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Rocketing mortgage rates and expensive fees can prove problematic not only for buyers, but sellers, too.

In a lot of ways, it’s never been more difficult to buy a house, which is one of the reasons some homes are left sitting on the market for prolonged periods of time - less than ideal for those that want their homes off their hands as soon as possible. 

The good news is that at The Property Buying Company, we buy all homes irrespective of their condition and location, and with an average sale time of just 2-3 weeks, the process is super speedy, too.  

Here we identify the best area in Leeds to live in right now. Ideal for first time buyers, Leeds and surrounding areas are awash with affordable 2-3 bedroom homes that are likely to prove great investment opportunities in the long term.

Sell your Leeds house fast

What are the best areas to sell house in Leeds?

1. Osmondthorpe (LS9) 

With an average house price of £187,430, this East Leeds location sits just two miles from the city centre, making it a popular location for those working in the city and for first time buyers craving closeness to amenities and conveniences.  

2. Holbeck, Beeston (LS11)  

Boasting an attractive average house price of just £116,787, both Holbeck and Beeston benefit from an easy commute into the city centre. The low average deposit rate makes this part of Leeds ideal for first time buyers hoping to get on the property ladder.   

3. Hunslet, Belle Isle, Middleton (LS10) 

 Sitting just a mile out of the city centre, the LS10 area of Leeds has an average house price just shy of £158,000. House styles here are varied and the area has benefited hugely from the economic success of the city. This is most certainly one of Leeds’ up and coming areas.   

4. Armley, Wortley (LS12) 

With Leeds City Centre just 1 mile away, LS12 is home to both Armley and Wortley and boasts a commendable average house price of approximately £147,000. Leeds property experts believe this area is well worth investing in, particularly for first time buyers keen to break into the property market. The community here is flourishing - plush with attractive amenities, together with the appeal of Leeds Centre sitting within easy reach.   

5. LS14 – Seacroft 

 With its rich history and charming selection of houses, Seacroft offers a spectrum of different homes to suit a variety of budgets. The average house price here is around £213,000, and serves the ideal spot for those looking to invest in property for the first time.  

 6. LS13 - Bramley 

 A diverse and cultural area with much to offer its residents, Bramble has a strong community feel, with attractive amenities ranging from a local swimming centre, a host of different parks, various pubs and a small shopping centre. The average house price here is just shy of £213,500.   

 7. LS3. City Centre 

 An area of heightened popularity with young professionals, the LS3 area of Leeds is perfectly positioned on the doorstep of the city centre. Frequent links in and out of the city make it ideal for those working in the city and the abundance of red brick Victorian terraced homes are among the most affordable in the region. Purchasing a property is a real investment opportunity, particularly for first time buyers. 

 8. LS27 – Morley, Churwell 

 With its vibrant community feel and charming unique identity, Morley has an average house price just short of £187,000, making it a great option for first time buyers. Residents enjoy a short commute in and out of the city and the host of attractive amenities and beautiful parks are just a couple of the area’s most attractive benefits.  

 9. WF3 – Robin Hood, Tingley, Lofthouse 

 Made up of the likes of Tingley, Lofthouse and Robin Hood, the WF3 area of Leeds has a much more rural feel, with some of the most beautiful countryscapes just a short distance away. Neighbouring towns and cities can be accessed easily via the impressive transport links, meanwhile the close connections into Leeds City Centre make it ideal for young professionals.  

 10. LS2 – Leeds City Centre 

 And finally, with an average house price of just over £142,500, Leeds City Centre is booming not only from a business perspective, but from a home investment perspective, too. Leeds City Centre, albeit one of the most affordable areas in the region, is developing fast, making it a very worthwhile area to invest in.

We will buy your Leeds house for cash

Why should you sell to us if you live in Leeds?

There are several advantages to selling to The Property Buying Company, especially if you live in Leeds areas like Osmondthorpe, Holbeck, Beeston, regardless of your home’s area average house price or proximity to the city centre.

Firstly, as cash house buyers we can complete your house sale much faster than traditional buyers who rely on mortgage approval. This can be vital if you need to move quickly due to a job change, inheritance or other reasons.

With us, your sale is guaranteed once the offer is accepted. This eliminates the risk of the sale falling through due to mortgage problems or other issues with traditional buyers.

There is no need to prepare your house for viewings or deal with the hassle of negotiations. We will either buy the property “as-is”, or put you in contact with our investor list who will do the same too.

Our entire process is less stressful than selling on the open market, this is because there are fewer steps involved and you won’t have to worry about the sale falling through at the last minute. 

All in all, we can purchase your house in as little as 7 days, for cash, usually below market value and help you access funds far faster than the open market.

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