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Selling your property in Bristol can be daunting, whether selling for the first time or moving on to your next chapter.

When selling your home, there are many considerations, such as how you’re selling it, how quickly you’d like to sell and how involved you’d be in the process. 

If you’re considering selling your property with an online Bristol estate agent, here’s our guide to online estate agents in Bristol.

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What is a Bristol online estate agent?

Forget those pricey high-street estate agents! Online estate agents are shaking up the Bristol property scene. They offer sellers a way to sell their homes online, cutting out the middleman and saving you loads on estate agent fees. 

Now it's true, online estate agents usually mean a bit more DIY when it comes to selling. Photos, write-ups, viewings- that might fall on you. But don’t worry, some online estate agents (we call them hybrids) now have Bristol-based ‘local property experts’ ready to take care of those bits if you need a hand.

What you get with an online Bristol estate agent depends on if they’re fully online or a hybrid. Hybrid estate agents usually cover the basics like a good high street estate agent: valuations, getting your place up on the big property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, and complete viewings. 

Others might even get stuck into the nitty-gritty, negotiating offers and sorting out the legal stuff. 

The best bit? Online Bristol estate agents often charge a flat fee, somewhere between £300 and £1,500. You pay this upfront, and it doesn’t matter how much your house sells for. That means you could walk away with a lot more cash, especially if you’re selling a place with a decent price tag.

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What are the differences between online and traditional estate agents in Bristol?

Selling your home in Bristol involves deciding on the right type of estate agent to guide you through the process. While both online and traditional estate agencies offer their advantages, understanding their approaches is important for an informed decision. 

How does the process work in Bristol?

Online estate agents

When selling your house in Bristol with an online estate agent, you will need to pick and choose the services you want; valuations, marketing, viewings, negotiations, and pay a set fee for each bit. 

They will then list your property online where Bristol buyers are looking (Rightmove, Zoopla, etc). Some packages might include a professional photography and marketing brochure production, but some will require you to do it yourself. 

Online Bristol estate agents might rely on web data for valuations so they could miss the finer points of your Bristol neighbourhood.

Traditional estate agents

Traditional estate agents will handle the lot! From a property local valuation of marketing, viewings, those tricky offers and even chats with the solicitors, they’ve got your back. 

But, you should remember that traditional estate agents earn a percentage of your final selling price, which in Bristol averages out at 1.44% +VAT.

How does the price differ?

If you’re selling your home and want to keep more money in your pocket, online estate agents might be the best way to sell. Forget those fancy high-street agents with their hefty commissions - a percentage of your final selling price. 

Online Bristol estate agents charge a flat fee, depending on what services you need. That means those selling a pricier Bristol property could end up saving significantly more.

Let’s break it down:

  • Traditional agents: Say your house sells for £350,000 and the estate agent charges 1.3% commission - you’re looking at a whopping £4,550 in fees. 

  • Online estate agents: Their flat fees usually range from £300 to £1,500. Even if your place sells for a top price, that’s all you pay. 

Now, there is a catch with online Bristol estate agents - you usually pay upfront, even if they don’t sell your home. Traditional estate agents only take their cut when the deal’s done. Some even offer a “pay later” option, giving you a bit of breathing room.

Which is better in terms of speed?

Selling a house can take time, no matter which estate agent you go with, online or traditional. Both can take anywhere from 4 to 12 months, but here’s the thing with online estate agents, you’re in the driver's seat. 

By choosing the services you need (like viewings or negotiations), you can potentially speed things up a bit. 

High street estate agents take care of everything, but that can also mean a longer wait. With online estate agents, if you’re quick with the photos, write a great property listing and get those viewings booked, you could complete the sale in a flash.

Which communicates better?

Effective communication is essential throughout the property selling process, which is why online estate agents communicate primarily online and through call-centres. They offer online portals with access to helplines or chat services, as well as offering 24/7 support. 

