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Want A Fast House Sale? We Can Help You Sell Property Quickly - In Just 7 Days!

On this page, we’ll look at the reasons why you may need to sell your house fast for cash, how you sell your house faster and any useful tips we can offer you to help you to make the right decision

I need a sell house fast service, can you help? Well, yes, we're looking to buy it. We're a leading genuine, sell house fast for cash, property buying company who can purchase your home in a matter of days, take all the hassle out of selling your home, and if that isn't enough, we can also cover all the fees! We're part of the National Association of Property Buyers & The Property Ombudsman, ensuring that we deliver a quality service and a fast house sale you can trust.

Sell House Quickly

Things You'll Learn In This Sell House Quickly Article:

  • How using a sell house fast for cash service compares to the open market
  • The pro's & con's of selling your house fast
  • What percent of the market value you can expect to get in exchange for a 7 day sale
  • Why you should choose us ahead of competitors

Table of contents:

  1. What are the different ways to sell my house?
  2. Sell house fast companies vs the open market
  3. Our quick house sales process
  4. Tips on how to sell your house quickly
  5. Pros & cons of selling your house fast
  6. Reasons to sell your house quickly
  7. How much will you offer for my house?
  8. Areas we buy
  9. Why choose us?
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Related Advice Articles

What Are The Different Ways To Sell My House Quickly?

Using an estate agent to sell your house has generally been the preferred method for many years; however, there are now other options cropping up that mean you don't have to go down the traditional route. Which one is right for you though, and which is the fastest way to sell a house?

  • Private Sale
    Often called 'the open market', this is when a property is advertised with an estate agent, and a buyer will submit an offer for the vendor to consider. Once the offer is accepted, a contract of sale is drawn up, and both the vendor and buyer must instruct solicitors to make sure everything is legally sound to get these contracts to completion. The estate agent will receive a commission on the sale, and this will either be a percentage of the asking price or a fixed fee.

  • Auction
    Selling your house at auction can be useful, especially if you have a problem property you want to get rid of quickly. This could be anything from the property being structurally damaged through to the property being tenanted. Properties sold at auction will always be priced quite a bit under the average market value, but if a bidding war occurs then this could work in the vendor's favour. At a traditional auction, a buyer will have 28 days to pay 90% of the agreed price to consider the transaction 'complete'. At a modern auction, the buyer will pay a non-refundable reservation fee and will then have 28 days to exchange contracts plus an additional 28 days to complete the purchase.

  • Part Exchange
    Some property developers will offer to buy your current property off you if you buy one of their new builds in return. They will value your property and take into consideration any defects. Their offer will usually be around 65-70% of the market value, but they take on the responsibility of selling your old home, which removes some of the hassle for you. You're usually restricted as to which property you can have because they tend to offer the slightly smaller homes via the part-exchange scheme.

  • Home equity release schemes
    If you're aged 55 - 65 and have invested quite a lot into your mortgage over the years, but don't really have much in the way of additional funds, then you may be eligible to release some of that money from your property without having to sell it. Maybe you want to release some cash to pay for a holiday home or maybe you just need a bit of extra money to fund your retirement. Whatever your reason, equity release schemes should only be seriously considered after you've received specialist advice and weighed up the risks. There are two types:
    • Life-time mortgage – you'll receive a lump sum from your provider which is secured against your property. You can pay this off or roll up the interest so that should you die the costs would be taken from the property sale.
    • Home reversion - a reversion provider buys all or part of your property and you can live there, rent-free, until you die and the provider can't sell the property until that point. The lump-sum you'll receive is usually no more than 60% of the property market value.

  • Raffles
    This has been covered in the press a lot recently and is a more unusual way to sell a house. If a homeowner wants to sell their property, they can sell raffle tickets, with the main prize being their property.

  • Quick cash sale companies (Sell House Fast)
    If you're looking to sell your house faster, there are now a lot of companies that can buy your property quickly because they have a cash facility. Although they will offer you below the market value, they should generally provide you with a fair price. These companies offer a service for those who need to sell their property quickly – usually due to a chain break, relationship breakdown or emigration. It's essential to do your research before choosing this route because there are a lot of companies who add charges on at the end of the process, which can cause unnecessary anxiety.

It takes 2 minutes to get a free no-obligation cash offer for our sell house quickly service:

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Sell house fast companies vs the open market

If you're looking to sell house fast for cash, then the first question you may ask is around how much you can receive for your property in comparison to going through traditional methods such as the open market.

