to contact multiple companies and compare their offers and processes before making a decision. We at The Property Buying Company are confident we can provide a smooth, straightforward, and ethical experience tailored to your unique needs. 

What Manchester cash house buying jargon do you need to know?

In the Manchester housing market, cash house buyer is the most common term used for companies that directly purchase properties with their own funds, but there are several other variations that exist:

  • Direct cash buyer: This emphasises the company’s ability to purchase your property outright without relying on external financing. 

  • Quick house buyer: This highlights the speed and convenience of selling your property through these companies, often completing transactions within weeks.

  • Fast house cash offer company: Similar to quick house buyers, this emphasises the speed and ease of receiving a cash offer for your property.

  • We buy any house company: This refers to companies willing to purchase any property, regardless of its condition or location.

  • Home buying service: This broader term encompasses both ash buyers and traditional estate agents offering various selling options.

  • Investment buyer: While not all cash buyers are investors, some companies may focus on acquiring properties for investment purposes.

  • Property investor: This broader term refers to individuals or companies who purchase properties for investment purposes, not necessarily through cash buying services.

It’s important to note that some variations might be used by less reputable companies, so conducting through research and due diligence is important before engaging with a cash buyer. 

Obviously, you should always try to sell your Manchester home with the best house buying companies, which is why you should continue reading…

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Are companies that buy houses in Manchester for cash legit?

In Manchester, the emergence of companies offering to buy homes for cash has sparked a conversation about their legitimacy. The answer is largely yes, however the degree of legitimacy can vary depending on the cash buying company you choose to engage with.

Engaging with a reputable Manchester cash buyer can mean you have a smooth and stress-free house sale. But, the risk of stumbling upon a less reputable buyer exists, as it does in any industry, not just the property sector. 

Usually reputable cash buyers operate with a level of transparency and efficiency that appeals to those looking to sell without the usual delays and uncertainties of the traditional housing market. In Manchester’s property landscape, where the demand for quick sales is high, these companies provide a valuable service.

However, it’s essential for homeowners to conduct due diligence and research. Look for companies with a strong track record and positive reviews from previous house sellers in the Manchester area. Transparency about the process, fees and timelines are very important. 

Reputable Manchester cash buying companies are often members of professional bodies such as the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) or adhere to The Property Ombudsman (TPO) codes of practice, offering an additional layer of confidence and security to sellers. 

Understanding the traits of a trustworthy Manchester cash buyer can be hard, especially in a market where the quick sale industry remains unregulated. The lack of regulation isn’t unique to the property sector; it extends to other emerging industries in the UK, such as cryptocurrencies and certain new financial services.

This unregulated nature doesn’t inherently mean risk, but it does show the importance of doing thorough research and understanding the industry before proceeding with a sale. Currently you’re doing exactly that - equipping yourself with the knowledge to find the best Manchester quick sale company.

Are the best house buying companies all legit?

The legitimacy of cash house buyers can vary significantly. While reputable companies prioritise ethical practices and transparency, others may operate with less stringent standards. 

While there isn’t a formal classification system for cash house buyers, they can be broadly categorised based on their operating model, target audience and level of legitimacy:

Established cash buyers

The best house buying companies fall under this category and tend to be reputable companies with a proven track record that have positive customer reviews. They might be members of professional bodies like NAPB or TPO and offer transparent processes, clear communication and fair offers. 

Independent cash buyers

Although smaller than the best house buying companies, independent cash buyers will operate locally or regionally, and offer competitive prices with personalised service. There may be varying levels of experience and legitimacy, and focus on distressed properties. You will need to carry out due diligence when considering an independent cash buyer.

Niche cash buyers

Niche property buyers focus on specific property types or situations such as probate properties, inherited homes or properties requiring refurbishment. They will have experience in their niche and offer tailored solutions and expertise. However, they may not be members of any professional boards and operate under the radar of review platforms. 

Less reputable cash buyers

You will want to stay clear from these cash buyers, as they exhibit unethical practices such as lowball offers, hidden fees or apply pressure tactics. They may lack transparency in their processes and communication. 

What is the best way to sell your Manchester home?

There are many different ways in which you can look to sell your home. You can list your property with a local estate agent, put it up for auction or you can leave it in our capable hands.  

As one of the best house buying companies, we will offer a fair price for your home, taking into consideration the condition, location and legal. Typically, our cash offer comes in at around 80% of the market price - sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. And of course, you are under absolutely no obligation. 

