Getting House Ready To Sell Quickly: Our Guide

Written by Millie Archer

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We explain all things 'getting house ready to sell process', including what you should and shouldn't do and what to do when you need your house to sell quickly...

When it comes it selling a house, we all know we can’t just list our house for sale as soon as we decide it’s time to sell. You have to declutter, find an estate agent, do some improvements, get pictures and videos done – you know all the things which are part of the ‘getting house ready to sell process’.

In fact, this process can become quite costly and time-consuming, which is why we’re here to tell you the things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to getting your house ready to sell, whether it’s worth hiring someone to help and also what your options are when you want a super-fast sale.

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Why spend time getting your house ready to sell?

Getting your house ready to sell normally refers to increasing your home’s kerb appeal.

Kerb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street. This could be anything from smart front doors, a clean and good quality roof or even having nice plants around the front of your house – anything that makes your property look more appealing.

People often judge your house from its outside and so you need to create a good first initial impression so they’re in the correct mindset to look around your house. A ‘correct mindset’ will mean they feel positive about your property before even looking inside, making them more likely to make an offer at a higher price.

Increasing your kerb appeal and *hopefully* getting your house to sell quicker is all a positive outcome of taking some time in getting your house ready to sell.

Getting house ready to sell – our checklist

What should I do to get my house ready to sell?

Getting your house ready to sell takes a fair amount of time and effort to make it worth your while. What should you be doing when looking at getting your house ready to sell? Well, here’s our checklist:

*Remember this is just a guide and you don't HAVE to cross off every step*

  1. Deep clean and declutter – Arguably one of the most important steps in getting your house ready to sell, as no buyer will be inclined to put an offer in on a house that is filthy and has mess everywhere. Just by spending a few hours, days or weeks giving your house a full tidy and scrub will really help in attracting buyers
  2. Anything broken? Fix it! – Fairly self-explanatory but any faulty lights, broken doors or broken boilers are things that are a necessity to our everyday lives and will be something a buyer will expect to be working correctly
  3. Get the right estate agent – If you’re choosing to sell through the open market, choosing the right estate agent is also a vital part of the ‘getting house ready to sell process’. You don’t just want to choose the estate agent who is offering you the highest price for your property, but the one who is offering a more complete package. For example, will they conduct viewings and handle negotiations for you? What will they do to market your property? These are all important factors in deciding which is the right estate agent for you
  4. Sort the garden – This doesn’t have to be anything major, and you don’t need to be a seasoned professional to just ensure your garden is kept nice and tidy. Make sure your lawn, if you have one, is mowed and you plant a few flowers around the front and back of your house to help create a great first impression when a potential buyer pulls up
  5. A fresh paint all over – Time consuming and potentially costly, we know, but giving all your house walls a fresh coat of paint will help it to look a lot smarter. Of course, there’s no guarantee this is really going to help it sell quicker or at a higher price, but it helps the house to look well cared for and a cared for house is one that is going to attract better buyers
  6. Update the kitchen – Not a necessity in the ‘getting house ready to sell process’, but one which helps the house look newer and more modern than it might actually be. The kitchen is one of the main things that viewers look at when wanting to move house and so, although costly, it may help to make a better impression on potential buyers
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  8. Get rid of bad smells (sorry pets) – No, we’re not saying getting rid of your pets is part of getting your house ready to sell, but we’re more referring to eliminating and reducing their smells. This could be through adding in air fresheners, cleaning round daily or something more costly like replacing furniture and carpets which your pets have lived on over the years – anything to make your house appear its best
  9. Arrange for virtual viewings – A further part of getting your house ready to sell is thinking about the different ways potential buyers may want to view your property. Since COVID, there has been a rise in the popularity of online viewings and so you may need to make sure you make arrangements with your estate agent for virtual viewings before putting your house on the market
  10. Replace windows – Another costly one, we know, but old windows don’t only look a bit tired, but they also may show up on a survey as a problem, which could lead to your buyer reducing their offer or even pulling out of the sale completely
  11. Decide on room's purposes – A slightly easier job for you to do when getting your house ready to sell is deciding on each individual room’s purpose. No potential buyer wants to walk into a room which is half bedroom half office, as it gives off an unorganised impression
  12. Time for new carpets – Another one to hurt your pockets but adding fresh carpet to all rooms helps to make a house look newer and up to date, making it more likely a viewer will turn into a buyer
  13. Bathrooms – Our final step in the ‘getting house ready to sell process’ is making sure your bathrooms are appealing. This doesn’t have to be a costly renovation and can be something as simple as cleaning around and making sure you have a matching set of towels; anything to make one of the most important rooms look as smart as possible

Can you hire someone to get to your house ready to sell?

Yes, you can hire someone to help you with getting your house ready to sell, whether this is someone to help with property staging or a builder or interior design expert, if you’re looking to do some serious renovation in the ‘getting house ready to sell process’.

Of course, this is only going to add further costs and potential delays to being able to get your house actually on the market, and so it’s something to keep in mind when you’re wanting to get your house ready to sell.

If the reason you’re getting your house ready to sell before putting it on the market is so that it hopefully sells quicker, then, as we’ve said, hiring someone to help is only adding delays. You may be better off actually just putting it on the market, as you might just miss the right buyer if you hold off.

OR we have another sales method where you will get a FAST sale for your property, which won’t cost you anything and you don’t need to spend MONTHS getting your house ready to sell, but we’re going to cover this a little later on…

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What should you not fix when selling a house?

When it comes to getting your house ready to sell, there are certain improvements that don’t make sense to do. Either because they cost WAY too much or because they’re an improvement that will rely on someone’s taste.

For example, you may spend a few thousand doing what you think are improvements to the kitchen only for people to look around and think ‘wow this kitchen needs a redo’.

Other improvements which won’t make sense to do include:

  • Bathrooms/ensuites
  • Double glazing
  • Adding a conservatory
  • Outdoor decking

Don’t worry, we know we mentioned some of these earlier as things to improve. We’re not saying you should or shouldn’t improve them and more just giving you both sides of the ‘argument’, so you can make your own decision.

The reason we say this is because these are improvements which will take many months to improve and a large amount of money but won’t necessarily lead to your house selling quicker and at a higher price.

In fact, you’ll do very well if you’re able to get back 50% of the money spent on these improvements, making them not worth your while.

Areas you should look to improve are ones that will show up on the searches as a problem/faulty, as this generally leads to your buyer trying to negotiate a lower price for your property.

These improvements are things like a roof leak or faulty electrics – mainly improvements which aren’t done to a ‘personal taste’ and are either right or wrong.

Essentially what we’re saying is, unless an improvement desperately needs doing due to it being a necessity, unattractive or unsanitary, then it’s probably not worth spending your time and money on and probably won’t do anything to help you speed up the sale of your house.

Will getting your house ready to sell make it sell quicker?

The answer here is a little annoying and uncertain because all we can say is ‘maybe but not necessarily’. You can also never be sure how long any improvements you decide to do will take and this is all added time onto the selling and moving house process.

In fact, any time and money spent are just adding to the time and money put into selling a house, which already comes at a high cost, and that’s before you’ve even thought about the cost of buying and moving into your next home.

This leads to the question is there a guaranteed way to sell your house quickly, without the need for the whole ‘getting house ready to sell process’?

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