6 Cheap Places to Live in Leeds 2024

Cheap places to live in Leeds

Cheapest places to live Leeds

You’ve finally found yourself in a position to get on the property ladder, and Leeds, the stunning, West Yorkshire city, is just miles away from breathtaking landscapes and the great outdoors. 

Leeds is a pretty affordable option. The cost of living in Leeds is generally more affordable than in other major UK cities, such as London. According to Numbeo, rent in Leeds is, on average, 59.0% lower than in London and Leeds is 21.8% less expensive than London without rent. 

This makes it an even more tempting option as it is so close to the countryside. Even if the Dales don’t lure you in, there are still great opportunities to recharge outdoors in Leeds city centre itself. The city offers plenty of green spaces. Parks like Roundhay Park and the Leeds Liverpool Canal are particularly popular for walkers, runners and cyclists.

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6 Cheapest places to live in Leeds 2024


Just a mile north of the city centre, inner-city gem Harehills is an area in the LS9 postcode, and it has been known for its affordable housing. With houses being valued at an average of £154,140 over the last year, the popular spot has suffered from issues with violent crime. 

According to Rightmove, semi-detached properties sold for an average of £202,227, with flats fetching around £141,250. 

Overall, sold prices in Harehills over the last year were 6% up on the previous year and 11% up on the 2021 peak of £139,258, so we can expect prices to keep on rising. 

Popular local spots and attractions include Piassa Ethiopian Restaurant, Roundhay Park, The Compton Centre and Anand Sweets, where the areas local diversity is celebrated. 


Also just a mile from the city centre in the west of the city, located in the LS12 postcode, Armley is another area that has been relatively more affordable. It offers good transport links to the city centre and has had an average property price of £159,181 over the last year. 

People are quick to discuss the area’s great amenities online, but many also note the local area’s deprivation. 

According to Rightmove, most sales in Armley during the last year were terraced properties, selling for an average of £155,529. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £186,931, with flats going for around £102,897. 

If you are property hunting in the area, check out lovely stops such as the Leeds Industrial Museum, Retroland and the Florence Cafe. 


This high-rise estate neighbourhood built in the 1960s is in the LS9 postcode, and it has seen regeneration efforts in recent years meaning property prices may vary. However, over the past year, the overall average price of a Burmantoft property is around £105,922.  

Popular purchases were terraced properties, selling for an average price of £101,673. Flats sold for an average of £116,012, with semi-detached properties going for around £151,000. However, it is one of the only parts of the city where house prices continue to fall. 

It’s worth exploring Nowell Mount Park, Burmantofts Pottery and easy access to a whole host of live music and cultural events in the city. 


Suburban Beeston is in the LS11 postcode, two miles south of the city centre on a hill. Due to levels of crime, it is often considered more affordable than some other areas, but it has good local amenities. Properties have gone for an average price of £143,343 over the last year. Beeston is home to the Leeds United football club stadium on Elland Road, which has an active fan base and is also home to Hunslet rugby league club. 

Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £181,580, with detached properties fetching £312,590, a considerable amount more, according to Rightmove. 

Overall, sold prices in Beeston over the last year were 2% up on the previous year and 16% up on the 2021 peak of £123,848, the property selling website shared. 

Some of the attractions in the area such as the trampoline park, cinema and Middleton Railway are a big draw. 


Formerly home to the first legal red light district in the UK, Holbeck, also in the LS11 postcode, has seen redevelopment projects and may have more affordable housing options. Working class Holbeck is a mixed industrial and residential area with small terraced houses, local shops and pubs, and theatre at The Holbeck, a traditional working men’s club.  

Regenerated enclave Holbeck Urban Village has offices and studios in former Victorian warehouses and factories, the hub of growth in the area. It’s also home to Granary Wharf, a trendy development of modern apartments, cool bars, and eateries overlooking the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.  

Properties in Holbeck had an overall average price of £113,284 over the last year and most sold houses were terraced. Flats sold for almost double the average price of terraced houses. 

Popular attractions in the area include Northern Monk Brewing Co, Granary Wharf and Kitty Cafe Leeds. 


Two miles east of the city centre, Osmondthorpe is becoming more popular with first-time buyers. With a mix of flats and houses, and recent attempts at regeneration, it has become much more attractiv e in recent years resulting in an increase in property prices. 

According to Rightmove, Osmondthorpe had an overall average price of £258,440 over the past year. The most sold properties were semi-detached houses, selling for an average price of £232,490, whereas detached properties sold for a significantly higher average of £422,818, with terraced properties fetching £204,818. 

Sold prices in Osmondthorpe over the last year were 8% up on the previous year and 24% up on 2021’s £208,242. 

