Selling a house at auction in Leeds

Is it worth selling a house at auction in Leeds?

Life in Leeds is full of possibilities, but sometimes new beginnings require letting go of the old.

Perhaps you’re drawn to a quieter life, a new career path, or maybe you’ve inherited a property and are unsure of the next step. Whatever the reason, selling your Leeds home can feel overwhelming. Navigating the property market can be confusing and maximising the value of your asset is a top priority. 

Whether you dream of a fresh start in the Yorkshire Moors, are relocating for work, or are managing an inherited property in Horsforth, the decision to sell is significant. It’s about closing a chapter, but also ensuring a smooth and rewarding transition.

Enter the world of property auctions, an option you might not have considered yet but one that offers many unique advantages for diverse situations. This guide delves into the process, benefits and considerations of selling Leeds house at auction.

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The benefits of selling a house through auction in Leeds

Selling house via auction Leeds is presents a particularly appealing option for those looking for a fast sale process, or if they are aiming to achieve the highest possible price for their property. Selling at auction in Leeds comes with several distinct benefits that cater to a variety of seller needs and situations. 

Certainty of a successful sale 

Selling your Leeds property through an auction is a secure process, and you’re guaranteed the certainty of a successful sale. When you have a winning bidder, a legally binding contract is formed between you and the successful bidder. 

This contract states they can’t change their mind on the purchase without penalties. Generally, the successful bidder puts a 10% deposit down on the auctioned house on bidding day and pays the rest within 4 to 8 weeks. 

When you compare an auction to a traditional selling process, there’s always the chance of a buyer backing out or something falling through in the property chain.  

The prospect of many buyers  

Auctioning your property in Leeds opens up the prospect of potential buyers. In auction houses, you’ll have groups of serious buyers, such as open-minded developers or cash investors interested in their next property project. 

With more potential buyers, you’re more likely to create a bidding war and receive a higher price than expected for your property. 


The range of buyers also means you’ll have a broader audience to sell to. If you find your property has severe damage or is unsellable, a buyer searching for a ‘fixer-upper’ may answer your selling issues.

Essentially, there is a buyer for every situation, whether you have an old home or a neglected property.  

Quick sale turnaround 

Selling house through auction Leeds is a blessing for a quick turnaround, whether you’re keen to sell fast or want to avoid a tedious selling process. When the property sells, contracts are exchanged immediately and completed within 4 to 8 weeks, usually in 20 working days. 

It’s in the buyer’s best interest to move fast because they may lose the deposit or have to pay penalties if they don’t. Estate agents have a longer process, taking months and an average of 25 weeks. 

Achieve the best possible price. 

You want to make the most money possible when selling your home, especially if you choose the auction route. If your property has many attractions, such as a sought-after location or unique features, you may receive a higher price than your expected base rate. Auctions allow people to compete with bidders wanting to outbid each other. 

The more people and interest you have, the higher the price. The auction process is also known to be successful, with a 75%-80% success rate, putting your property up for the best possible price for a suitable buyer. 

Transparent Process  

Selling a house can be daunting, and like many, you’d want a smooth process and why an auction is hugely beneficial. As the process is transparent for potential buyers, it’s also for you as the seller because you can witness and achieve the open competition of a group of buyers. 

You can also see how many people are interested, the price they’re bidding for and the type of bidder. It can help you be more involved in witnessing the entire auction process.

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The risks of selling Leeds house at auction

When considering the various avenues for selling a property, it’s important to weigh the potential risks alongside the benefits, including when options to sell at Leeds auctions. Selling houses via auction Leeds, while offering some pretty good benefits, also carries its own set of disadvantages that sellers should be aware of before proceeding. 

You may not sell 

Auctions generally have high success rates, but there is always the risk of your property not selling. These reasons can include the property type, market conditions, timing of the auction, or the audience doesn’t see potential in the home you’re selling.  

Before you sell your house at an auction, set a reserve price, which is the lowest amount you will accept. You may not get the price you hoped for if potential buyers don’t meet the reserve price or increase it in any way, and there’s always the risk that the property may not sell. 

The auction themselves don’t have control over the final price as it goes to the highest bidder, whether that’s your reserve or higher.  

The costs involved  

Although selling Leeds house at auction is a simple process, there are some costs to consider, such as the entry fee, solicitor fees and auctioneers’ commission. Usually, the auctioneer’s commission is 2.5% of the sale price and can be altered based on the auction house. 

With solicitor fees, the cost can vary and the same with advertising fees (for the auction house to market your property before selling). Some auction houses have a ‘no sale, no fee’ basis for auctions. 

Your property needs to be ready.  

As the process of an auction is pretty swift, your property needs to be ready for sale. Consider removing all your belongings and clearing the house out, ensuring the new owners can do with the property whatever they wish. 

If you don’t have the property ready, it can create a more stressful situation for you to sort quickly once the home sells. 

Is it a good idea to sell a Leeds house at auction?

Deciding whether selling Leeds house at auction is a good idea depends on several factors related to your circumstances, the nature of the property, and your goals for the sale. Here are some considerations to help you determine if an auction is the right choice for you:

Advantages of Selling Leeds house at auction

Selling Leeds house at auction is particularly suited to those who value speed, competitive pricing and a straightforward, secure transaction.

 Whether you’re dealing with a property that may have niche interest, looking to liquidate assets quickly, or simply wish to avoid the uncertainties of the open market, an auction provides a viable, efficient and potentially profitable route to selling your home. 

