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The Most Expensive Area in Leeds to Live 2024

The poshest places to live in Leeds

Much-loved West Yorkshire city Leeds is regularly compared to the capital city of London with its public transport, attractive outdoor spaces, burgeoning culture and food scene and sporting culture, but it has always proven cheaper. 

It is popular generally because the cost of living in Leeds is more affordable than in other major UK cities, such as London. According to Numbeo, rent in Leeds is, on average, 59.0% lower than in London and Leeds is 21.8% less expensive than London without rent. 

But, there are still some seriously expensive properties in the capital of the North, and these streets could set you back some serious cash.

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Why is Leeds so wealthy?

Leeds, one of the UK's largest cities, has a reputation for being a wealthy and economically vibrant centre. Its prosperity can be attributed to a combination of historical factors, strategic geographic location, and a diverse economic base. 

This wealth is not just in monetary terms but also in cultural, educational, and social capital. Understanding the factors behind Leeds' affluence provides insight into its status as a leading city in the UK.

Did Leeds get its wealth from the industrial revolution?

Leeds' wealth initially stemmed from its role during the Industrial Revolution, when it became a major centre for the wool and textile industries. The city's strategic position on the River Aire facilitated easy access to water for manufacturing processes and transportation of goods. 

Over time, Leeds diversified its industrial base to include engineering, printing, and chemical manufacturing, laying the groundwork for a robust economy. This industrial heritage set the stage for the city's prosperity by establishing a strong work ethic and a foundation for growth and innovation.

Is Leeds in a good area?

Leeds benefits from a strategic geographic location in the heart of the UK, making it a critical transport and logistics hub. Its proximity to major road and rail networks facilitates easy access to other key cities and ports, boosting trade and commerce. 

Leeds Bradford Airport connects the region with national and international destinations, further enhancing its appeal for business and tourism. This connectivity has been crucial in attracting investment and fostering economic development.

How is Leeds’ economy?

The city has successfully transitioned from its industrial roots to a more diversified economy. Leeds is now recognized as a key financial and business services hub, second only to London in the UK. It hosts a significant number of banks, law firms, and insurance companies, contributing to high levels of employment and wealth creation. This sector's growth has attracted a skilled workforce and spurred further investment in the city's infrastructure and amenities.

Does Leeds have a good diversity?

Leeds' wealth is also evident in its rich cultural and educational landscape. The city is home to several universities and higher education institutions, attracting students from across the globe. 

This vibrant academic community fuels innovation, research, and development, contributing to the city's economic dynamism. Additionally, Leeds' cultural scene, with its numerous museums, galleries, theatres, and music venues, enhances its attractiveness to residents and visitors alike, further boosting the local economy.

Leeds' wealth can be attributed to a combination of historical industrial strength, strategic geographic advantages, a diversified economy with a strong financial services sector, and a rich educational and cultural scene. 

These factors have worked together to create a resilient and dynamic economy capable of adapting to changes and seizing new opportunities. As Leeds continues to evolve, its ability to blend tradition with innovation will remain key to its ongoing prosperity and status as a leading city in the UK.

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What is the most expensive area in Leeds? 

Wigton Chase, Leeds – £1, 455,000 

Once home to the wealthiest of the wealthy in Leeds, Wigton Chase had been referred to as the Premier League footballer’s neighbourhood of the city. 

The scene was set for the stunning street by Leeds Live in 2021, “Surrounded by green space, and too many golf courses to count sits a quiet, gated residential street in Leeds. 

“Wigton Chase's impressive homes have been a sought-after commodity for years, and numerous Leeds United stars have been known to snap up properties in the area.” 

While many have commented on the constant changes on the street since families first settled there decades ago, but many love the gated cul-de-sac feel and the golf courses in the surrounding area. 

People have also commented on the strong community feel in the street after the pandemic. 

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What are some other expensive areas in Leeds? 

Bracken Park, Scarcroft – £1,366,250 

In the gorgeous LS14 postcode, this street is home to some seriously impressive homes, with some boasting five or more bedrooms and five bathrooms. This green and gorgeous street is home to some seriously expensive properties with some fetching well over £1,600,000 on the market.  

With beautiful views over open countryside and neighbouring Scarcroft Golf Course, the area of Scarcroft itself is conveniently located almost midway between Leeds and the quaint market town of Wetherby. The area is well served with shopping and recreational facilities including several excellent golf courses and the David Lloyd Leisure Centre, a popular choice locally. 

Alwoodley Gates, Leeds – £1,298,750 

Stunning Alwoodley Gate is located in the northern part of Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

It is part of the Alwoodley area, which is known for its green spaces and seriously expensive housing. Properties in the area are close to gorgeous green spaces, other massive homes, and local golf courses and sports clubs.  

It has a well-connected local community, with active neighbourhood groups bringing the area together. New build properties from the early noughties which were once worth £900,000, are now selling, with massive extensions and planning opportunities for comfortably over £1.5 million. 

Near popular local exploration area, Eccup Reservoir, Alwoodley Gates is a stunning place to build a life. 

