• Tom
  • Condon
  • Digital Marketing Executive

Hello there! I’m a Digital Content Writer with a background in fine art & content creation.

I consider creativity to be my core value, and I enjoy finding innovative ways to differentiate my work from the competition. Outside of work I’m also a massive Star Wars, Marvel & Outlander fanatic.

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What experience do you have in property?

I previously worked for a Leeds-based commercial property firm before joining The Property Buying Company. There, I managed the majority of the business's marketing initiatives and got to know the tenants personally. I started working at The Property Buying Company after having a fascination for George Clarke's Channel 4 restoration shows and a growing desire to enter the residential property market.

What’s your role at The Property Buying Company?

I’m a member of the marketing team and my role is a Digital Content Writer. Creating blogs, website copy and sharing my love for all things property. If you've read something on this website, for example in our news section, then you might see my name at the top of the page!

Why should customers want to deal with you (what makes you special)?

I'm driven by a strong desire to write about sustainable property investment and how it will develop in the coming years. I could have countless conversations with customers about how choosing a sustainable path will allow you to save time, keep costs down, and increase the value of your home (or business property).

What’s your proudest moment in the job?

I would have to say it was my second day actually, so far! I managed to post my first news article to the website, which although may seem small is a really big step and it shows that my content is of the quality desired.

What’s been your most challenging moment?

The first day. Oh, the anxiety - I remember like it was yesterday. But the wonderful atmosphere and people at The Property Buying Company instantly calmed my concerns. Everyone is incredibly warm and welcoming.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

If I’m not reading a marketing book - you’ll find me walking up a mountain, armed with nothing but my camera and trusty bottle of sparkling water.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Clumsy, creative, consistent.

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