  • Speed of Sale: One of the primary benefits of selling via auction Leeds is the speed at which the sale can be completed. Once a bid is accepted, the buyer is legally bound to purchase, and the sale process usually concludes within 28 days. This can be particularly advantageous if you're looking for a quick sale.

  • Certainty: Auction sales offer a high level of certainty. Once the hammer falls, the sale is legally binding, which means there's less risk of the sale falling through compared to traditional sales methods.

  • Competitive Bidding: If your property is attractive or unique, an auction can generate competitive bidding, potentially driving the price higher than you might achieve through a private sale or via estate agents, especially if there's high demand or the property appeals to investors and developers.

  • Transparency: The auction process is transparent; you can set a reserve price to ensure you don’t sell below a minimum acceptable value. Buyers bid openly, so you can see the market's real-time response to your property.

Disadvantages to selling house via auction Leeds

While selling Leeds house at auction can be a highly effective route to a quick and competitive sale, it’s important to enter the process with a clear understanding of the potential risks and challenges.

  • Not for Every Property: While auctions can be ideal for properties that are unique, in need of renovation, or likely to attract investor interest, they may not be the best route for all types of homes, especially those that might appeal more to traditional buyers seeking a ready-to-move-in property.

  • Costs: Selling at auction in Leeds involves certain costs, such as auctioneer fees, marketing expenses, and legal fees, which can be higher than selling through an estate agent. It’s important to factor these into your decision.

  • Reserve Price Risks: Setting a reserve price too high might deter bidders, leading to the property not selling. Conversely, if the reserve is set too low, there's a risk of selling the property for less than you hoped.

  • Market Conditions: The success of an auction can be influenced by market conditions. In a buoyant market, you're more likely to attract competitive bidding, but in slower market conditions, the property might not achieve your desired price.

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How does selling a house at auction in Leeds work?

Selling a house at auction in Leeds can be a great and efficient way to sell their property quickly and efficiently. Auctions work by bringing motivated buyers together in a competitive environment, in order to foster higher selling prices, especially for properties with unique characteristics. 

Selling house via auction Leeds is particularly appealing for properties that have a niche buying market, like tenanted properties or properties in need of renovation. Auction houses are particularly effective at creating a sense of urgency among buyers, leading to a faster sale compared to traditional methods.

For Leeds residents, auctions offer a straightforward and fast route, bypassing potential uncertainties and delays often associated with open market sales. However, before you decide whether to sell a house at auction in Leeds, it’s important to understand the little bits of jargon:

  • Fees: Similar to estate agents, the Leeds auction house takes a commission from the final sale price, usually around 2.5% +VAT.

  • Reserve Price: This is your secret minimum acceptable price. The auctioneer cannot sell below this figure, which can be up to 10% higher than the guide price.

  • Guide Price: This is an estimated value to give potential buyers a general idea of your expectations. Remember, the final selling price at auction can be higher or lower than the guide price.

Something to remember is that Leeds auctions offer a fast-paced environment potentially leading to a higher-than-expected price, but it’s a gamble compared to the traditional market.

Before you think about selling your Leeds house at auction, you may want to consider:

  • Do you want a quick sale?

  • Are you comfortable with potential uncertainty in the final price?

  • Have you researched reputable Leeds auction houses?

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What is the Leeds auction selling process?

When selling Leeds house at auction, there are several key steps to ensuring a smooth and successful sale of your home. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of the Leeds auction process:

1. Choose a reputable auction house

Choosing the right Leeds auction house will heavily influence your outcome when selling a property at auction. You will need to carry out some research of the auction house, and see what their track record is.

2. Property valuation & reserve price:

Once you have chosen your Leeds auction house, they will carry out a house valuation to determine its market value and establish a reserve price, which is the minimum acceptable selling price.

3. Marketing your property:

Your property will be showcased on the auction house’s website, catalogues, and other channels to maximise exposure to potential buyers.

4. Auction day:

Your property will be presented to bidders. If bids reach or exceed your reserve price, the highest bid wins and the sale proceeds. Auctions are legally binding, so the winning bidder is committed to purchasing the property.

5. Completion:

Following the auction, contracts are exchanged, and the sale is usually completed within 28 days, significantly faster than open market selling options — but it’s not the fastest…

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What are the alternatives to selling Leeds house at auction?

For those considering selling house via auction Leeds, there are several other options available, from selling privately, to selling via an estate agent to selling through a cash buyer:

Selling methodTime to sellPossible selling priceFeesAdvantagesDisadvantages
Auction28 daysCan be higher than market valueAuction house fee (2.5% +VAT)Quick sale, competitive biddingUncertain final price, requires upfront effort, less control
Estate agent90 daysMarket valueEstate agent fee (1% - 3%+VAT)Professional guidance marketing expertise, wider reachCan be slow, lower control over price, fees
Part exchangeSubject to new build availabilityMarket value of your old homeFees may varyQuick sale, guaranteed buyerLimited choice of new properties, potentially lower selling price.
Cash house buyer1-2 weeks30% - 20% Below market valueVaries on companyQuick and guaranteed sale, no viewingsLower selling price, less negotiation
The Property Buying Company7+ days15% - 20% Below market valueNo feesCovers legal fees, fastest sale option, no viewingsLess negotiation, less control

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