As reputable cash home buyers, our mission is to make selling property easy by offering a fast, fuss-free sale solution that works for you. We work to a timescale that suits you and we’ll even cover all of the fees involved to give you one less thing to worry about. So, if you’ve been searching for the best cash house buyers, here we are! 

With an abundance of industry knowledge, together with over 100 years’ combined property-buying experience, we have successfully tailored our process to help ensure everything is entirely stress-free.  

With an unwavering commitment to optimal service, you can count on our free property buying service to take care of everything so that you don’t have to. So, whether your home is in pristine condition or it's in need of an entire renovation, we are highly experienced, reputable cash home buyers ready and waiting to buy your property.  

What should you look out for when selling to Manchester quick house sale companies?

When considering a sale to Manchester best house buying companies, the process of vetting can seem more complicated compared to traditional estate agents. 

Unlike high street estate agents, these quick house sale companies predominantly operate online, presenting a unique set of challenges for sellers in Manchester aiming to ensure they’re dealing with a legit cash buyer. 

Here are some things to look out for:

Companies claiming to buy houses for cash

In Manchester, a city with a progressive housing market, it’s important to understand whether a company truly has the financial reserves to purchase your property outright. While some claim to be cash buyers, they may rely on loans or external financing, which can introduce uncertainty and potential delays into the sale process.

True cash buyers should have the funds readily available, granting them full control over the transaction without external dependencies.

Professional affiliations

Legitimate Manchester quick house sale companies will often be members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). Membership in these organisations is a sign of credibility and adherence to certain standards.

However, it’s wise to verify their active membership, as some less scrupulous companies might display these logos without being genuine members. A quick call to these organisations can confirm a company’s legitimacy.

Lead generation websites

In the digital-first property market of Manchester, distinguishing direct buyers from lead generation platforms is important. The after exist solely to collect your information and sell it to actual buying companies, often without your explicit consent. Engaging directly with a genuine buying company ensures transparency and avoids unnecessary middlemen.

Physical presence

A legitimate cash buying company’s physical address can reveal much about their operations. A Google Maps search can provide insights into whether they have a substantial office presence or if their listed address doesn’t align with a legitimate business operation. 

In Manchester, a city known for its commercial diversity, genuine companies often have a verifiable office space adding an extra layer of trust.

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How do cash house buyers Manchester work?

Before you sell your house with a Manchester cash buyer, it’s important you understand how they work. Unlike traditional estate agents, Manchester quick sale companies offer a distinct path to selling your home, one that eliminates many of the usual steps involved in the open market.

The direct route to selling your home

Choosing to sell your home for cash in Manchester means bypassing the usual marketing and search for a buyer. This streamlined process is particularly beneficial for those needing a swift sale. 

Proud to be one of the best house buying companies, at The Property Buying Company, we operate a speedy (but thorough) 3-step house sale process that makes selling your home easy. 

Step 1 

Enter your postcode online 

Step 2 

Get your free offer 

Step 3 

Sell fast without fees 

Using a cash house buyer in Manchester step by step process

Obviously it isn’t that easy. Below is a deep dive into how our service, and how other Manchester best house buying companies operate:

1. Making the initial contact

Whether you opt to connect through a company’s website or prefer a more personal touch with a phone call, the first step is reaching out. A conversation over the phone can provide insights into the buyer’s approach and reliability.

Don’t hesitate to ask probate questions to gauge their expertise. Comparing responses from different companies can help you identify the most knowledgeable and suitable buyer for your needs. 

2. Property evaluation

When a Manchester-based cash buyer shows interest, be ready with all the details about your property. They’ll likely use tools like Google Maps and HM Land Registry, alongside local ingiths to assess your home’s value. 

Being upfront about any issues, such as the property being unmortgageable or needing repairs is vital. It ensures transparency and prevents any last minute hitches in the sale process.

3. The offer and negotiation

After evaluating your property, a genuine cash buyer will make an offer. It’s important to remember that this offer might be below market value, as cash buyers aim to make a profit. However there’s room for negotiation, especially if you can justify a higher price with evidence, such as recent improvements that have increased your home’s value.

4. Agreeing on timelines

Once you accept an offer, you’ll discuss timelines. In Manchester where the property market can move quickly, having the flexibility to set a moving date that suits your needs is a major advantage of selling for cash.

5. Legalities and surveys

The buyer will arrange for surveys, similar to a conventional sale and work with you to manage the legal aspects swiftly. Cash buyers often have strong relationships with solicitors, facilitating a quicker process.

