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How Does House Clearance Work: Clearing Property for Sale

Guide to moving homes

Clearing Property when selling house

Removing your belongings is a top priority if you’re selling your house or moving out of a rental property quickly. Preparing for a move may seem stressful, but knowing your options and the help available can make the process smooth.

Whether you’d like to clear your house out of waste or need help moving, here’s our guide to emptying your property and the available options.

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Where to start to declutter your home

At least two months before you can consider clearing out your house, you need to be aware of the items and belongings you have in it and how they’ll fit in your new property. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, understanding the extent of how many items you need to move can help you stay organised. Take a video and photos of the new property to help with this process and let you visualise what the place will look like with your things.

A move is a significant opportunity to declutter and clean your belongings and remove items you no longer want, as there’s no point bringing lots of clutter with you. A big clearout should be your priority, from throwing things away and donating to selling and making extra money before you move. However you decide to declutter and bin your items, it can help you stay organised before moving into the new place.

A few ways to speed up this process are to ask loved ones for help, use up open items and declutter room by room. Go through cupboards, wardrobes and shelves thoroughly, organising into piles to throw out, donate, sell and keep. You should consider how long each place will take to clear and box away. For example, the loft or garage will have less commonly used items, taking longer than expected. Consider a timeframe for each room, preventing you from rushing and stressing out.

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The fastest way to decluttering home?

A problem shared is a problem halved, and with moving, you want to have all hands on deck. Call in the favours and ask who's free to help you declutter, organise and clean your house. Those local to you may have time to help you box and seal your belongings securely and load them up, taking them to your new property. Alternatively, they can help take your heavier items to your local household waste recycling centre, disposing of objects sustainably and effectively. Any help from people you know can ease your worries and make the moving process easier.

Do house clearance companies clear everything?

Yes, if you pay for the full clearance service majority of companies will clear everything for you. This will obviously come with a cost and some companies might be cheaper or faster than others so its important to do your research before hand when choosing your clearing property service.

If you’ve got too many unwanted items to clear on your own accord with loved ones' help, consider house-clearing companies to get rid of everything sustainably and safely. House-clearing companies can also be used when someone has died, in hoarding situations or when someone goes into care. In these situations, a clearance helps assist family and friends when dealing with a difficult time.

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Tips for decluttering your home

House clearing companies remove unwanted items in the home; their specialities and processes differ depending on the company. When a house clearing company removes items, they don’t stay in possession of the homeowner. They assist you by throwing away many items (typically the entire home contents) from the property, whether it’s your garden, attic, garage, or furniture. These items go to reuse organisations and are sold in auctions or to a waste disposal centre.

When you book a house clearance company, ensure you remove all the items you want to keep, whether that’s a sentimental item, jewellery, antique furniture or your belongings. Consider storage units to store your items during the house clearance.

Pricing for house clearance varies depending on the amount of items, property size, location and the removal company. On average, for a medium-sized property, the price is around £400 for a house clearance.

Should I rent a storage unit when moving house?

If you have a temporary period between clearing your house and moving to another one, or you are downsizing and don’t have enough room in your new property, consider storage units.

Storage units vary in size, depending on your requirements and how long you need to store the belongings. Unit sizes range from 10.sq.ft lockers for items, such as documents, to 500 sq. ft units to store furniture and more extensive belongings.

From lockers, small, medium to large and extra large units, understanding how much a unit can hold helps you plan which unit you’d require.

A small unit is between 25 sq.ft-50 sq. ft and is usable for seasonal decorations, camping gear, and furniture, such as small chairs, garden supplies and bikes. Medium storage units range from 75 sq. ft to 150 sq. ft and are practical for beds, wardrobes, large sports equipment and medium-sized furniture items. Larger storage units are 175 sq.ft-250 sq. ft and suit large furniture sets, such as refrigerators, beds and pianos. For extensive storage, extra large units are 500 sq. ft. These are suitable for house contents, vehicles and business inventory.

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