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Leeds Online Estate Agents - How We Compare

Leeds online estate agents

With its flourishing business culture, prosperous university campus and vibrant city atmosphere, Leeds is an incredibly exciting place to be, right now.

Previously overshadowed by neighbouring northern cities - Manchester for example - Leeds is continuing to develop into a truly beautiful city with much to offer those who live here. 

When it comes to the Leeds property market, business really is booming - but whilst there are a wealth of estate agents Leeds to choose from, for many, buying and selling property has never felt more challenging.

The good news is that we are here to help! On this page we will cover who the best Leeds online estate agents are, and how you can sell your Leeds house fast.

Sell your house to a trusted cash buyer

Who are the best Leeds online estate agents?

Selling your house in Leeds? Online estate agents can offer a convenient and potentially faster alternative. But with various options available, choosing the right one requires understanding their services and how they cater to your specific needs. 

Let’s delve deeper into three popular Leeds online estate agencies: The Property Selling Company,, and Purplebricks (formally Strike). We’ll explore their unique selling points and see which one might be the best fit for you.

The Property Selling Company

The Property Selling Company prioritises customer service, ensuring you feel informed and supported throughout the selling process. Headquartered in Leeds, they combine local expertise with the efficiency of online services.

They stand out for offering a completely free service, including legal costs. This is ideal if you’re budget conscious.

While a newer company, their team boasts years of experience. They aim to sell your house in 28 days for Full Market Value (or potentially more). However, achieving Full Market Value within such a short timeframe may not always be realistic. allows you to choose between a quick cash offer or their online estate agency service. Both options aim for faster sales compared to traditional methods. 

The base online service incurs no upfront fees, However you can choose to add extra marketing options for a more aggressive sale strategy. 

Their service is ideal if you prioritise a quick sale over maximising the final price. Their streamlined process can be particularly helpful in time-sensitive situations.

Strike / Purplebricks

Purplebricks are a recognised name in online estate agents, and offer national coverage. While they advertise a “sell your home for free” model, be aware that crucial services like viewings, photography and open days come with additional fees. These are essential for effective property marketing.

Additional marketing efforts are likely needed to stand out in the competitive Leeds market and come with extra charges. The basic package includes listings on major property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, but a successful sale might require more.

What should you consider when choosing a Leeds online estate agent?

Selecting the right Leeds online estate agent involves balancing factors such as the cost of services, the speed of sale and the level of support you’ll receive. Each of the mentioned agents offers a distinct approach to selling your home:

  • The Property Selling Company: Is ideal for sellers seeking a comprehensive, fee-free service with a local touch.

  • Appeals to those looking for quick, straightforward sales, with the option to choose between cash offers and a more traditional but accelerated selling process.

  • Purplebricks: Suits sellers who prefer a well-known brand with a broad reach, provided they are mindful of the additional costs for essential marketing services.

In making your decision, consider what aspects of the selling process are most important to you — whether it’s minimising costs, selling quickly, or having a high level of service and support. 

If you are looking to sell your house quicker than that an online estate agent can offer, then you may want to consider selling to a Leeds cash house buyer like us instead. Where online estate agents can offer house completions in 2 or 3 months, we can offer them in 7 days.

Sell your house in as little as 7 days

How do we compare to the best Leeds online estate agents?

Looking to sell quickly in Leeds? While online estate agents offer competitive fees, they can’t match our speed. Our sell your house fast service gets you cash in just 7 days, compared to the typical 28-day online agent timeline.

We understand selling Below Market Value isn’t ideal. That’s why we’re upfront about it and eliminate the hidden fees often associated with online estate agents. This includes solicitor fees, saving you money on top of the faster sale.

Selling Below Market Value with our service could still net you a similar outcome to using an online estate agent. Consider the combined cost of their fees, solicitor fees and the longer selling time that might impact your final offer.

When should you use a Leeds cash buyer to sell your house?