6. Completion of sale

The final steps involve the exchange of contracts, making the sale legally binding, followed by completion when the balance is transferred, and the property officially changes hands. The entire process can be significantly faster than selling through traditional means. 

Is it worth selling your Manchester house to a property buying company?

Selling your house to a property buying company in Manchester can feel a little bit unnerving - particularly if you haven’t used a property buying company before. As with any means of selling your home, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to consider.

However, if you have been nervous about the service we, or another property buying company offers, rest assured that everything is completely legitimate and as a major plus, the process is incredibly swift and easy. 

Some would argue that the main ‘downside’ is the price your home is sold for. However, when you consider the fact that we cover all the fees, as well as removing the stress associated with selling your home entirely, the prospect of a cash offer at 80% of the market value (approximately), is definitely worth considering.  

At times, the property market can be fickle and unpredictable, and even the most beautiful homes can be left sat on the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla for lengthy periods of time - and as we know, the longer a home is on the market, the less appealing it tends to become. 

So, if you’ve spotted another property you love, but can’t pursue until you sell yours, or you’re simply hoping to get the home off your hands as soon as possible, enlisting our help may just be the best thing you ever do. 

We understand all the emotions involved when it comes to selling a house. It’s exciting, scary and completely overwhelming at times, which makes it all the more important that you have complete faith in who you’re selling your home to and how. 

If you’re in need of any extra information or you’d like to discuss the prospect of selling your home to us, call us on 0800 024 8444, and we’ll be happy to advise. 

In the meantime, you may wish to find out more about the Manchester property market, in which case, be sure to check out our ‘Sell Your House Fast in Manchester’ page. You can also learn more about Cash Property Buyers in Manchester, too. 

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What sale options do Manchester house buying companies offer?

The best house buying companies in Manchester haven’t gotten to where they are by offering one sale option. They understand that all sellers or vendors have different needs and therefore have adapted their offering. 

Whether you’re facing financial difficulties, relocating quickly or simply seeking a hassle-free sale, these companies offer solutions that cater to the Manchester housing market.

Direct cash purchase

Direct cash purchases are the standard within the Manchester house buying market, which offers a fast transaction. They are ideal for sellers looking for an immediate sale without the delays associated with traditional market listings.

This option eliminates the property chain, reducing the risk of sales falling through and enabling faster completion times, often within weeks.

Assisted sale

Some companies provide an assisted sale service, where they work to sell your property on the open market within a specified timeframe. This can potentially secure a higher price than a direct sale, while still offering more speed and certainty than going it alone.

From listing to completion, the company manages the process, offering expert advice and marketing strategies tailored to Manchester’s housing market.

Lease options

For homeowners not in a rush to sell and looking for a steady income, lease options allow you to lease your property to the buying company with an agreement to purchase at a later date. 

This option provides regular rental income while securing a future sale, offering financial stability and time to plan your next move.

Tailored options

Recognising that every seller’s situation is unique, many Manchester house buying companies are willing to discuss bespoke solutions. Whether it’s a deferred sale, a part exchange or another creative option, they aim to accommodate specific needs.

With an in-depth understanding of Manchester’s neighbourhoods, from the bustling city centre to suburban areas, these companies can offer targeted advice and flexible options that align with local market conditions.

What Manchester sale options do The Property Buying Company offer?

As one of the best house buying companies, we understand that selling a property in Manchester can be a complicated process with various needs and considerations. We offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your specific circumstances.

Fast cash purchase

Our primary focus is to provide a hassle free, direct cash purchase for your Manchester property. This ensures a quick and straightforward sale with no waiting periods or uncertainties.

Alternative options

If a cash offer doesn’t suit your needs, we offer additional services:

  • Online estate agency: Using our local expertise and marketing strategies to reach the right buyers for your property, maximising its visibility and appeal. Whether you have a trendy apartment or a spacious family home, we tailor our approach to its unique characteristics.

  • Auction services: Gain a competitive edge by putting your property in the spotlight through our auction branch. This method can potentially result in a faster sale compared to traditional methods, especially for unique or high demand properties.

  • Investment opportunities: We understand the Manchester investment market and can connect you with suitable cash investors, even if it’s not us directly.

Commitment to transparency and trust

We are proud members of The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers, ensuring you receive transparent, fair and ethical service throughout your selling journey.

We’re dedicated to doing business with you and supporting your sale in any way possible. Our comprehensive sale options reflect our commitment to meeting your needs.