Do you know how much this may have cost you? Think about everything you have to pay for monthly from your building & contents insurance to the council tax, taking all this into account is how we compare to a typical open market sale:

Sale Process Estate Agent (9 Months) Sell House Fast For Cash (7 Days)
Market value (Advertised Price) £100,000 £80,000
Offer accepted (Typical 5% Discount) £95,000 £80,000
Post survey negotiation £92,500 £80,000
Estate agent (£92,500 at 2% + VAT) £90,280 £80,000
Solicitor fees (£1000 + VAT = £1200) £89,080 £80,000
Mortgage payments (£75K repayment at 5% PA = £563 pcm or £5067 for 9 Months) £84,017 £80,000
Utility bills and Council Tax (£375 x 9 months) £80,642 £80,000
Property clearance (skip & deep clean at £750) £79,892 £80,000
Final Price
Final Price

Figures shown are based on a typical advertised property price of £100,000 which has come back with a RICS valuation of no less than £100,000, and the legal work and searches have shown that there are no issues concerning the property or its title. We would be able to pay up to 80% of the valuation if the property is in 'grade A' condition, of standard construction and is located in an area with average or above market conditions.

Using an estate agent is the most common method of selling your property, but what most vendors experience is that their house will be listed at a price too high to get any interest.

This can lead to a long and painfully slow process of price reductions, multiple viewings and eventual sale. Further to this, the cost is not cheap. If I need to sell my house fast, this perhaps wouldn't be my first option.

Your options Average sale length Typical cost to you
The Property Buying Company 2-3 weeks £0.00
Other House Buying Companies 2-10 weeks £1000
Property Auction 6-10 weeks £2500-£5000
Online Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £1000 (upfront) - £5000
Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £5000

Our quick house sales process

Want to find out how to use our sell house fast service? It's easy because we are cash property buyers. This means that we could buy your property in as little as seven days or within a timescale you specify. All legal fees are included in our service so there are no hidden costs and we'll always offer you a fair price because we do our research. If you're interested in a fast house sale, then simply follow the below:

  1. Enter your postcode at the top of the page or on our get an offer page.
  2. Select your property address
  3. Tell us the property type
  4. Specify how many bedrooms it has
  5. Provide us with your name, contact number & email
  6. One of our fast property buyer team members will be in touch to discuss the property and provide you with an initial valuation

If you are happy with our initial valuation ballpark figure, then we will send out one of our Acquisitions Managers to look at your property in more detail, flag up any issues and get to know you and your situation better. This will, in turn, generate our final valuation which, if you accept it, will then lead to us booking a RICS survey before completion. All that in under seven days!

Tips on how to sell my house fast

Want to sell your house faster? Although you shouldn't invest a lot of money in your property if you plan to sell it, there are a few simple things you can do and should do if your thinking I need to sell my house fast. To give the viewer the best first impression to our Acquisitions Managers and any potential buyers:

  • Cut the lawn and make sure your garden is tidy – this is the first thing that people see so ensure you give an excellent first impression
  • If you have any superficial cracks in ceilings or walls, then make sure they're filled and painted over
  • Clean your windows and open them up to let air into the property, especially in the warmer months
  • De-clutter – decide what you need to keep and what can be disposed of. This will open up your space and show off its potential

By making your property more visually appealing and tidying it up, you may get a slightly better price for it from sell house fast companies. This is because the Acquisitions Managers will be able to see its potential, or if you go to one of our competitors who use estate agents to get a value, the same is true of them. If there are any major structural issues that you're unable to repair, then you can talk this through with a member of our team. Remember – we buy any property, in any condition so you can rest assured we won't reject yours and you can still get a sell house fast service.

Looking for a fast property buyer? We'll provide you with a quick cash offer:

Sell my home quick

Pros & Cons Of Using A Fast Property Buyer

✔ Downsize
✖ Make sure you pick a trusted company that doesn't add fees
✔ Get cash for another project or investment.
✖ Some fast property buyer companies are unscrupulous and will try to trick you into accepting a low value.
✔ Move elsewhere without having to manage a sale on the open market.
✖ Some sell my home quick companies have tie-ins, which means a customer can't sell their property elsewhere
✔ Get rid of an inherited property.

✔ Free up money for retirement

✔ Fix your chain break

✔ Sell due to relationship breakdown.

✔ Fast and fair service

✔ All legal fees included.

Luckily, we are a regulated company sell house fast company that is transparent about what we do. All legal fees are included, and we will always offer a customer a fair price for their property, even though it won't be the full open market price.

Reasons To Sell Your House Quickly

There are so many reasons why people look for a sell house fast service. The list is pretty endless; however, the most common reasons we have encountered are:

  1. Inheritance/probate - Selling an inherited property can be quite overwhelming, understanding probate and all the documents you may require, what you may need to pay & anything else you have to consider. When you take advantage of our service, we'll handle everything for you and guide you through the probate process and still allow you to sell property quickly.
  2. Divorce - Separated couples often have to live together while trying to sell their house; a quick sale can help you move on with plans quicker. We can also act as an intermediate between couples to help you complete your property sale and make the process as easy as possible.
  3. Alternative to part exchange - You may be considering the part exchange, however we can often get you a better price and a quicker sale.
  4. Chain break - If you've experienced a chain break in a property sale, then we can buy your home quick enough to jump in and repair the chain.
  5. To stop house repossession - If you are aware of a repossession order on your property, you can get a quick house sale to avoid being repossessed and left with nothing.
  6. Emigration or moving to another part of the country - Moving for a job? We can work to a deadline that suits your needs so that you can worry about that onward purchase or rental.

