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House buyers Dewsbury, we buy any home!

Whether you have a semi-detached in Moors End, a cosy terrace in Savile Town or even semi-detached bungalow in Eastborough. No matter the location, property or condition, we can help you achieve a quick sale.

Situated in the county of West Yorkshire lies the town of Dewsbury. Offering residents an exciting mix of history and modern life. Packed with stunning Victorian architecture, a bustling market, a busy high street and excellent travel links, there’s lots to love about life in Dewsbury. 

We understand that life can change quickly, so if you find that you need to sell your Dewsbury home fast, we can help.

We'll buy your house in 7 days!

Sell your house quickly for cash in Dewsbury

Here at The Property Buying Company, we can help you sell your property as quickly as possible. Why can we do this you may be asking. Well, we are a cash house buying facility, meaning we already have the cash facilities to buy any property outright.

In the past, we have bought properties across England and Wales in all sorts of conditions, and from customers with different circumstances. Some customers have used our service due to them being bored of chain breaks, others to sell quickly so they can retire abroad. No matter what your current situation is, we can help you to sell.

The average timescale to complete a house sale with us is two to three weeks. Although, in the past, we have helped customers complete quicker than a week.

Want a cash buyer for your Dewsbury home?

Want to see if your property is eligible and receive an initial valuation from us? Simply type your property’s postcode into the field above to get going. You will have to then answer a few questions about your property regarding its size and type.

As soon as you have finished the online form, one of our friendly customer service team members will be in contact. They will answer any questions you have regarding the property and guide you through our service. There is no obligation to proceed at any point, it’s that easy.

Within our service, we will even cover any of your legal fees. We may not be able to offer you the full market value, although we will offer you a fair price which is best within the industry.

Sell your Dewsbury House online

Want to find out more about how you can sell your Dewsbury house online? It has never been easier! Simply check out our selling process below for more! 

  • 1. Get a Free Valuation

    Simply enter your postcode to receive a quick, no-obligation estimate of your property's value.

  • 2. Get your offer

    Discover your instant cash offer and see how fast you can sell your home with us.

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  • 3. Experience a Stress-Free Sale

    Close the deal in as little as 7 days with zero fees. Enjoy a quick and hassle-free selling experience.

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We'll buy your Dewsbury house in 7 days!

No Stress, no hassle & a no obligation offer…

Reasons why sell house fast

Life can throw curveballs, and sometimes you need to sell your Dewsbury property fast. While the traditional market might not be ideal, we offer a quick cash buying service specifically tailored to those needing a swift sale.

Here's how we can help:

  • Transparent icon with white lines of chain break
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    Facing an unexpected chain break?
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing inherited property
    sold guaranteed sale icon
    Inherited a property you don't want to manage?
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing timeline
    sold guaranteed sale icon
    Tight relocation deadline looming?
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing for sale signs
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    Frustrated with the traditional process?
  • Transparent icon with white lines representing repossession
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    Facing potential repossession?
  • house swap
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    Ready to downsize and unlock your equity?

Areas we purchase around Dewsbury

We buy houses throughout England and Wales, in any condition. Looking to sell your Dewsbury property fast and hassle-free? We offer a quick and transparent process with a fair cash offer, regardless of location or the condition of your property.

Interested in selling in the Dewsbury area? We've helped homeowners in these popular locations:

  • Dewsbury Town Centre

  • Savile Town

  • Thornhill

  • Ravensthorpe

  • Shaw Cross

  • Chickenley

  • Earlsheaton

  • Thornhill Lees

  • Westborough

  • Overthorpe

  • Ossett

  • Staincliffe

  • Soothill

  • Briestfield

  • Chickenley Heath

  • Battyeford

  • Heckmondwike

  • Mirfield

Benefits of quick house sale companies 

  • Stress-Free: We guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

  • Fast Cash: We buy directly with our own funds, closing in as little as 7 days.

  • Maximise Your Profit: No fees, meaning more money in your pocket.

  • Exceptional Service: We are known for our outstanding customer care, putting your needs first.

  • Really


    with the service

    - Antonia
  • Very easy &



    - Gail Fry
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    - Han
  • Fantastic service


    friendly staff

    I have had previous experience with

    this company and would use again

    - Lisa

Dewsbury cash buyers vs estate agents

It’s no secret that our homes are the largest asset many of us own. So when the time comes to put our homes up for sale, it's important to choose the right selling option for you. Whilst you may have considered using the traditional route of an estate agent, selling your home to a cash buyer offers several advantages worth considering.

One of the biggest advantages that a cash buyer can bring is the speed of the house purchasing process. While an estate agent may take several months to find a buyer and finalise the sale, a cash buyer can complete the transaction in as little as seven days. 

When putting your home up for sale on the open market with a Dewsbury estate agent, you can be left vulnerable to several risks such as chain breaks and financing issues. These factors can significantly delay or even derail the sale. When you sell to a cash buyer, these risks are significantly mitigated as they utilise their own funds, eliminating the need for external financing and minimising the chances of delays or cancellations.

Both cash buyers and estate agents have their own advantages and disadvantages. As is always the case when selling, it’s crucial to consider which option is the best fit for your selling needs. Below we'll delve deeper into these two options, comparing their features: 

AspectCash BuyersEstate Agents
SpeedSpecialise in swift transactions, often completing sales within a week. The process typically takes several months, resulting in a longer wait.
ReliabilityOffer a secure sale with minimal risk. Their own funds eliminate uncertainties like financing issues.Sales can be vulnerable to chain breaks or buyer financing falling through.
CostsNo hidden fees! They cover all costs and offer a completely free service. Charge fees and commissions, usually a percentage of the final sale price.
Property ConditionProvide flexibility by purchasing properties "as-is," regardless of condition.May require properties to be in good condition for a successful sale, potentially requiring repairs or renovations upfront.
ProcessOffer a direct and straightforward process with minimal paperwork and negotiation.The process can be complex, involving more back-and-forth negotiations and paperwork.
Market ImpactLess affected by market fluctuations due to direct purchases.Sales are influenced by market conditions, potentially impacting both price and timeframe.
Personalised ServiceProvide a more personalised approach, catering to your individual needs.May offer less personalised service as they manage multiple listings simultaneously.

Why sell your Dewsbury house to us?

We understand selling a property can be stressful, and that's why we go above and beyond to make the process smooth and stress-free for you. Here at The Property Buying Company, we take the time to understand your needs and circumstances, ensuring a solution tailored specifically for you.

As one of the UK's most trusted cash buying companies with over 50 years of collective experience, we have the expertise to handle your sale efficiently. Utilising our own cash reserves allows us to enable a fast and reliable transaction without delays caused by external funding.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have over 1,000 excellent Trustpilot reviews and we are proud to be members of both The National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman.

There are absolutely no fees involved when selling your Dewsbury property with us. All we require is a brief consultation to understand your situation and details about your property.

Ready to sell? Enter your postcode below to get started!


How will you value my property?

There’s no set way that we value your property, it just depends on the market at that given time, how much it has been valued for, and if we send out one of our Regional Managers, what they value it at.

Can you guarantee a quick sale of my home?

No one can ever guarantee a quick sale, everyone’s definition is different, but we can ensure that we’ll be much quicker than any traditional route. We’ve completed on houses in as little as 24 hours, but our standard house purchase takes between 2-3 weeks.

How is the Property Buying Company able to buy property for cash?

Unlike other cash property-buying companies, we buy houses with our giant cash reserves. This means we are not restricted with what we can buy.

Does it cost to get a cash offer on my property?

Not a penny, you can find out what we will offer you for your house for free, and there is no obligation.

What are you waiting for?sell your house the easy way