Our service is perfect if you need to sell quickly due to inheritance, relocation with a tight deadline or facing financial difficulties. We have spent the last 12 years perfecting our service, making sure that it is as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

We can purchase houses in as little as 7 days, and if we can’t buy your property directly, then we have different arms of the business to help facilitate the sale of your home. We offer a free cash offer to help you make an informed decision.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a divorce, you’re facing prison time, repossession or just need to sell your house fast, we can help you get there.

Selling through an Leeds online estate agent might be a good option if you have time and want to potentially maximise the selling price. However, if speed, certainty and a stress-free process are your priorities, we’re the ideal choice.

Sell your house online for free

Should you sell your house with an online estate agent in Leeds?

Choosing between an online estate agent or a cash property buyer boils down to your own needs and goals. Each method offers advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs, priorities and the current property market.

Advantages of Leeds Online Estate AgentsDisadvantages of Leeds Cash Buying Companies
Reaching a wider market through online listings can lead to a higher sale price compared to a cash buyer.Expect to receive a significantly lower price compared to the market value.
You have more control over the selling process, setting the asking price, managing viewings and negotiating offers.Cash buying companies usually have specific criteria for the properties they purchase.
Fees are usually upfront and clear, often structured as fixed fees or percentages of the final sale price.Little to not control over the selling process or the final sale price offered.
Choose the level of service needed, from basic listing to more comprehensive support packages.
Advantages of Leeds Cash Buying CompaniesDisadvantages of Leeds Online Estate Agents
The fastest way to sell your property, often closing within weeks or even days. Finding a buyer through the traditional market can take longer compared to a cash buyer.
No need to worry about finding a buyer or the sale falling through.You might need to invest time and effort in marketing your property effectively.
Minimal effort required from you. The company handles most of the paperwork and completion process.There’s no guarantee of a sale, and the sale process can fall through if buyers encounter financing issues.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on where your head's at. Consider your timeline, budget and level of involvement you’re comfortable with when making your decision. It’s also wise to research both online estate agents and cash buying companies in Leeds to compare their services and offerings. 

Sell your house fast online for cash

Why choose us instead of online estate agents Leeds

While we are not an online estate agent Leeds, here at The Property Buying Company, we operate a fresh and contemporary approach to selling property, significantly minimising those frustrating complications and making for a much more fluid process.

In terms of the properties we buy, we are fully open and we see opportunities where others likely wouldn’t. So, whether your home is in pristine condition and in the most sought after area in Leeds, or it’s in need of a lot of work and comes with a far less desirable postcode, we’re still very much interested to find out more. 

If a timely process is something of importance to you, you’ll be pleased to hear that we work to an average timescale of just 2-3 weeks, which, when you consider most homes sit on the market for around 3 months, is pretty impressive!

Homes with us tend to achieve around 80% of their market value and unlike Leeds online estate agencies, as well as dealing with all the administration, we also take care of those frustrating additional costs, making us the cheaper option. 

From surveyance fees to those pricey solicitor fees, we cover everything, meaning that the money you are offered is yours, with no hidden costs. If you want to find out more about our service, why not fill out the postcode form below and get your free no-obligation cash offer, and see what we can offer you.

What makes us different to other Leeds cash buyers?

As we hope we have convinced you so far, selling your house quickly for cash in Leeds can be attractive, but not all cash buyers are created equal.

We understand your property is unique. Unlike many cash buyers who offer generic lowball offers, we consider the specific features and condition of your home when making a fair and competitive cash offer.

Selling Below Market Value isn’t ideal, but we’re upfront about it. In fact, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations for a cash offer. Our team of property consultants ensure that all of our cash offers are competitive and according to real local housing market conditions. 

Our streamlined process gets you cash in hand fast - often within 7 days. We keep you informed throughout the entire process, so you always know what to expect. No more chasing unresponsive buyers or dealing with frustrating delays. 

But, don’t just take our word for it, be sure to check out our TrustPilot reviews - we are the most rated UK cash house buyer. Whether you choose us or not, we’re happy to provide a free no-obligation cash offer for your property and expert advice on your best course of action. 

We’re confident we offer a fast, fair, and hassle-free solution for selling your Leeds home for cash. Contact us today and see the difference!

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