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The best Manchester house buying website in 2024 are:

In the heart of Manchester, where the property landscape is as diverse as its vibrant communities, finding a trustworthy quick sale company can feel like navigating a maze. The key to unlocking the best options isn’t just about the companies themselves, it’s about listening to the voices of Mancunians who’ve walked this path before you.

Many of your fellow Manchester residents once had the same concerns: Can I truly trust a property buying company? Their experiences, shared openly across platforms like Truspilot offer a window into the reliability and performance of these companies.

To save you the legwork and ensure you’re getting advice from those who truly know, we’ve delved into Trustpilot reviews to compile a list of the top-rated quick house sale services as of 2024:

RankingCash Buying CompanyTrustPilot Rating (/5)Number of Reviews
1The Property Buying Company 4.62,024
2We Buy Any Home4800
5Zoom Property Buyer3.413

*Last updated on 19th February 2024

the best of the best

Which Manchester house buying company is the best?

With so many Manchester home buying companies to choose from, it can be overwhelming when looking for best house buying companies. At the end of the day, choosing the right cash buying company depends on your individual priorities. 

If speed and convenience is paramount, a cash buyer like We Buy Any Home or SmoothSale might be suitable, despite the lower offer price. However, if you prioritise maximising your sale price and have our time, using a traditional estate agent like GoodMove could be a better option.

Zoom Property Buyer presents an interesting option with its faster turnaround time and personal approach, but the lack of transparency and newness raise some concerns. 

The best option in Manchester would be to use us, The Property Buying Company where we can offer the quick house sale option, all while offering the most competitive cash offers on the market, utilising our extensive property knowledge, learnt from over a decade in cash house buying.  

Manchester cash house buyer breakdown:

We Buy Any Home

We Buy Any Home stands out for its rapid service, promising fast cash offers with the aim of completing purchases within just 7 days. The allure of no estate agent fees or additional charges, coupled with national coverage makes it a tempting option for many.

They also guarantee a sale regardless of market conditions. However, the downside includes receiving offers below market value, usually around 70% to 80%, limited control over the sale process and a preference many exclude complicated or distressed properties.


GoodMove differentiates itself by offering a range of sale options, including traditional and online estate agency services alongside cash buying. Their transparent fee structure and local market expertise are designed to effectively market properties. Additionally there are no upfront costs with fees applied only upon sale.

Yet, the potential for a lower sale process through estate agency routes, the lack of a guaranteed sale and potentially high estate agent fees post significant considerations. 


SmoothSale promises a fast and straightforward service, echoing the 7 day completion target with no hidden fees. Their use of RICS accredited valuers for determining offer prices and the promise of 24/7 support highlight their commitment to transparency and customer service. 

However, similar to other cash buying options, offers may fall below market value and the process affords little control to the seller. The lack of detailed information of their website and the process and qualifications might also give some potential sellers pause. 

Zoom Property Buyer

Zoom Property Buyer claims an equally fast transaction period, covering all legal valuation fees, which could speed up the selling process. Their personal approach, including face-to-face meetings and registration with The Property Ombudsman, suggests a degree of consumer protection.

Nonetheless, the company’s lack of transparency regarding offer prices and process, limited online presence, and uncertain reputation due to its relative newness in the market may raise questions for potential sellers. 

The Property Buying Company

Selling your Manchester property with confidence, choose The Property Buying Company. We stand out from the crowd by focusing on what truly matters: providing reliable, personalised solutions that meet your unique needs.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Experienced and Trustworthy: Our team of 35+ property professionals boasts over 100 years of combined experience. We are direct cash buyers, not lead generators, ensuring your privacy and data security. Our membership in The Property Ombudsman and National Association of Property Buyers reinforces our commitment to ethical practices.

  • Tailored Options, not Limited Choices: We offer multiple selling options beyond just a fast cash offer. Choose from cash purchases, online estate agency services, or auctions, maximising your control and potentially achieving a higher sale price.

  • Transparency and Clarity: We clearly outline all processes, benefits, and fees (we cover everything) on our website. You can make informed decisions with confidence.

  • Local Expertise: For Manchester sellers, our in-depth market knowledge translates into valuable insights and personalised service.

  • Direct cash sale: While we do have other options to explore, we will always try to buy your house first, with our direct cash sale service. 

  • Focus on Your Goals: We connect you with suitable cash buyers, even if it's not us, ensuring you reach the right audience.

Selling your Manchester property shouldn't be stressful. Contact The Property Buying Company today for a smooth, straightforward, and ethical experience.

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