Many are drawn to the amenities of the local area such as Thwaite Watermill, Temple Newsam and Go Ape. 

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Is Leeds cheap to live in?

Leeds, a vibrant city in the heart of West Yorkshire, England, offers a unique blend of historical richness, cultural diversity, and modern amenities. With its strong economy, especially in sectors like finance, legal, and retail, Leeds has attracted a diverse population. 

The cost of living in Leeds, like any city, depends on various factors including housing, transportation, groceries, and leisure activities. Understanding these aspects can provide a clearer picture of whether Leeds is considered cheap to live in.

Is Leeds housing cheap?

The cost of housing in Leeds varies significantly depending on the area and type of accommodation. Generally, living in the city centre is more expensive than the suburbs or outskirts. 

For renters, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is higher than in the outskirts. Meanwhile, purchasing property in Leeds can also vary widely, with prices reflecting the desirability and amenities of different neighbourhoods. Compared to larger UK cities like London and Manchester, Leeds is often considered more affordable in terms of housing.

Is Leeds transport cheap?

Transportation is an essential factor to consider when evaluating the cost of living. Leeds offers a range of public transportation options, including buses and trains, which provide efficient connections within the city and to other parts of the UK. 

The cost of public transport is reasonable and on par with other cities of similar size. For those who prefer driving, fuel costs and parking fees must be considered, which can add to the monthly expenses but are generally in line with national averages.

Is it expensive to eat out in Leeds?

The cost of groceries in Leeds is comparable to other UK cities. Large supermarket chains offer competitive prices, and there are numerous options for budget-friendly shopping. Eating out in Leeds can cater to all budgets, from affordable cafes and fast food to more upscale restaurants. The city's diverse culinary scene means that there are options for every taste and budget.

How expensive are Leeds’ museums and galleries?

Leeds boasts a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene, with costs varying widely depending on the activity. Museums and galleries often have free entry or nominal charges, while attending live music, theatre, or sporting events can be more costly. 

The city's many parks and outdoor spaces offer free leisure options. Membership fees for gyms and clubs are comparable to those in similar UK cities.

Leeds offers a cost of living that is generally considered affordable compared to larger UK cities, though not necessarily "cheap" by all standards. Housing, while variable, offers better value than in more expensive parts of the UK. Transportation, groceries, dining out, and entertainment provide a range of options to fit various budgets. 

As with any city, individual lifestyles and choices will significantly impact overall living costs. For those seeking a balance between urban amenities and affordability, Leeds presents an appealing option.

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Is it hard to rent in Leeds?

Renting in Leeds, as in any major city, comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. The city's popularity among students, young professionals, and families due to its vibrant culture, educational institutions, and employment opportunities means that the rental market can be competitive. 

However, understanding the nuances of the rental process, market trends, and preparation can significantly ease the experience.

What is the renting market like in Leeds?

Leeds has a dynamic rental market, influenced by its diverse population and economic opportunities. The demand for rental properties varies throughout the year, often peaking around the start of the academic year due to the influx of students. 

This seasonal variation can make finding accommodation more challenging during peak times. Additionally, certain areas within Leeds are more sought after due to their location, amenities, and connectivity, making the competition for rental properties in these areas fiercer.

What types of rental properties are in Leeds?

The city offers a wide range of rental properties, from studio apartments to large family homes, catering to different needs and budgets. However, the type of property you're looking for can affect how difficult it is to rent. 

For example, affordable one-bedroom apartments in popular areas or near universities may be harder to secure due to high demand. On the other hand, larger properties or those in less central locations might be easier to find.

What is the cost of a rental property in Leeds?

Prospective renters in Leeds need to be financially prepared. Most landlords and letting agencies require a security deposit along with the first month's rent upfront. There may also be application fees, though these have been reduced or altered following recent legislative changes. 

Having a stable income and a good credit history can make the process smoother. For students and individuals without a rental history, securing a guarantor is often necessary.

Rents typically range from around £525 pcm (per calendar month) for a small flat in an outlying area to over £2,250 pcm for a luxury flat in the city centre.

How do you find rental properties in Leeds?

While the internet is the most common tool for finding rental properties, competition can make it hard to secure a property solely through online listings. Engaging with local letting agencies directly can provide access to new listings before they are advertised online.

Additionally, building a good rapport with agents and landlords, and being ready to move quickly with paperwork and deposits, can improve your chances of securing a desirable rental.

Renting in Leeds can be challenging, especially during peak demand periods and within highly sought-after areas. However, by understanding the rental market's dynamics, being financially prepared, and using both online and direct engagement strategies, finding and securing a rental property is entirely feasible.

Flexibility regarding location and property type, along with readiness to act quickly when opportunities arise, are key to navigating Leeds' competitive rental market successfully.

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