I need to sell my house quick! We have a great solution for you with a quick cash offer:

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How much will you offer for my house in return for a fast house sale?

We are as transparent as we possibly can in regards to our service, we are cash buyers who offer a service to buy your house quicker than traditional sale methods, like if you were to use an estate agent. Due to this we typically as a rule of thumb offer around 80% of market value, but this entirely depends on the location of the house & its condition, we may sometimes offer more or less. We are honest, and if you want to hear more about our service and are curious as to how much we may be able to offer you, then you can fill in our online quote or call us directly.

Our Fast House Sale Areas We Buy

You may be wondering what areas we cover with our sell house fast service and if we'll buy your property. If your property is based in England or Wales then we cover the whole country, we also now cover parts of Scotland. If you want to find out more about the specific areas in which we cover then you can find them listed below:

East England East Midlands London North East
North West Scotland South East South West
Wales West Midlands Yorkshire

Why Choose Us & Our Reviews

If you're looking for a quick and convenient way to sell your home, such as a fast house sale service, then we are the right option for you. We're more than just your standard house buyer or sell house fast company; we have our cash facilities, we're not a broker or middle man like other house buying companies, which means we can offer you some of the best trade prices in the industry. We don't just stop there though; we'll help you in every way possible, covering all the solicitor's costs, help negotiating an onwards purchase or even arranging removals for you. Our in-house change team have over 30 years legal and conveyancing experience to ensure that we can meet completion timescales that meet your requirements.

We understand that selling your home is a big deal, which is why we offer you the highest levels of support and customer service throughout the whole process, something our reviews are a testament too. We're also part of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) which means we have to adhere to their codes of conduct/practice ensuring. We operate to the highest standards; we are also registered with the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) a group for quick property sales companies that ensures all homeowners are treated fairly and that they have access to independent redress in the event of a dispute.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that a sell house fast option can be quite daunting, so our agents are always on-hand to answer any questions. However, we've pulled together a few of the more common questions we get asked about our sell house fast service and answered them below:

Q: Why should I choose to sell my house fast for cash instead of using a local estate agent?

Traditional estate agents can't guarantee a completion date or that they can offer quick property sales that fit around your timescales, whereas we can. They also add fees onto their services that can be either a percentage of the final sale price or a fixed fee. With solicitor's fees as well, this can become quite an expensive option.

Q: How do you value my property?

We use online tools to research the market in your area and offer an initial house valuation. However, as each property is unique, we will need to send out one of our Acquisitions Managers to look at the property, see if there are any issues or amendments that may affect the value. They will submit their recommendation, which generates our final offer.

Q: Are there any charges or fees to pay?

No – all legal fees are included in our service, and there are no other charges so the amount we offer you is the amount you will receive.

Q: How quickly can I sell my house fast for cash?

In as little as seven days, but the typical sale takes 2-3 weeks.

Q: Will I require a solicitor when using the sell house fast service?

You're welcome to use a solicitor of your choice if you prefer, however, we have several solicitors that we work with and can appoint to act on your behalf.

It takes 2 minutes to get a free no-obligation fast house sale cash offer:

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How much can you get from our we buy any house service?

Complete a few details to see if your property qualifies and get a cash offer – remember we buy any property, in any condition, in any location!

5 simple steps to having your property sold!

Our quick (but thorough) 5 step sale process means we can buy your house fast and at a great price

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  • 01.

    Check to see if your property is eligible check now

  • 02.

    Receive an offer from us within 24 hours

  • 03.

    We’ll visit your property & formalise our offer

  • 04.

    We’ll instruct solicitors and pay all fees

  • 05.

    Exchange contracts & complete as usual

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Why choose us as your cash house buyers?

We’re one of the leading we buy any house UK companies for residential/commercial property and land in England and Wales. We buy using our own cash house buying facility meaning we can offer the best prices in our industry and complete the sale quicker than anyone else.

Your options Average sale length Typical cost to you
The Property Buying Company 2-3 weeks £0.00
Other House Buying Companies 2-10 weeks £1000
Property Auction 6-10 weeks £2500-£5000
Online Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £1000(upfront)-£5000
Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £5000

Unlike most of the other options available to you, we are not a broker or middle man, meaning you skip the fees and get a sale quickly and easily.

The Property Buying Company is registered with the Property Ombudsman and is a member of the National Association of Property Buyers

National Association of Property Buyers The Property Ombudsman

Properties bought by us for cash in
the last 3 years


Of our own money spent buying
property for cash

2-3 weeks

Average time taken from initial offer
to completion