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Cheltenham, a jewel in the heart of Gloucestershire, South West of England, is renowned for its regency architecture, bustling cultural festivals and the prestigious Cheltenham Racecourse.

This beautiful town not only boasts a rich history but also offers a thriving contemporary lifestyle, making it a highly sought after location for homeowners and investors alike.

In today’s fast paced world, circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s a career move that requires relocating, a change in family relationships, or a simple desire for a fresh start, selling your home fast in Cheltenham can be a gateway to new opportunities. And when speed is of the essence, the traditional property market might not be your best ally.

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Sell your house quickly for cash in Cheltenham

This is where we, The Property Buying Company, steps in. Specialising in selling your house fast for cash service, we offer a swift and seamless solution to selling your home. Whether you own a quaint cottage in The Suffolk's, or a modern apartment in Montpellier, our approach is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our promise? A fair below market value cash offer and a sale time in as little as seven days. No hassle, no prolonged negotiations - just a straightforward process to free up your capital. 

What are the benefits of selling your property quickly in Cheltenham?

No fees

Eliminate estate agent and solicitor fees, and reduce ongoing costs like council tax or utility bills.

Free legal support

We will cover your solicitor fees, meaning you are supported legally and never have to pay a penny.

Less stress

Avoid the uncertainty and time consuming nature of selling on the open market.

Immediate relief

Quickly release the financial equity tied up in your home.

Sell your house faster

No Stress, no hassle & a no obligation offer…

Want a cash buyer for your Cheltenham home?

Finding out if your property qualifies for a sell your house fast sale in Cheltenham is effortless. Enter your postcode on our website, and we’ll take it from there. Our experienced team will reach out to understand your property and reasons for selling, offering a no-obligation initial cash offer. 

Transparency is key in our process - this means we have no hidden fees and all the legal costs are covered by us. Get in touch today and discover how easy selling your home can be. 

Areas we purchase around Cheltenham

Cheltenham is a mosaic of diverse neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm and characteristics. From the bustling central areas to the serene outer suburbs, we are interested in properties all across town. Here are some of our hottest areas:

  • Charlon Kings: Known for its excellent schools and proximity to the countryside, Charlton Kings is a favourite among families.

  • Pittville: Famous for Pittville Park and the Pump Room, Pittville is a historic area with picturesque surroundings. It’s sought after for its spacious homes and proximity to leisure facilities and green spaces. 

  • Lansdown: Known for its affluent neighbourhoods and proximity to the Cheltenham Racecourse, attracting a mix of residents and tourists. 

  • College: The College area is characterised by its educational institutions, including part of the Cheltenham Ladies College, continuing to a youthful area. 

  • All Saints: All Saints is a combination of residential and commercial areas, with a wide range of shops and services.

  • Swindon Village: Swindon Village is situated on the outskirts of Cheltenham, known for its community-centric atmosphere.

Conversely, we aren’t just after the hotter areas of Cheltenham. We are also interested in areas of higher crime rates or less access to amenities like schools and hospitals. Some of these areas include:

  • Arle: Arle is known for its industrial areas and heavy traffic, particularly near the arterial roads. This can make it less appealing for those seeking a quiet or residential environment. 

  • Whaddon: Whaddon has faced challenges with social issues and is sometimes perceived as having a less favourable reputation compared to other parts of Cheltenham.

  • Hesters Way: Often noted for higher crime rates and socio-economic challenges, Hesters Way is seen as less desirable compared to more affluent areas in Cheltenham.

  • Springbank: This area has a reputation for social housing and faces issues related to urban development and infrastructure. 

  • St Paul’s: Close to the University of Gloucestershire, St. Paul’s experiences higher levels of noise and activity, especially during term time, which might be less appealing for families or those seeking a quiet neighbourhood. 

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Cheltenham cash buyers vs estate agents

Opting for a cash buyer in Cheltenham, like us, over traditional estate agents brings several advantages. The most significant being time - estate agents often take months to complete a house sale, whereas we can complete purchases in as little as seven days. 

Furthermore, with estate agents, sales can fall through due to broken chains or financing issues, risks that are mitigated with a cash buyer. Obviously, there is a place in the market for estate agents, especially if you are looking to get full market value for your property and are willing to wait until it sells. 

Each method offers distinct benefits and drawbacks; below is a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision:

Cash buyersEstate agents
Time to saleCash buyers like us can complete purchases in as little as seven days. Estate agents often take several months to complete a sale.
Sale reliabilitySales are more reliable as they are not dependent on external financing.Sales can fall through due to issues like broken chains or buyer financing falling apart.
Fees and commissionsWe offer no fees or commissions, and cover all the costs.Estate agents charge fees and commissions, usually a percentage of the sale price.
Property conditionWe are willing to buy properties as is regardless of condition. They often require properties to be in good condition for a successful sale.
Sales processWe are direct and straightforward with streamlined internal processes.Estate agent services can be complicated with more negotiations and paperwork.
Market dependency We are less affected by market fluctuations as the deal is direct and immediate.Highly dependent on market conditions, which can affect the sale price and duration.
Personalised serviceWe provide a personalised approach, understanding each individual seller's needs.Service can be less personal, as agents often handle multiple listings simultaneously.
Sell your house in Cheltenham fast

Why sell your Cheltenham house to us?

At The Property Buying Company, we don’t just transact; we build relationships. Understanding your situation is at the heart of our service. We provide a tailored, empathetic approach, ensuring that you feel supported throughout the entire sell your house fast in Cheltenham selling process. 

The most significant advantage of selling a cash buyer is the speed of transaction. This is ideal for those who need to relocate quickly, settle debts or avoid the uncertainties of a prolonged sale process.

With a cash buyer, the risk of the sale falling through is significantly reduced, providing peace of mind and certainty. By avoiding estate agent fees and commissions in Cheltenham, sellers can save a considerable amount of money.

Cash buyers usually purchase properties in their existing condition, eliminating the need for costly repairs or renovations. 

With us, you’re not just selling a house; you’re moving forward in life’s journey with a trusted partner by your side. Choosing to sell your home fast to a cash buyer like us means choosing certainty and convenience. It’s about making a smart decision that aligns with your life’s pace and goals. 

Put your postcode below and let’s begin this journey together. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Are there fees involved?

No, none at all! We even cover legal fees if you use our solicitors.

Do you buy inherited properties in Cheltenham?

Yes we do! Our team have over 100+ years of combined experience, and our progressions team are experts in dealing with inherited and probate properties.

Why should I sell to you instead of your competitors?

There are many companies purporting to be genuine house buyers out there but only a handful can actually buy your property for cash in the same way that The Property Buying Company can.

Even with some of the genuine house buyers there are often costs involved. Some companies will charge you for their survey or ask for a contribution towards costs. If a company is acting as a broker, then timescales are often promised but not guaranteed.

Help & Advice

If you're interested in finding out more about our service and how it works, then you can view some of these informative guides and service pages:

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