Ling Lane, Scarcroft – £1,548,750 

Between beautiful Brandon Golf Course, Moor Allerton Golf Club and Scarcroft Golf Club, quiet Ling Lane is a hot spot for pricey property and big homes. Properties on the road tend to retain unique craftsman-made features and countryside quaint allure.  

In between the most expensive properties sits some smaller, more budget-friendly homes that could be perfect for a small family. Some homes boast swimming pools and huge gardens, but what seems to be amiss in this North Leeds street is a neighbourly atmosphere. 

One resident told Leeds Live in 2022: "I’ve lived here for about 10 years. I moved here from LS16. There isn’t any neighbourly atmosphere around here, no one ever speaks to anyone else because they’re rich.” 

If high gates and a bit more solitude and privacy are for you, a Ling Lane mansion may suit you. 

Alwoodley Lane, Leeds – £1,476,200 

Neatly between Sandmoor Golf Club and Moor Town Golf Club in North Leeds, Alwoodley Lane has all of the appeal of a gated community surrounded by wealthy golf players and city types and the delights of the Yorkshire countryside mere minutes away. 

With impressive local schools, a stone’s throw away, like the Leeds Grammar School, it’s an attractive area to buy for families. Properties in the area generally sell for around £1.5 million and this street is home to whopping great detached properties with five or more bedrooms but also to some more affordable semi-detached properties that are a bit smaller. 

In fact, sold prices in Alwoodley Lane over the last year were 14% down, according to Rightmove. 

Manor Gardens, Thorner – £1,081,400 

Beautiful Manor Gardens in the village of Thorner is just eight miles from the city centre.  Thorner is a very highly regarded village in north Leeds and locals enjoy a rural, tranquil setting with the surrounding countryside and a fabulous range of amenities. 

For towering mansions with private pools, and even equestrian centres for anyone into horseriding, Manor Gardens has become known for the big price-tag properties it is home to. You’re in luck if you are keen to move too, as house prices on the street have fallen dramatically over the past year.  

Wigton Gate, Leeds – £1,074,166 

Sitting comfortably around the million-pound mark, properties in Wigton Gate are notably close to all of the other expensive, posh streets in North Leeds. Still pleasantly close to beautiful golf courses and nicely placed near the city, there are a range of property prices both above, and significantly below the average price in the street. 

There are some beautiful properties to invest in around the £900,000 mark, and some for even lower if you fancy more of a project. 

Manor House Lane, Leeds – £2,366,666 

The Silver Tuna of expensive streets in Leeds and its glorious leafy suburbs is Manor House Lane. Privacy and security are top priorities here and dense forest encroaches over the street with branches casting shadows across the unmarked lane, creating a dark, intimate feel. 

The tight-knit community puts their exclusive safety first, and you will likely be met by large electric gates at every property you come across on the incredibly expensive lane. The street of homes with around six or seven bedrooms, and beautiful grounds has seen prices fall a little as the market has changed, but you are still looking at well over £1.5 million for a substantial home there.

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Where is the posh part of Leeds?

Leeds, a city known for its vibrant culture and diverse communities, also boasts several upscale areas that are considered "posh" by many. These areas are characterised by their desirable residential properties, high-end amenities, lush green spaces, and excellent connectivity to the city centre. 

Here's a look at some of the most prestigious parts of Leeds, where affluence and luxury meet the charm and history of this northern city.


Regarded as one of the most affluent residential areas in Leeds, Alwoodley lies to the north of the city centre. It is well-known for its spacious, detached homes set in peaceful, leafy surroundings. Alwoodley is home to several golf clubs, including the prestigious Alwoodley Golf Club, and offers easy access to the scenic Yorkshire Dales. The area's schools are highly rated, making it a popular choice for families.


Another highly desirable area in Leeds is Roundhay. Known for its beautiful park, Roundhay Park, which is one of the biggest city parks in Europe, this area offers a blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. 

The residential streets are lined with grand Victorian and Edwardian homes, and the area boasts a variety of boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants. Roundhay is ideal for those who appreciate outdoor activities, community feel, and architectural elegance.


Horsforth, situated to the northwest of Leeds city centre, combines the charm of village life with the amenities of urban living. It has a thriving community with a strong sense of local identity, evident in its lively town street filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. 

Horsforth is also known for its good schools and beautiful parks, making it a hit with professionals and families alike. The area offers a mix of housing, from traditional stone terraces to modern apartments and large detached homes.

Chapel Allerton

Chapel Allerton is a vibrant suburb located just a few miles from Leeds city centre, offering a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a friendly village feel. The area is popular among young professionals and families, thanks to its eclectic mix of independent shops, cafes, and bars, alongside a range of housing options from Victorian terraces to stylish apartments. 

Chapel Allerton has a lively arts and events scene, adding to its appeal as a fashionable and dynamic place to live.

Leeds has several areas that can be classified as posh, each with its unique charm and appeal. From the leafy, spacious surroundings of Alwoodley and the natural beauty of Roundhay to the vibrant community atmosphere in Horsforth and Chapel Allerton, these areas offer a high standard of living within close proximity to the city centre. 

While the definition of 'posh' can vary depending on individual preferences for amenities, environment, and lifestyle, these areas consistently rank as some of the most desirable places to live in Leeds.

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