Traditional estate agents on the other hand will rely on phone and email, with many estate agents working more standard business hours like 9 to 5 Monday to Wednesday.

We also offer 24/7 support...and we're free!

The cheapest online estate agents in Bristol

A quick search for ‘cheapest online estate agents’ will bring up a wide range of options. To help narrow it down, here’s a look at some of the most cost-effective choices:

  • The Property Selling Company: An unbeatable option if you want a truly hands off approach! They cover all selling fees, including legal costs, so you can sell online for free - you won’t face any additional costs at all.

  • Sold: Free to get your property listed, including photos, floorplan and viewings - a great value. 

  • 99Home: Starting at only £99 for their basic DIY package, this is perfect for budget-conscious sellers who are happy to manage most aspects of the sale. 

  • Griffin Property: Their standard £245 package offers another DIY option for those desiring a low-cost entry point.

  • Purplebricks & Strike: These are the same company operating under the same banner, and start at around £899 to £999. They can be worthwhile if you prefer some additional support and a trusted brand name but don’t offer to sell your house online for free service. 

Always compare the exact services included in each package before making your final decision. If you are needing to sell your house and complete on a much faster timeline than an online estate agency will allow then it's worth selling to us!

We are one of the UK’s biggest cash house buying companies and can help you sell your house in as little as 7 days.

Are online estate agents the best way to sell a house in Bristol?

Bristol’s unique property market presents challenges and opportunities. While rental rates have surged, house prices have seen a decline, potentially making sales more difficult. When deciding on the best way to sell, consider these factors:

  • Speed: If you need a quick sale, online estate agents might not be the fastest solution. Cash house buyers or property auctions often offer faster turnarounds, sometimes within a week. 

  • Cost-effectiveness: Online estate agents shine when you’re on a budget and willing to put in the work. This aligns well with the current Bristol market condition where price sensitivity is likely higher.

  • DIY vs support: Do you have the time and skills to handle photos, listings, viewings and negotiations? Online estate agents often offer a range of service levels, so you can choose how much involvement you want.

Online estate agents can be a smart choice in Bristol if you value saving money, are comfortable with some DIY effort and don’t require an immediate sale. If speed is needed, alternatives like cash buyers or auctions might be a better fit.

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How does The Property Buying Company compare to Bristol online estate agents?

The Property Buying Company offers a different solution: they’ll buy your house directly with cash, bypassing the lengthy traditional sales process with mortgages and estate agents. This can mean a sale within days or weeks, not months - perfect if you need cash fast!

There is a tradeoff; they’ll offer you a below market value price, usually around 75% to 85% of your home's value. However, once you factor in estate agent fees and potential delays, the final amount you end up with might be surprisingly similar.

Online estate agents list your property online, attracting buyers who make offers. You’ll likely get a higher price, but the process is slower. Buying financing issues, or unexpected delays can lead to sales falling through. 

If that happens, you might still need a cash buyer to save the day, meaning you’ve already spent money on estate agent fees for nothing. 

The bottom line is, if you need speed and certainty, even if it means a slightly lower price then use The Property Buying Company. Or, if you want the best possible price, and you have the time and patience to sit on the market then use an online Bristol estate agency - we would recommend The Property Selling Company.

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Bristol’s cash house buying market is competitive, with companies like We Buy Any Home, Ask Susan, Sold, and Goodmove vying for your business. However, The Property Buying Company stands apart. We combine the speed you need with the expertise and compassionate service you deserve.

We offer a fast cash sale without sacrificing a fair price. With over 100 years of experience in the UK property market, we’ve perfected the art of hassle-free home sales. Our compassionate approach understands the potential stress of selling your home, which is why we’re dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible for you.

Selling your house should be easy. We tailor the process to fit your individual needs, leveraging our extensive experience to ensure a stress-free experience. Want to see how simple it can be? Start with a free valuation - enter your postcode below:

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