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How to Sell a Help to Buy Property: House Sale Guide UK

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Help to buy scheme property

You saved hard, made a plan and got yourself on the property ladder using the Government’s Help to Buy scheme and you were super proud of yourself. But, now it’s time to move on, you’re eager for change or need more space, so how do you sell your Help to Buy scheme home?

You needed help buying it and you may need help selling it, as it can be a complex process.

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Help to buy selling house where to start

Well, accept this won’t be as simple as a normal house sale, you borrowed a considerable amount of money to get here both with the Help to Buy equity scheme and your mortgage, so you must get your ducks in a row.

Am i able to sell my help to buy

First, you want to make sure that you are eligible to sell a Help to Buy property. There may be restrictions on selling within a certain timeframe depending on when you bought the property.

What is my help to buy home worth?

What you bought the house for may not be the same as what you can get with it as markets change and what people want to buy shifts too. Get a professional valuation for your property so you can determine the market value of your home.

How much do i owe for my help to buy property

If you used the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme to get on the property ladder, you will need to repay it when you sell. The repayment amount is based on the current market value of your property, so you must get that valuation in order.

Should I talk to a help-to-buy agent

You may need to inform your local Help to Buy agent about your intention to sell. You can find yours with a little bit of online searching if you don’t already know who they are. They tend to be regional. They can then guide you through the process and provide details on repaying the equity loan and moving forward with a sale.

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How to pick an estate agent to help sell your help to buy house

Make sure you choose a reputable estate agent to help you market and sell your property. They should have experience dealing with Help to Buy properties and then they can hopefully help make the process easy and smooth.

Should I seek legal advice when selling my help to buy home?

As with any major life decision or property sale, you are going to want to speak to a solicitor and work out what your rights are and what happens going forward from a legal perspective. They can then make sure you have all of the necessary documentation in order.

Selling a Help to Buy House online

It is important to market your property with clear information about the Help to Buy scheme. Potential buyers need to be aware of the restrictions and conditions attached to their potential purchase.

Do i have to pay off my help to buy house when selling home?

Once the sale is decided, well, it’s time to pay your dues. The repayment of the Help to Buy Equity Loan is usually handled through the solicitor and the amount is based on the market value at the time of sale. They will help you understand what happens next and how you go about paying this off.

What are the cons of a help to buy property?

Taking the sale of a help to buy property into your own hands is a huge tasks and it has some serious drawbacks.

It can be seriously expensive

The house was bought with a Help To Buy loan so when selling, you must repay the Help to Buy Equity Loan, which is a percentage of the property value. This can reduce the overall profit from the sale, meaning it could be harder to buy another property.

Sales heavily depend on the market

While it may have been an attractive purchase when you bought it, the market changes fast and the cost of living crisis could leave people seriously questioning their purchases. Economic downturns or changes in government policies could impact the attractiveness of these properties to buyers.

Equally, the government's equity share in your property increases or decreases with the property's value. When selling, you'll need to consider how this impacts your overall financial gain and how that could impact a future purchase.

Helping you Sell your Help to Buy Home

Help to Buy homes are they good option?

While you may have loved this property, Help to Buy properties are often new builds, and the scheme may limit your choices in terms of property type or location. This could impact your ability to sell if there is less demand for these specific properties in the market, and if people find new builds or smaller places less attractive.

With the end of the help to buy scheme as we know it in March 2023, selling your property may be even more of a challenge as less people are able to get on the property ladder as you have.

You may end up in negative equity

Frustratingly, if property values decrease, there is a risk of ending up in negative equity, where the outstanding mortgage is higher than the property's market value making selling seriously difficult.

Be aware of government policy and damaging changes

As previously mentioned, changes in government policies or the Help to Buy scheme itself could impact the terms and conditions of selling and change the landscape for potential buyers, making the market more of a challenge.

Staying informed about potential policy changes is crucial, so make sure you are keeping an eye on the news and know what changes could make selling your help to buy property more difficult.

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