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Our sell house fast service is suitable in a few circumstances.

Will it benefit you, is the situation you are in right?

If you’re considering selling your home, you might have seen sell house fast services advertised when doing your research. The service provides an alternative quick sale option to the more traditional estate agents – but it’s not for everyone.

So what should you consider when looking into a sell house fast company, is it the right option for you? We explore everything you need to know about the service, the pros and cons and in what circumstances it might be a good option.

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What is a Sell House Fast service?

You may have seen it pop up under a variety of different titles, cash buyers, sell house fast, we buy any home, quick sale specialists. It’s an increasingly common service in the house sale space, but it’s still not widely known or considered by property owners.

What exactly is it, what does “Sell House Fast” mean? It’s a twist on the more traditional methods of selling your home, a quick twist. It offers you the opportunity to sell your home in as little as 7 days, for cash, with absolutely no fees. We’ll even cover the cost of your solicitors and the survey, but there is a catch.

Although you get an extremely fast sale when compared to the open market for example, you will have to take a reduce offer in regards to market value. How much of a reduction you ask? Well, we can’t really give you a set percentage as it really depends on the property itself, there are so many factors that influence our offer from location, condition to market sentiment.

Don’t worry though, getting an initial offer is completely no obligation and will only take a little bit of your time to discuss the property over the phone, it’s something you should definitely do, if only to serve as a back up option.

We can provide you with a no obligation cash offer in 24 hours!

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What are the pros and cons of the Sell House Fast service?

If it sounds like you might be interested in such a service, you’ll want to be well researched and informed on exactly what the service entails. We know that the sell house fast service isn’t for anyone, so we’ve provided a quick list of pro’s and con’s to help you determine whether the service suits your particular circumstance.


  • It’s a LOT quicker than the open market, meaning you save considerably on the bills and mortgage payments over the duration.
  • There’s little to no hassle, everything is handled for you and you get your own dedicated contact that will push through the sale.
  • There are no fees – meaning you save a lot of those expensive estate agents.
  • Most sell house fast companies, including ourselves, will also cover your legal costs.
  • Being cash buyers, there’s significantly less chance of the deal falling through.


  • You have to take a reduced below market value offer for the service, this isn’t at a set percentage, it really depends on several factors of your property.
  • The offer is subject to an independent RICs report valuation.

Who is a fast sale suitable for?

We’re completely honest and transparent about our sell house fast service, we know it doesn’t work for everyone. In order for our sell house fast to be suitable for you, it sounds fairly obvious, but you need to want to sell quicker than a traditional estate agent is going to be able to sell, and you need to be comfortable with receiving slightly less in return for that the speed – which also means you need to have enough equity in the property to be able to afford that.

We also offer alternatives which offer flexibility on duration and market value, so it’s still worth getting in touch with us just to find out what we are able to offer – as we’ve mentioned, it’s completely no obligation to get an offer and all it takes is a couple of minutes of your time to chat through the property.

We can buy your home in as little as 7 days!

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In what circumstances does a Sell House Fast service make sense?

There are certain circumstances in which this method of house sale is particularly beneficial for, and although every customers situation is different, here are a few of the most common ones we come across:


For those who might need to relocate a significant distance, whether it be for a new job, moving abroad or any other reason, it can be a hassle trying to find a new property in a completely unknown area whilst also selling your home. It’s something we can help with, taking all that stress and hassle out of one side of the process, meaning you can just get on with your move.


It’s a particularly tough and stressful time, a time that a lot of people just want to get over and done with. One of the issues during divorce is often the division of assets, particularly property, which typically can take time and stretch the process longer than you may want. As long as both parties accept the price, we are able to cut that time out and offer that fast hassle free sale allowing you to move on quicker.

Inheriting Property

Inheriting a property can be tricky, and it comes with a long and strenuous legal process attached. If your plan is to sell the property then it can be a long, and costly process, as have to keep paying the bills and insurances during the time it’s up for sale. We can help with all of that, making it as stress free and quick as possible.

Facing Repossession or Financial Difficulty

It’s an unfortunate situation, but we can act quickly enough to purchase a house for a price you are happy with before the bank take it from you. It’s the same scenario if you are facing financial difficulty as well, struggling to keep up with payments and just want to release the equity to make life more comfortable.

Chain Breakdown

If you’ve agreed a sale on your property, the next thing you tend to do is to agree to purchase an onward property. Then you start the solicitor process and everything’s going great! Until, your buyers situation changes and they have to pull out of buying your home, leaving you without the funds to buy your onward purchase. If you’re in this situation, we can help, we are able to buy quick enough to repair your property chain breakdown and ensure you’re still able to buy your dream home.

Part Exchange Alternative

When you’re buying a new build, you might be offered a part exchange scheme, which just essentially means they will buy your current property. The problem is, that most the time they use companies like ourselves, and just take an extra cut, so you’re offered lower than what we can actually offer. If you are considering part exchange, enquire with us and compare the offers!

Why choose us?

We’re more than just your average run of the mill house buying company.

We’re on of the leading UK’s property buying companies and we are owned, managed and run by property professionals throughout the business. We also go the extra mile to ensure you get a sale you are happy with, offering a quality customer experience that will take all the stress and hassle out of a typically daunting and time consuming process.

As well as making it easy, we offer the best trade prices for your property and we’re a guaranteed 100% cash buyer – not middlemen, so there’s nothing to add extra steps or time to the process, allowing us to buy within just 7 days.

We’re also a name that you know you can trust, as we’re members of The Property Ombudsman and The National Association of Property Buyers. On top of that, you just have to check through our reviews on platforms like Trustpilot to see that we genuinely offer a great customer experience.

Sell with no stress, no hassle & no fees!

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  • We'll buy for cash in just 7 days!
  • There's absolutely NO FEES! We cover everything for you - including legal costs!
  • We'll buy any property, in any condition, anywhere!
  • Members of The National Association of Property Buyers & The Property Ombudsman.
  • Get a no obligation offer in just 24 hours.
  • We're highly rated across several review platfroms.

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Why choose us as your cash house buyers?

We’re one of the leading we buy any house UK companies for residential/commercial property and land in England and Wales. We buy using our own cash house buying facility meaning we can offer the best prices in our industry and complete the sale quicker than anyone else.

Your options Average sale length Typical cost to you
The Property Buying Company 2-3 weeks £0.00
Other House Buying Companies 2-10 weeks £1000
Property Auction 6-10 weeks £2500-£5000
Online Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £1000(upfront)-£5000
Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £5000

Unlike most of the other options available to you, we are not a broker or middle man, meaning you skip the fees and get a sale quickly and easily.

The Property Buying Company is registered with the Property Ombudsman and is a member of the National Association of Property Buyers

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